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Bruce Lee
The Chinese Connection(1973) VHS
Set in Japanese-occupied Shanghai in 1908, this Bruce Lee actioner follows him on a violent path of revenge against the foreign villains who killed his martial arts instructor. With Nora Miao, Bob Baker. 107 min.

Fists Of Fury(1973) VHS
In his first starring martial arts epic, Bruce Lee plays a naive country boy who chops and kicks his way through corruption and drug smuggling at an ice factory. With Maria Yi, James Tren. AKA: "The Big Boss." 105 min.

Enter The Dragon(1973) VHS
One of the biggest martial arts epics ever filmed finds karate master Bruce Lee hired by British agents to infiltrate the island fortress of a criminal mastermind during a deadly combat tournament. Lee's final completed film (although released before "Return of the Dragon") also stars John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Shih Kien and Bolo Yeung; look quickly for a young Jackie Chan. This restored anniversary version includes three minutes of footage not shown in America, an introduction by Lee's wife Linda, the original theatrical trailer and a 7 1/2-minute behind-the-scenes documentary. 103 min.

Enter The Dragon (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Enter The Dragon: Limited Edition Collector's Boxed Set VHS
This special-edition collector's set features the letterboxed version of the movie, the CD soundtrack, a commemorative book, an eight-card set of lobby card reprints and a unique Senitype 8 1/2" x 10" blowup of a film frame.

Return Of The Dragon(1974) VHS
Bruce Lee travels to Rome to help a friend whose restaurant is being terrorized by gangsters. Top-notch fights, climaxed by a battle in the ruins of the Colosseum with future good-guy Chuck Norris; directed by Lee. AKA: "Way of the Dragon." 91 min.

Game Of Death(1979) VHS
Completed and released six years after the death of Bruce Lee, this martial arts classic casts Lee as a Kung Fu star up against an evil syndicate. Bone-crunching battles, including the classic confrontation with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Chuck Norris, Gig Young. 100 min.

Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey(2000) VHS
This exciting film from Bruce Lee expert John Little concentrates on the half-hour's worth of previously unseen footage that Lee shot for the unfinished "Game of Death" before his demise. Little edits this material according to Lee's personal notes to create what would've been his version of the film's finale. Also included is a look at the master's life featuring interviews and Lee home movies. 100 min.

Fist Of Fear, Touch Of Death(1980) VHS
Madison Square Garden is the setting for an international martial arts competition whose winner will be "the successor to Bruce Lee's title. " Along with exciting contest footage featuring Bill Louie, Richard Barathy and others, this mix of documentary and action scenes also features footage with Fred Williamson and Ron Van Clief, and rare film clips of Lee himself. Adolph Caesar hosts. 90 min.

Bruce Lee: The Curse Of The Dragon(1993) VHS
The true story of legendary martial arts star Bruce Lee, told with interviews from people who knew him, rare footage and exciting film clips. James Coburn, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Chuck Norris are among Lee's pupils and friends featured on this program that also delves into "The Dragon's" mysterious death and the fatal accident that killed his son, Brandon. 90 min.

Bruce Lee: The Legend VHS
In a few short years, Bruce Lee became a worldwide film star and the most famous Kung Fu master of all time. This special documentary traces his life from his birth in Hong Kong to his tragic death, with clips from his screen action classics. 88 min.

The Real Bruce Lee (1973) VHS
A rare find sure to delight fans of the legendary martial arts star, this program features clips from four films the young Lee made in China ("The Little Dragon," "The Bad Guy," "Carnival," "Orphan Sam"), along with footage from his 1973 funeral and the full-length film "The Ultimate Lee," started by Lee but finished with a replacement. 120 min.

Bruce Lee And Kung-Fu Mania VHS
The mastery of late martial arts expert Bruce Lee is chronicled in this look at his and others' Kung Fu classics. Witness the making of "Fists of Fury," learn of his tragic death, and see him battle Chuck Norris; also includes segments from "The Three Avengers," "Kung Fu Master" and more. 85 min.

Bruce Lee: The Immortal Dragon VHS
Before his death in 1973 at the age of 32, Bruce Lee revolutionized the world of martial arts and overcame Hollywood prejudice to become an action film star around the globe. Learn about his life, from his boyhood in Hong Kong to his greatest screen successes, and hear about the man behind the myth from friends and family, including son Brandon, in this special episode from A&E's "Biography" series. 50 min.

Bruce Lee: The Lost Interview VHS
A rare interview with Bruce Lee conducted in 1971, shortly after the release of "The Big Boss" ("Fists of Fury"). Lee discusses many subjects, including his philosophy of life, his personal approach to the martial arts, playing Kato on "The Green Hornet," his future plans, his celebrity students and more. 30 min.

Bruce Lee: The Master Collection Gift Set VHS
Celebrate the life of the martial arts cinema's greatest star with this action-packed boxed set that includes "Fists of Fury," "The Chinese Connection," "Return of the Dragon" and "Game of Death," plus the exclusive documentary "Bruce Lee: The Legend."

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Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon