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Tales From The Crypt: Death Of Some Salesman VHS
A slick burial huckster learns a lesson in salesmanship when he tries to win over an old man in "Death of Some Salesman," starring Ed Begley, Jr. and Tim Curry. Then, Malcolm McDowell is "The Reluctant Vampire" who lands a dream job as a blood bank night watchman; and writer Andrew McCarthy uses a potion to attract actress Mariel Hemingway in "Loved to Death." 87 min.

Class(1983) VHS
Class [DVD](1983) DVD
Jacqueline Bisset stars as an older woman who has an affair with a young, college-aged boy. Little does she know that the boy is her son's roommate at school! Frantic sexual comedy stars Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Cliff Robertson. 98 min. Side A: Widescreen; Side B: Standard; Soundtracks: English mono, Spanish; Subtitles: French, Spanish; theatrical trailer; scene access.

The Beniker Gang(1984) VHS
Great adventure tale of five young kids who make a break from their orphanage and carve themselves a new life on the run. Their survival hinges upon their pulling together as a team. With Andrew McCarthy, Danny Pintauro. 87 min.

Heaven Help Us(1985) VHS
A new student at a strict Catholic school in the early '60s is shown the ropes of misbehaving in this winning teen comedy. Andrew McCarthy, Kevin Dillon and Malcolm Danare are the prankster students; Wallace Shawn, Donald Sutherland and John Heard are the Brother teachers; and Mary Stuart Masterson runs the local malt shop. 102 min.

St. Elmo's Fire(1985) VHS
"Big Chill"-style serio-comedy about the lives, loves and challenges faced by a group of friends as they leave college and enter "the real world." Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Mare Winningham star. 108 min.

Pretty In Pink(1986) VHS
Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy are star-crossed high school lovers from opposite sides of the track. Will their romance survive peer pressure in time for the prom? Seriocomedy written by John Hughes co-stars Jon Cryer as Ringwald's best friend; with Annie Potts, Harry Dean Stanton. 96 min.

Less Than Zero(1987) VHS
The controversial, best-selling novel of the seamy underside of L.A. yuppie life becomes a stylish, riveting film. Andrew McCarthy, Jami Gertz and Robert Downey, Jr. are the three high school friends who find an adult world of drugs, sex, and shallow thrills that threatens to engulf them. With James Spader, Nicholas Pryor. 98 min.

Mannequin(1987) VHS
Engaging fantasy/comedy starring Andrew McCarthy as a Philadelphia department store window dresser who gets a shock when the fetching figurine he's dressing comes to life as comely Kim Cattrall. With Estelle Getty, James Spader, Meshach Taylor. 89 min.

Mannequin(1987) VHS
This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: Media Home Entertainment. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: C.

Waiting For The Moon(1987) VHS
While playing fast and loose with chronology, director Jill Godmilow offers a fascinating character study of author Gertrude Stein (Linda Bassett) and her companion Alice B. Toklas (Linda Hunt). Occurring over the course of the summer of 1936, the film follows the pair in their French country home and Paris apartment as they play host to such guests as Hemingway and Apollinaire. With Andrew McCarthy, Bruce McGill. 85 min.

Fresh Horses(1988) VHS
Finding love from across opposite sides of the tracks are "Pretty in Pink" co-stars Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy, but pressure from friends threatens to pull them apart. Rocky romantic drama co-stars Patti D'Arbanville, Ben Stiller. 105 min.

Kansas(1988) VHS
Kansas [DVD](1988) DVD
Matt Dillon and Andrew McCarthy team up for a dramatic tale set in America's heartland. Drifter McCarthy becomes involved with Dillon in a bank robbery, and while running away from the law hides out on a farm. There he finds romance, but a vengeful Dillon wants the stolen money back. With Brent Jennings. 105 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English mono; Subtitles: French, Spanish; theatrical trailer.

