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Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers(1939) VHS
Emerging from a state of hibernation after 500 years, Buck Rogers (Buster Crabbe) and young Buddy Wade wake up to a world held in a grip of fear by Killer Kane, and must zoom off to the ringed planet for help from the Saturnians. Co-stars Constance Moore and Jackie Moran. 12 chapters; 241 min.

Buck Rogers (Planet Outlaws)(1939) VHS
The serial "Buck Rogers" is now a feature film with added narration. Five hundred years after their dirigible crashes, Buck Rogers (Buster Crabbe) and his pal Buddy awaken to find the world ruled by Killer Kane. With Anthony Warde, Jackie Moran, Constance Moore, C. Montague Shaw. 70 min.

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century VHS
Gil Gerard starred as the original space hero of comics and movie serial fame in this hit sci-fi series seen on NBC from 1979 to 1981. With Erin Gray and Twiki the Robot. Except where noted, each tape runs about 50 min.

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century(1978) VHS
This theatrical version of the feature-length pilot episode to the hit TV series finds 20th-century astronaut Gil Gerard revived from suspended animation into a futuristic Earth under attack from space pirates. With Pamela Hensley, Erin Gray and Mel Blanc as the voice of Twiki. 88 min.

Buck Rogers: A Blast For Buck VHS
Buck relives his past adventures to find a clue as to who threatens Earth's safety now.

Buck Rogers: Happy Birthday, Buck VHS
Buck's surprise 534th birthday party is crashed by a vengeance-crazed scientist with superpowers.

Buck Rogers: Return Of The Fighting 69th VHS
A band of "over the hill" space jockeys aid Buck in defeating a gang of star villains.

Buck Rogers: Space Rockers VHS
Buck must stop an interstellar rock concert that could hypnotize the galaxy's young people.

Buck Rogers: Space Vampire VHS
Could the crew of a space freighter have been killed by a fabled space monster, as Buck thinks?

Buck Rogers: The Guardians VHS
A mysterious box with strange powers is entrusted to Buck's care, but can he deliver it in time?

Buck Rogers: Unchained Woman VHS
Buck flies with a dangerous ex-con (Jamie Lee Curtis) in order to stop a space pirate, her boyfriend.

Buck Rogers: Vegas In Space VHS
An outer space casino is really the front for an interplanetary crimelord whom Buck must stop.

Buck Rogers [DVD](1939) DVD
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Buck Rogers In The 25th Century