FULL NAME: Deborah Lynn Foreman
DATE OF BIRTH :  12th October 1962
PLACE OF BIRTH :  Montebello, California, USA
HEIGHT : 5' 5"
: Peanut
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* Although born in California, Deborah Foreman was raised mainly in Arizona & Texas.

* Deborah Foreman's father was a Pilot & Captain in the Marine Corps.

* Deborah Foreman has a younger brother who works in the music industry.

* During her childhood Deborah Foreman moved house & changed schools on numerous occasions due to her fathers involvement in the military.

* Deborah Foreman's family sent her to modelling school in Texas to help her ovecome her shyness.

* In 1980 Deborah Foreman graduated from Richardson High School in Texas.

* Deborah decided she wanted to become an actress & attended various acting schools.

* In 1983 Deborah Foreman got her big break when she was given the starring role opposite Nicolas Cage in the romantic teen comedy "Valley Girl". The film has since become a cult classic with Teen Movie fans worldwide.

* Deborah Foreman has done modelling work for Maybelline.

* She followed her success in "Valley Girl" with starring roles in "Real Genius" (1985), "My Chauffeur" (1986), & the horror spoof "April Fools Day" (1986).

* In 1986 Deborah Foreman won the prestigious "Most Promising New Star" award from Sho West.

* During the late 80's & early 90's Deborah Foreman continued to star in a variety of films including "Waxwork" (1988), "Lobster Man From Mars" (1989), "The Experts" (1989) with John Travolta & "Lunatics: A Love Story" (1991).

* In 2001 Deborah Foreman was cast to appear in the film "The Ice Age".

* 2001 - The Ice Age
* 1991 - Lunatics: A Love Story
* 1989 - The Experts
* 1989 - Friends, Lovers, & Lunatics
* 1989 - Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat
* 1989 - Lobster Man from Mars
* 1988 - Destroyer
* 1988 - Waxwork
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Deborah Foreman
The Girl From The "Valley"
Deborah Foreman Actress Profile
* 1986 - 3:15 a Time to Die
* 1986 - Terms of Enrollment  
* 1986 - April Fool's Day
* 1986 - My Chauffeur
* 1985 - Real Genius
* 1983 - Valley Girl
* 1982 - Love in the Present Tense (TV)
* 1982 - In the Custody of Strangers (TV)
* 1982 - I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can
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Real Genius(1985) VHS
When some college science whizzes learn that their latest project is to be used as a government weapon, they sabotage the works in this wild comedy. Val Kilmer, Gabe Jarret, Michelle Meyrink and William Atherton star. 106 min.

My Chauffeur(1985) VHS
A beautiful young woman is hired by a prestigious limo company as their first female chauffeur and promptly turns the place upside-down in this wacky comedy. Deborah Foreman, Sam Jones, Howard Hesseman, E.G. Marshall star. 97 min.

April Fool's Day(1986) VHS
This comedy/chiller follows a gang of teens at a remote mansion where a maniac with no sense of humor is killing them one by one. Hey, put that axe down! Can't you take a joke? AAHHH! Deborah Foreman, Griffin O'Neal star. 88 min.

Waxwork(1988) VHS
What is it about wax museums that makes them ripe subjects for horror films? Here a group of touring teens finds out the fiendish proprietor wants them to join his monstrous tableaus...permanently! Wax horrific with Zach Galligan, Miles O'Keeffe, Deborah Foreman and Patrick Macnee. Uncut version; 100 min.

Destroyer(1988) VHS
A film crew working in an abandoned prison are trapped and at the ``mercy'' of a hulking, murderous ex-prisoner who was electrocuted...and lived to wait for his vengeance. Anthony Perkins, Deborah Foreman, Lyle Alzado star. 93 min. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: Virgin Vision Inc. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: B.

The Experts(1989) VHS
The KGB spirits New York hipsters John Travolta and Arye Gross to a prefabricated town on the Russian prairie, where they unknowingly teach modern American behavior to a class of Soviet agents-in-training. East-West comedy summit co-stars Charles Martin Smith and Kelly Preston. 94 min.

Friends, Lovers & Lunatics(1989) VHS
Frantic farce of mismatched couples, as an artist follows his ex-girlfriend and her current beau on a camping trip and meets a woman who's left her lover...by stealing his motorcycle. Daniel Stern, Sheila McCarthy, Deborah Foreman and Elias Koteas star in this bright, funny romp. 87 min. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: Fries Home Video. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: B.

Lunatics: A Love Story(1992) VHS
An extremely shy nerd with a fear of spiders falls in love with a gorgeous runaway in this off-the-wall, surrealistic farce produced by Sam Raimi, the director of "Darkman." Theodore Raimi, Deborah Foreman and Bruce Campbell star. 87 min.

When A Stranger Calls Back [DVD](1993) DVD
This frightening sequel to "When a Stranger Calls" finds original babysitter Carol Kane playing a student advisor to coed Jill Schoelen, who is being terrorized by a demented stalker. Both women must confront terrors from their past if they're to stop the maniac and stay alive. With Charles Durning. 94 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; scene access.

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