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Texas, Brooklyn And Heaven(1948) VHS
Before he turned out such suspense gems as "The Tingler" and "House on Haunted Hill," William Castle directed this screwball comedy about a Texas couple who come to New York in search of fame and fortune and find it when they buy a riding academy. Guy Madison, Diana Lynn, Lionel Stander and Margaret Hamilton star. 76 min.

The Red Badge Of Courage(1951) VHS
Based on Stephen Crane's classic novel of a young boy's coming of age as a Union Army recruit during the Civil War. Audie Murphy is excellent as Henry Fleming, who matures from a timid youth into a self-assured man and, finally, a hero. Also stars Bill Mauldin and Arthur Hunnicutt. 70 min.

The Duel At Silver Creek(1952) VHS
A murderous gang of claim-jumpers have marshal Stephen McNally in their pocket, thanks to beautiful leader Faith Domergue, so it falls on deputy Audie Murphy, whose family was killed by the outlaws, to bring them to justice in this frontier drama directed by Don Siegel. 77 min.

Gunsmoke(1953) VHS
Hired by scheming frontier land baron Donald Randolph to run rancher Paul Kelly off his property, itinerant gun-for-hire Audie Murphy winds up switching sides and must battle Randolph's henchmen. Taut western drama also stars Susan Cabot, Mary Castle. 79 min.

Ride Clear Of Diablo(1954) VHS
With the help of veteran gunslinger Dan Duryea, Audie Murphy straps on the irons and sets out to avenge his father's and brother's murders at the hands of corrupt sheriff Paul Birch and his henchmen in this frontier thriller. With Susan Cabot, Abbe Lane, Russell Johnson. 81 min.

To Hell And Back(1955) VHS
The most decorated soldier of World War II, Audie Murphy, plays himself in this film biography of his exploits. A gritty, unflinching look at a reluctant hero, the war classic also stars Charles Drake, Marshall Thompson and David Janssen. 106 min.

Walk The Proud Land(1956) VHS
True-to-life (for its time) frontier drama stars Audie Murphy as Indian agent John Philip Clum, who strove to guarantee self-government for the Apaches while convincing Geronimo to surrender to the authorities. Jay Silverheels also stars as Geronimo, with Pat Crowley and Anne Bancroft as an Apache woman. 89 min.

Suspicion: "The Flight"(1957) VHS
In a rare TV appearance, Audie Murphy stars as an ex-Navy flyer hired to transport a mysterious passenger. Thrills and surprises abound in this TV suspenser that also features Jack Warden, Susan Kohner and Everett Sloane. 60 min.

No Name On The Bullet(1959) VHS
When notorious gunman-for-hire Audie Murphy arrives in a small frontier town, the locals know he's not there for a vacation. Who Murphy's target is, and the reason behind his mission of death, makes for a compelling western drama. With Joan Evans, Charles Drake, Edgar Stehli. 77 min.

Ford Startime: The Man(1960) VHS
Audie Murphy and Thelma Ritter star in a superb psychological thriller about an unbalanced, possibly homicidal, drifter who works his way into the home of an old army buddy's mother. 50 min.

The Unforgiven(1960) VHS
Sprawling, star-laden saga of two families in 1850's Texas in conflict with the neighboring Indians over suspected half-breed Audrey Hepburn. John Huston directs an impressive cast that features Burt Lancaster, Audie Murphy, Lillian Gish, Charles Bickford and Doug McClure. 125 min.

Apache Rifles(1964) VHS
Audie Murphy stars in this exciting, revisionist western as a commander of an Arizona army outpost who despises Native Americans. Murphy's feelings change radically when he falls in love with a half-breed missionary (Linda Lawson), then must stop greedy miners out to start a war with the Apaches. Michael Dante, L.Q. Jones also star. 90 min.

The Texican(1966) VHS
Action-packed sagebrusher starring Audie Murphy as a former lawman, on the run after being framed, who returns from Mexico to search for the person responsible for the death of his newspaperman brother. Before long, Murphy discovers that a crooked saloon keeper is behind both deeds. With Broderick Crawford, Diana Lorys. 86 min.

A Time For Dying(1970) VHS
A young man is eager to make a name for himself in the Old West as a bounty hunter, and along the way he has some eye-opening encounters for the heroes and outlaws of the time. Dramatic look at western heroes stars Richard Lapp, Victor Jory as Judge Roy Bean, and, in his last role, Audie Murphy as Jesse James. 87 min.

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