Weekend At Bernie's(1989) VHS
Weekend At Bernie's [DVD](1989) DVD
Two yuppie ladder-climbers (Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman) are ready for a weekend party at their boss's beach house, but when he's bumped off by gangsters they have to carry the body around and pretend he's alive in order to salvage the bash. Darkly funny comedy co-stars Catherine Mary Stewart. 100 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Surround; Subtitles: Spanish; production notes; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Quiet Days In Clichy(1990) VHS
Set in the red light district of Paris in the 1930s, Claude Chabrol's titillating adaptation of Henry Miller's erotic novel features Nigel Havers as Alfred, the womanizing photographer who takes up residence with Joe (Andrew McCarthy), an impoverished writer. They hang out at Club Melody, an establishment frequented by prostitutes, where they have ribald adventures. 100 min.

Year Of The Gun(1991) VHS
Set during the tumultuous atmosphere in late '70s Italy when terrorists kidnapped prime minister Aldo Moro, this edgy thriller from John Frankenheimer stars Andrew McCarthy as an American journalist whose novel mirrors the real-life political events. Soon, he finds himself falling into a dangerous web of intrigue. Sharon Stone, Valeria Golino and John Pankow co-star. 111 min.

Only You(1992) VHS
This romantic farce about love, lust and learning stars Andrew McCarthy as a guy searching for Ms. Right who finds himself at a tropical resort and caught between two women: a sexy gal with cover girl beauty and a down-to-earth photographer. Kelly Preston and Helen Hunt co-star as McCarthy's dream duo. 85 min. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

The Joy Luck Club(1993) VHS
A powerful, heartfelt treatment of Amy Tan's acclaimed novel looks at the lives of four Chinese women and their daughters, and the tragedies and joys they share both decades ago in China and in contemporary America. A superlative ensemble cast, including Kieu Chinh, France Nuyen and Tamlyn Tomita excels, under Wayne Wang's sensitive direction. 139 min.

Weekend At Bernie's II(1993) VHS
More wacky shenanigans ensue in this sequel to the hit 1989 comedy. Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman are back in the leads, this time taking their expired boss Bernie to the Virgin Islands for a wild caper that leads to the corpse's rejuvenation by a voodoo spell. Terry Kiser co-stars as Bernie. 89 min.

Getting In(1994) VHS
A young man from a long line of Johns Hopkins Medical School alumni faces disaster when a failed entrance exam lands him on the waiting list. He devises some devious ways to convince his fellow applicants to drop off the list, but when they start turning up dead, he becomes a suspect. Dark comedy stars Stephen Mailer, Kristy Swason, Andrew McCarthy, Matthew Perry and Calista Flockhart. 94 min.

Mrs. Parker And The Vicious Circle(1994) VHS
Director/co-writer Alan Rudolph's acclaimed look at the life of writer Dorothy Parker and her colorful colleagues at New York's famed Algonquin Round Table. Jennifer Jason Leigh shines in the title role, portraying Parker over the course of three decades and through her failed marriages, literary successes, struggles in Hollywood, and her lifelong relationship with fellow author Robert Benchley. Campbell Scott, Matthew Broderick, Peter Gallagher, Jennifer Beals and Wallace Shawn also star. 124 min.

Dead Funny(1995) VHS
Suspenseful mystery/comedy about a woman and her eccentric painter boyfriend who carry on a wild romance filled with passion and bizarre practical jokes. When the painter is found murdered on the kitchen table, his lover and a friend trace the relationship to try to figure out who the killer is. Elizabeth Pena, Andrew McCarthy and Paige Turco star. 81 min.

Dream Man(1995) VHS
A female Seattle cop with the psychic ability to witness crimes as they are being committed carries on a dangerous affair with a dashing murder suspect. Has the slick playboy clouded her extra-sensory perceptions? Patsy Kensit, Bruce Greenwood and Andrew McCarthy star. 94 min.

