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Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes(1984) VHS
Faithfully adapted from Burroughs' first Tarzan novel, this film from director Hugh Hudson ("Chariots of Fire") follows the adventures of the jungle lord as he is orphaned as an infant, grows up among the apes, and returns to England to reclaim his heritage. Christopher Lambert, Andie MacDowell, Ralph Richardson star. Special video edition contains footage not show in theatres. 136 min.

St. Elmo's Fire(1985) VHS
"Big Chill"-style serio-comedy about the lives, loves and challenges faced by a group of friends as they leave college and enter "the real world." Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Mare Winningham star. 108 min.

sex, lies, & videotape(1989) VHS
Witty, revealing, masterfully acted look at the sexual games people play. A philandering husband, his frigid wife and his sultry mistress confront their sexual problems and proclivities when hubby's college chum, an emotionally distressed drifter, arrives in town. Andie McDowell, James Spader, Laura San Giacomo and Peter Gallagher star; directed by Steven Soderbergh. 110 min.

Hudson Hawk(1991) VHS
Globe-trotting action-comedy stars Bruce Willis as a famed former cat burglar drawn into stealing priceless Leonardo Da Vinci artifacts by a group of bizarre characters, who include a pair of neurotic millionaires, an undercover nun and an ex-CIA agent. Danny Aiello, Andie MacDowell, James Coburn, Richard E. Grant and Sandra Bernhard co-star in this wild, stunt-filled ride. 95 min.

Green Card(1991) VHS
Andie MacDowell is a sophisticated New Yorker who needs a temporary husband in order to rent the apartment of her dreams, and Gerard Depardieu is a sloppy French musician who must wed an American to stay in this country. Does the marriage of convenience bring these two opposites together? Find out in this winsome romantic comedy from director Peter Weir. With Bebe Neuwirth. 108 min.

The Object Of Beauty(1991) VHS
This effervescent comedy about love and money stars John Malkovich and Andie MacDowell as Americans stranded, penniless and over their credit limit, in a luxury hotel in London. Their only way out of the financial predicament is selling a rare Henry Moore statue, but when it disappears, even more complications ensue. Joss Ackland, Peter Riegert and Lolita Davidovich also star. 105 min.

Women And Men 2(1991) VHS
Three more stories exploring love by three great authors. Irwin Shaw's "Return to Kansas City" features Matt Dillon as a boxer and Kyra Sedgwick as his wife; Carson McCullers' "A Domestic Dilemma" explores a difficult marriage between Ray Liotta and Andie MacDowell; and Scott Glenn, as writer Henry Miller, becomes involved with prostitute Juliette Binoche in Miller's "Mara." 90 min.

The Player(1992) VHS
Scathing satire of contemporary Hollywood, scripted by Michael Tolkin from his novel and directed by Robert Altman, stars Tim Robbins as a hot shot studio executive attempting to find an angry screenwriter who has been sending him death threats. His search leads him into a world of romance, murder and "high-concept vehicles" for Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis. With Greta Scacchi, Whoopi Goldberg, Cynthia Stevenson, Lyle Lovett, Fred Ward and dozens of cameos. 123 min.

Short Cuts(1993) VHS
Inspired by the writings of Raymond Carver, Robert Altman's magnificent mosaic of Southern California life interweaves the funny, touching and dramatic stories of 22 characters. The ensemble cast includes Bruce Davison, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Andie MacDowell, Matthew Modine, Julianne Moore, Chris Penn, Tim Robbins, Madeleine Stowe, Lily Tomlin, Tom Waits and Jack Lemmon. 189 min.

Groundhog Day(1993) VHS
Pittsburgh weatherman Bill Murray finds that his worst nightmare has become a reality when he joins producer Andie McDowell and cameraman Chris Elliott in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to cover the "Groundhog Day" ceremony. Seems that the cynical Murray keeps waking up to the same day, over and over, and he has to find romance and happiness in order to escape this comic time-warp. 101 min.

Deception(1993) VHS
Globe-trotting romantic thriller with Andie MacDowell as a woman determined to uncover the cause of her husband's mysterious death. But her investigation turns dangerous when she realizes he had been leading a double life. Liam Neeson and Viggo Mortensen also star. AKA: "Ruby Cairo." 90 min.

Four Weddings And A Funeral(1994) VHS
A surprising box office hit, this charming romantic comedy stars Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell as two people whose inevitable coming together is followed through a series of encounters at the weddings of mutual friends, a funeral...and even their own weddings. Sharply written and acted, with a great supporting cast that includes Simon Callow, Kristin Scott Thomas and Rowan Atkinson. 117 min.

Bad Girls(1994) VHS
This action-packed Western set in 19th-century Colorado stars Madeleine Stowe as a prostitute who faces execution after killing an abusive client. She joins three other ladies of the evening (Andie MacDowell, Drew Barrymore and Mary Stuart Masterson) fleeing the law, searching for a new life in Oregon and finding trouble along the trail. Dermot Mulroney co-stars. 100 min.

