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I Surrender, Dear: Bing Crosby And Ruth Etting(1932) VHS
Two of the decade's most popular singers are featured in this musical trio of two-reelers from the '30s. Bing Crosby portrays himself in "I Surrender, Dear" (1931), as the radio star gets tangled up with a woman betrothed to a jealous Latin lover; Bing falls for the "Billboard Girl" (1932), whose brother is the one answering the singer's love letters; then, Ruth Etting crosses her stern physician husband in her pursuit of a singing career, in "Artistic Temper" (1932). 60 min.

Going Hollywood(1933) VHS
Delightful early MGM musical-comedy with Bing Crosby as a singer with aspirations of making it big in Hollywood who finds himself caught between a seductive actress (Fifi D'Orsay) and a pretty French teacher (Marion Davies). Songs include "After Sundown," "We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines" and the title tune. With Patsy Kelly and Ned Sparks. 78 min.

We're Not Dressing(1934) VHS
Musical precursor to "Gilligan's Island" stars Bing Crosby as a deckhand on a ship populated by high-society types who gets to give the orders when the vessel shipwrecks on a South Seas island. Carole Lombard, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Ethel Merman, Leon Errol and Ray Milland co-star; songs include "It's a Lie," "May I?" and "She Reminds Me of You." 74 min.

Rhythm On The Range(1936) VHS
Singing rodeo cowboy Bing Crosby(!) is shepherding a prize bull from New York to a California dude ranch by freight train when he comes across a stowaway, runaway heiress Frances Farmer, in this lively musical comedy. The supporting cast includes Martha Raye (in her film debut), Bob Burns, and The Sons of the Pioneers (with a young Roy Rogers). 88 min.

Waikiki Wedding(1937) VHS
The Oscar-winning song "Sweet Leilani" is just one of the tunes in this breezy romance starring Bing Crosby as a pineapple company executive who accompanies a reluctant "Pineapple Princess" on a PR tour of the islands. With Shirley Ross, Martha Raye, Bob Burns, and Anthony Quinn as a native leader. 89 min.

Rhythm On The River(1940) VHS
After his wife leaves him, songwriter Basil Rathbone suffers from a creative block, so he enlists young tunesmiths Bing Crosby and Mary Martin to secretly write new numbers for him. The two meet and decide to take credit for their work, meeting Rathbone's wrath in the process. Oscar Levant and William Frawley co-star. Songs include "That's for Me" and "When the Moon Comes Over Madison Square." 94 min.

Birth Of The Blues(1941) VHS
New Orleans clarinetist Bing Crosby teams up with trumpet player Brian Donlevy and singer Mary Martin to form a band to play his new brand of Dixieland music and this tuneful (if not historically accurate) account of the beginnings of jazz. With Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Jack Teagarden; songs include "St. Louis Blues," "Memphis Blues," "Melancholy Baby." 76 min.

Holiday Inn(1942) VHS
Irving Berlin's musical trip through the calendar featuring the film debut of "White Christmas." Bing Crosby is an entertainer who tires of the stage life and buys a country inn to relax, only to find he can't escape show biz, especially when hoofer Fred Astaire tries to woo Bing's girl. 101 min.

Going My Way(1944) VHS
The timeless heartwarming tale about a priest whose unconventional methods annoy and delight his gruff superior. Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald won Oscars for their roles, as did director Leo McCarey and the film itself. 126 min.

The Bells Of St. Mary's(1945) VHS
Bing Crosby reprises his "Going My Way" role of dedicated priest Father O'Malley, who faces a challenge when he's sent to shore up a financially troubled parish and enters a battle of wits with strong-willed nun Ingrid Bergman. With Henry Travers. 126 min.

The Bells Of St. Mary's (Color Version) VHS
Father Crosby and Sister Ingrid Bergman never looked better than in this new-fangled, computer-tinted edition.

Here Come The Waves(1944) VHS
Terrific tuner with Bing Crosby as a singing idol who joins pal Sonny Tufts in the Navy during World War II. Although he's seeking combat action, Bing becomes the director of benefit shows and soon falls in love with a woman who has an identical twin (both played by Betty Hutton). Songs include "Accentuate the Positive," "That Old Black Magic" and "I Promise You." 99 min.

Welcome Stranger(1947) VHS
"Going My Way" stars Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald reunited, albeit with a different calling, in this tune-filled tale of a small town whose veteran doctor is at first put off by the arrival of his new colleague, who has a habit of breaking into song. Joan Caufield co-stars. 107 min.

The Emperor Waltz(1948) VHS
Uncharacteristically fluffy entertainment from writer-director Billy Wilder features Bing Crosby as a phonograph salesman in Austria who tries to pitch his product to the country's ruler while attempting to woo the emperor's niece (Joan Fontaine). Richard Haydn and Sig Rumann co-star; tunes include "I Kiss Your Hand, Madame," "Friendly Mountains" and the title song. 106 min.

Mr. Music(1950) VHS
Frothy musical comedy fun with Bing Crosby as a semi-retired songwriter who is lured back to help an on-the-skids Broadway producer stage a comeback show. Nancy Olson, Charles Coburn and Tom Ewell co-star, with special appearances by Groucho Marx, Peggy Lee, and Marge and Gower Champion. Songs include "Life Is So Peculiar," "High on the List." 113 min.

Just For You(1952) VHS
Widower Bing Crosby has his hands full trying to juggle his Broadway producer job, his engagement to Jane Wyman, and the demands of raising two teenagers in this spry musical comedy. Songs include "Zing a Little Zong," "I'll Si-Si Ya in Bahia" and the title tune. With Natalie Wood, Robert Arthur, Ethel Barrymore. 95 min.

White Christmas(1954) VHS
Movies Unlimited is proud to present the all-time holiday favorite complete with Irving Berlin score, Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen, frolicking laughs and good times for all! A treat for the entire family. 120 min.

White Christmas: Collector's Edition VHS
Film buffs will be dreaming of this deluxe collector's edition of the Bing Crosby/Danny Kaye musical. Along with a letterboxed print of the movie, there is an 8x10 photo, a colorful brochure, a CD of the beloved Irving Berlin soundtrack, and many other bonuses.

High Tor(1956) VHS
Considered the first "Made-for-TV movie," this adaptation of the Maxwell Anderson play with music by Arthur Schwartz offers Bing Crosby as a man torn between fiancee Nancy Olson and his love for a mountain he owns, which he refuses to sell to some shady real estate agents. After an avalanche, Crosby is stuck with the realtors in a cave, where he sees a Dutch ghost and a young woman (played by Julie Andrews) who offers her opinion about his decision. Everett Sloane, Hans Conried also star. Songs include "A Little Love, A Little While," "When You're in Love" and "John Barleycorn." 90 min.

Bing Crosby Collector's Set VHS
Catch some of B-B-Bing's finest musical moments in this set that includes the films "Here Come the Waves," "We're Not Dressing," "The Emperor Waltz" and "Rhythm on the River."

Bing Crosby Surprise Package VHS
This triple treat of vintage TV features Bing joining host Perry Como for a song-filled "Kraft Music Hall" episode from 1960, followed by a 1954 interview at the Crosby home with Edward R. Murrow. Rounding out the package is a Wayne and Shuster special that looks at the careers of Crosby and Bob Hope. 110 min.

Holiday Inn/ Going My Way Gift Set VHS
You'll be "swingin' on a star" with the addition of this money-saving Bing Crosby two-pack to your video collection.

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