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Alan Steel
The Fury Of Hercules(1961) VHS
It's a labor of love for the legendary strongman, as Herc (essayed here by Brad Harris) comes to the aid of a beautiful queen whose land has been conquered by a cruel tyrant. 96 min.

Samson And His Mighty Challenge(1964) VHS
Extremely rare Italian slugfest suits up four of the most popular sword and sandals musclemen from the early `60s: Maciste, Samson, Hercules and Ursus. Iron man Alan Steele stars.

Hercules Against The Moon Men(1964) VHS
In grand Herculean fashion, our hero (Alan Steel) comes to the aid of the good Samarians and battles the interplanetary menace of the Moon Men (who look like giant, lumpy Gumbys) and the wizard trying to help them revive their queen. Oh, and did we mention the sandstorm scene?

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Alan Steel as Hercules