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Christina Applegate
Dance 'Til Dawn(1988) VHS
Prom night at Hoover High presents all sorts of wacky predicaments for its students. The girl who believes she'll be named prom queen plans on a celebration, the cool guy snubs his girlfriend for an "easy" date, and the class dweeb finds romance with a dateless girl he meets at the movies. Christina Applegate, Alyssa Milano, Matthew Perry, Kelsey Grammer and Alan Thicke star. 96 min.

Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1991) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead(1991) VHS
"Married...With Children's" Christina Applegate is one of four siblings left at home with a deranged babysitter when their mother goes on an Australian vacation. But when the sitter suddenly suffers a fatal heart attack, the kids have to ditch the corpse and fend for themselves. Funny teen farce co-stars Joanna Cassidy, John Getz, Keith Coogan, David Duchovny. 105 min.

Across The Moon [DVD](1994) DVD
A fast and funny road comedy starring Christina Applegate and Elizabeth Pena as two very different women who set out on a road trip across the Southwest to visit their boyfriends in jail, but have trouble remaining faithful when they meet a variety of guys along the way. 88 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Matrix Surround; scene access.

Vibrations(1995) VHS
Christina Applegate plays a young woman who becomes the driving force behind a would-be rock musician faced with a devastating handicap in this energized story of love, courage and salvation. James Marshall also stars. 104 min.

Wild Bill(1995) VHS
The life and times of legendary frontier hero Wild Bill Hickok are brought to the screen with style and a sense of pathos by director Walter Hill. Jeff Bridges plays Hickok, who, during his last days, recalls his glory years as a gunslinger and his work with Buffalo Bill Cody in a theatrical revue. With Ellen Barkin as Calamity Jane, John Hurt, Diane Lane, Bruce Dern. 98 min.

Nowhere(1997) VHS
The concluding chapter in director Gregg Araki's ambisexually anarchic "Teen Apocalypse" trilogy, this stylish dark comedy follows a group of restless L.A. "Gen-Xers" looking for fun, sex, love, and meaning to their lives (not necessarily in that order). All this, plus an alien encounter! James Duval, Rachel True, Ryan Phillippe star, with appearances by Christina Applegate, Shannen Doherty, Heather Graham, and John Ritter as a TV evangelist. 82 min.

The Big Hit(1998) VHS
Electrifying mix of high-octane action and laughs starring Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bokeem Woodbine and Antonio Sabato, Jr. as a team of fiercely competitive hit men. Phillips gets an idea for some quick "freelance" cash by kidnapping the daughter of a Japanese businessman, unaware that she's their boss's goddaughter. This first American effort from Hong Kong's Kirk Wong ("Crime Story") also features Christina Applegate, Lela Rochon, China Chow and Avery Brooks. 91 min.

Mafia!(1998) VHS
Here's a comedy you can't refuse, as director Jim Abrahams ("Hot Shots!") takes aim at "The Godfather," "Casino" and other crime movies. Jay Mohr stars as the war vet who returns home and must take over his family's "business" when an attempt is made on the life of patriarch Lloyd Bridges. With Christina Applegate, Olympia Dukakis, Billy Burke. 87 min.

Out In Fifty(1999) VHS
Just out of prison, ex-con Balthazar Getty looks forward to reclaiming his life and the woman he loves. A sinister detective, however, has his own plans for Getty's future, and they involve being framed for murder! Mickey Rourke and Christina Applegate co-star in this intense actioner. 95 min.

The Brutal Truth(1999) VHS
A group of nine high school buddies is reunited 10 years later for a retreat at a remote mountain cabin. But this is no "Big Chill," because one of the friends has a shocking announcement to make, one that exposes erotic secrets and leads to a violent conclusion. Gripping suspenser stars Christina Applegate, Paul Gleason, Justin Lazard, Molly Ringwald and Jonathon Schaech. AKA: "The Giving Tree." 89 min.

Kiss Of Fire(2000) VHS
Christina Applegate will wow you as a young woman who shuns her wealthy family and takes a job as a laundress on an island off the coast of Georgia and also strips at a local club at night. Her life becomes even more complicated when she becomes involved with a young Italian drifter. Stefano Dionisi co-stars in this scorching, erotic drama. AKA: "Claudine's Return." 92 min.

Just Visiting(2001) VHS
A remake of the 1993 French hit "Les Visiteurs," this fish-out-of-water farce follows medieval knight Jean Reno and assistant Christian Clavier (who starred in the original) as they're sent to modern-day Chicago by sorcerer Malcolm McDowell. While in the Windy City, the duo have trouble adapting to contemporary life, and when they learn that Christina Applegate, Reno's descendant, is about to be duped by her boyfriend, it's "En garde!" to stop him. With Tara Reid, Matthew Ross and Bridgette Wilson-Sampras. 88 min.

The Sweetest Thing(2002) VHS
Cameron Diaz is a guy-happy, commitmentphobic beauty who decides to mend her ways after she meets Mr. Right, in the form of Thomas Jane, at a club. Jane invites Diaz to a pre-wedding party, but she didn't get his last name, so she joins roommates Christina Applegate and Selma Blair on a wild and raunchy road trip to find the wedding...unaware that it's Jane's. With Parker Posey, Jason Bateman. 84 min.

The Big Hit (Superbit) [DVD] DVD
Dance 'Til Dawn [DVD](1988) DVD
The Big Hit [DVD](1998) DVD
Mafia! [DVD](1998) DVD
Just Visiting [DVD](2001) DVD
The Sweetest Thing (Unrated Version) [DVD](2002) DVD
The Sweetest Thing [DVD](2002) DVD
Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate
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