Bad Girls (Extended Version)(1994) VHS
This unrated edition includes scenes not shown in theaters. 104 min.

Multiplicity(1996) VHS
There's loads of laughs--and Michael Keatons--in this sci-fi comedy about a harried construction firm head trying to juggle his career and family life with wife Andie MacDowell and their two kids. A scientist working in the field of cloning produces another Keaton--this one a macho workaholic--but even he's not enough, so it's back to the drawing board for more clones. 117 min.

Michael (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1996) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

Michael(1996) VHS
A pair of Chicago-based tabloid reporters and a beautiful "angel expert" travel to a small Iowa town to investigate a woman's claim that the archangel Michael is living in her house, but the skeptical trio aren't prepared for what they find: a grungy, beer-drinking woman-chaser with wings on his back. John Travolta shines as the slightly shabby seraph in director/co-writer Nora Ephron's heartfelt comic fantasy. William Hurt, Andie MacDowell, Robert Pastorelli and Jean Stapleton also star. 106 min.

The End Of Violence(1997) VHS
Two seemingly unconnected stories--a slick Hollywood action film producer who goes into seclusion after an abduction and attempt on his life, and a surveillance expert who's dotted the city of Los Angeles with hundreds of hidden cameras--dovetail together in director Wim Wenders' thoughtful examination of crime, security and the media in modern society. Bill Pullman, Gabriel Byrne, Andie MacDowell, Traci Lind star. 123 min.

Just The Ticket(1998) VHS
Desperate to keep girlfriend Andie MacDowell from leaving him for cooking school in Paris, ticket scalper and petty con artist Andy Garcia looks to become respectable after his "last big score": cleaning up on ducats to a Papal mass in Yankee Stadium. Winning romantic comedy also stars Richard Bradford, Laura Harris and Chris Lemmon. 112 min.

Muppets From Space(1999) VHS
After receiving strange messages in his breakfast cereal, big-beaked Muppet Gonzo sets out on a quest to find his roots...but is even he ready for the news that he's not from Earth? Now Gonzo, his rat pal Rizzo, Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the Muppet gang have to deal with alien-hunting government agents and Gonzo's wild family in this fun-filled adventure. Human guest stars include Jeffrey Tambor, Andie McDowell, Rob Schneider. 88 min.

The Muse(1999) VHS
Fearful that he's losing his creativity, screenwriter Albert Brooks seeks help from successful fellow scribe Jeff Bridges. His secret turns out to be gorgeous Sharon Stone, who claims to be one of the Nine Muses of Greek mythology and will provide inspiration to Brooks in exchange for "little gifts" like Tiffany jewelry and a posh hotel suite. Sharp and funny Hollywood satire, directed and co-written by Brooks, also stars Andie MacDowell; cameos by James Cameron, Martin Scorsese and others. 97 min.

Muppets From Space (Spanish Language Version)(1999) VHS
Dubbed in Spanish.

Town & Country(2001) VHS
Successful New York architect Warren Beatty must grapple with his conscience after learning that his best friend, antiques dealer Garry Shandling, was caught cheating on wife Goldie Hawn. You see, not only can't Beatty come clean to spouse Diane Keaton that he's having an affair with cellist Nastassja Kinski, but he can't manage to stay out of bed with kooky rich girl Andie McDowell, store clerk Jenna Elfman, or even Hawn! Stylish screwball romantic romp also stars Charlton Heston, Marian Seldes and Buck Henry. 105 min.

Dinner With Friends(2001) VHS
What should be a simple dinner party hosted by married food critics Dennis Quaid and Andie MacDowell turns into a night of revelation, temptation and soul-searching when best friend Toni Collette announces she's leaving husband Greg Kinnear, which leads Quaid and MacDowell to examine their own relationship. Norman Jewison directs Donald Margulies' adaptation of his Pulitzer Prize-winning drama. 95 min.

Multiplicity (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Short Cuts (Letterboxed Version) VHS
The Player (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes (Letterboxed Version) VHS
St. Elmo's Fire [DVD](1985) DVD
sex, lies, and videotape [DVD](1989) DVD
Hudson Hawk [DVD](1991) DVD
The Player [DVD](1992) DVD
Groundhog Day (Special Edition) [DVD](1993) DVD
Deception [DVD](1993) DVD
Four Weddings And A Funeral [DVD](1994) DVD
Michael [DVD](1996) DVD
Multiplicity [DVD](1996) DVD
The End Of Violence [DVD](1996) DVD
Just The Ticket [DVD](1999) DVD
Town & Country [DVD](2001) DVD
Dinner With Friends [DVD](2001) DVD
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