Night Of The Running Man(1995) VHS
High-powered actioner stars Andrew McCarthy as a down-and-out Las Vegas cab driver who's given a chance to get out of his rut when he finds a cool $1 million on the backseat of his taxi. He's soon pursued by mob hit man Scott Glenn and forced to use his wits to elude him. John Glover, Janet Gunn also star. 93 min.

The Courtyard(1995) VHS
After moving to California from New York, architect Andrew McCarthy has found the perfect job, girl and place to live. When a series of murders occurs in his apartment complex, McCarthy's dream life becomes a nightmare filled with creepy neighbors, strange noises, and a detective who thinks he's a prime suspect. With Madchen Amick, Cheech Marin. 103 min.

Mulholland Falls(1996) VHS
Set in Los Angeles in the early 1950s, this stylish crime thriller stars Nick Nolte, Chazz Palminteri, Michael Madsen and Chris Penn as members of "The Hat Squad," an elite police squad investigating the death of a pretty party girl--and Nolte's ex-lover. Their search leads them to an important scientist and a government conspiracy. With Melanie Griffith, John Malkovich, Jennifer Connelly. 108 min.

Things I Never Told You(1996) VHS
One month after saying goodbye at the airport, Lili Taylor's boyfriend calls her and unceremoniously dumps her after revealing that he has fallen for another woman. A highly distressed Taylor dials a crisis hotline and connects with Andrew McCarthy, who seems unable to help. But a later chance meeting leads the pair to form an unlikely friendship in this moving comedy/drama.

Escape Clause(1997) VHS
A hot-shot ad executive may wind up just being shot when a stranger calls him, claiming to be a paid killer hired by the man's wife. Is he telling the truth, or is the mystery just beginning? Offbeat suspenser stars Andrew McCarthy, Paul Sorvino, Connie Britton. 99 min.

The Heist [DVD](1997) DVD
In this intense actioner, an armed robbery leads to a dangerous hostage crisis. Andrew McCarthy and Cynthia Geary star. AKA: "Hostile Force." Standard; Soundtrack: English stereo; theatrical trailer; scene access.

I'm Losing You(1998) VHS
Perfect Assassins(1998) VHS
Dr. Ben Carroway, an FBI profiler, must use a series of clues to track down a killer who has been terrorizing people on the streets. The clues lead Carroway to a compound in Mexico where killers are trained for murder without remorse or conscience.Andrew McCarthy, Robert Patrick, Nick Mancuso and Portia De Rossi star.

Beyond Redemption(1999) VHS
This suspense effort packed with supernatural thrills stars Andrew McCarthy as an atheist detective trying to track down a serial killer sacrificing respected people for some bizarre religious reason. Andrew McCarthy, Michael Ironside and Jayne Heitmeyer star. AKA: "Crack in the Mirror," "Twist of Faith." 97 min.

I'm Losing You [DVD](1999) DVD
This unsettling look at a Hollywood family dealing with death and dysfunction stars Frank Langella as a successful TV producer who discovers he has terminal cancer, Andrew McCarthy as his out-of-work actor son, and Rosanna Arquette as his neurotic daughter in search of secrets from her past. Bruce Wagner adapts his own acclaimed novel for the screen; with Elizabeth Perkins. 93 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Surround; Subtitles: Spanish; audio commentary by Wagner and Arquette; interactive menus; theatrical trailer; biographies; filmographies.

New World Disorder(1999) VHS
Rutger Hauer is a veteran detective who enlists the help of a young computer genius to protect his beautiful partner and himself from becoming victims in a high-stakes game of espionage. Thrilling cyber-thriller also stars Andrew McCarthy, Tara Fitzgerald. 95 min.

A Storm In Summer(2000) VHS
Peter Falk plays an elderly Jewish shopkeeper who agrees to take in a troubled black youth in this moving drama, based on a Rod Serling story, that follows the bond of friendship that forms between the pair. Aaron Meeks, Andrew McCarthy, Ruby Dee and Nastassja Kinski also star. 98 min.

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