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Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Dice Clay: No Apologies VHS
Andrew Dice Clay takes on world politics, the sexes and nursery rhymes in a ribald concert performance at Westbury Music Fair during the summer of '93. See Dice work out before the show and get ready behind the scenes in this bold, adults-only comicfest. 65 min.

Andrew Dice Clay And His Gang: The Valentine's Day Massacre VHS
Before he dropped the "Dice" and became a big sitcom star in the hit series "Bless This House," Andrew Clay was well-known for his no-holds-barred, adult-oriented comedy. Here he's at his most profane, rattling off his warped insights on a variety of topics. He's also joined by fellow comedy outlaws John Mulrooney and Paul Mooney. 105 min.

Making The Grade [DVD](1984) DVD
Zany "Animal House"-style comedy about a guy who hires a down-and-out schlep to go to school for him so he can get his share of a huge inheritance. Stars Judd Nelson, Jonna Lee, Dana Olsen. 105 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English mono; Subtitles: French, Spanish; theatrical trailer.

Pretty In Pink(1986) VHS
Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy are star-crossed high school lovers from opposite sides of the track. Will their romance survive peer pressure in time for the prom? Seriocomedy written by John Hughes co-stars Jon Cryer as Ringwald's best friend; with Annie Potts, Harry Dean Stanton. 96 min.

Casual Sex?(1988) VHS
Can two attractive, single women find fulfillment through meaningless relationships in the age of "the new monogamy"? Lea Thompson and Victoria Jackson try to find out in a comedic look at romance in the '80s; with Andrew Dice Clay, Mary Gross. 87 min.

The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane(1990) VHS
The outrageous Andrew Dice Clay makes his starring film debut as the hippest rock-and-roll private eye to ever swagger down the streets of L.A. But his latest case, involving crooked record execs, missing groupies, shock deejays and psycho killers, may be his last! Wild action-comedy also stars Priscilla Presley, Wayne Newton, Lauren Holly, Robert Englund. 100 min.

Dice Rules(1991) VHS
Dice Rules [DVD](1991) DVD
Hickory Dickory Dock... We'll stop there and let you hear the rest of this "X-rated" nursery rhyme by watching the uncut concert film starring the notorious Andrew Dice Clay, the world's most controversial comic. See and hear the leather-clad "Diceman" at his raunchiest in a sold-out Madison Square Garden. WARNING: Graphic language; adults only. 85 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby stereo.

Brainsmasher...A Love Story(1993) VHS
Ayyyyyy! It's Andrew Dice Clay as a no-nonsense bouncer who protects gorgeous supermodel Teri Hatcher from a gang of killer ninjas. Hip action-comedy also stars Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Tim Thomerson and Charles Rocket. AKA: "The Bouncer and the Lady." 88 min.

Whatever It Takes(1997) VHS
Whatever It Takes [DVD](1997) DVD
A pair of law enforcement agents goes undercover to break up an illegal steroid distribution ring working in the bulked-up world of pro wrestling and bodybuilding. Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Andrew "Dice" Clay and Fred "The Hammer" Williamson star in this ultra-intense actioner. 75 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English stereo; scene access.

Foolish(1999) VHS
Brothers Foolish Waise (comedian Eddie Griffin) and Fifty Dollah (rapper Master P, who scripted the film), both dreaming of a show biz career, team to put on a stand-up show that will make them stars and also solve their family's money problems in this hip and edgy urban comedy. With Traci Bingham, Marla Gibbs, Andrew Dice Clay. 84 min.

My 5 Wives(2000) VHS
It's a polygamist's dream come true as real estate developer Rodney Dangerfield inherits five wives when a valuable Utah land deal gets out of control. Now Rodney's got much more than he bargained for with a host of young brides and a crew of dangerous criminals monitoring his every move. Molly Shannon, Jerry Stiller, John Byner and Andrew Dice Clay also star. 100 min.

Point Doom(2000) VHS
Stefanie is a waitress whose biker boyfriend Blackie gets in trouble, double-crossing his partners and leaving her with stolen cash and cocaine. Stefanie's hopes for help lie with Rick, a rich agent, but when the pair elope, her epileptic sister is kidnapped by Blackie and his scummy cohorts. Richard Grieco, Angie Everhart, Jennifer O'Dell, Andrew "Dice" Clay, Ice T, John Enos and Skid Row's Sebastian Bach star in this wild actioner, a throwback to the drive-in films of yesteryear. 100 min.

One Night At McCool's(2001) VHS
One Night At McCool's [DVD](2001) DVD
Liv Tyler is the beauty who infatuates three different men she meets one evening at a tavern: bartender Matt Dillon, who sees her as housewife material; lawyer Paul Reiser, who's driven solely by lust; and detective John Goodman, to whom Tyler is an angelic presence. But there's more to Tyler than meets any of these guys' eyes, and not all of it is on the level. With Michael Douglas as a hit man with a bad hairpiece, Reba McEntire and Richard Jenkins. 93 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby 5.1; Subtitles: French, Spanish; theatrical trailers; "making of" featurette; audio commentary; gag reel; more.

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