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Chuck Norris
Breaker! Breaker!(1977) VHS
Pedal-to-the-floor action all the way as karate champion Chuck Norris leads a convoy of angry truckers in an action-packed assault on a Texas town. Co-stars George Murdock, Terry O'Connor, Don Gentry and Jack Nance. 86 min.

Good Guys Wear Black(1978) VHS
The film that made Chuck Norris a star features the martial arts expert as a Vietnam veteran who discovers that his battalion's final, "suicide" mission may have been a CIA set-up and that a crooked politician is after him. See Chuck go feet-first through a speeding car's windshield! With Anne Archer, James Franciscus, Dana Andrews. 96 min.

An Eye For An Eye(1981) VHS
Chuck Norris stars as a San Francisco cop who quits the force after he's wounded and his partner killed by drug smugglers. Chuck doesn't need no stinking badge to deal a little vengeance to the crooks, just his fists and feet! With Christopher Lee, Richard Roundtree, Toru Tanaka. 103 min.

Silent Rage(1982) VHS
Chuck Norris is a tough sheriff who faces a supernatural horror that is terrifying the town. Norris must call on his astonishing martial arts skills to battle the culprit!

Lone Wolf McQuade(1983) VHS
Meet Chuck Norris. He's the meanest man in the world. Now he meets the toughest opponent ever--"Kung Fu's" David Carradine. The two battle it out in a way you've never seen before! Barbara Carrera. 107 min.

Missing In Action(1984) VHS
Action ace Chuck Norris stars as a former Vietnam War P.O.W. who returns to Southeast Asia to rescue his comrades still being held in captivity. M. Emmet Walsh, James Hong also star. 101 min.

Missing In Action 2: The Beginning(1985) VHS
Chuck Norris returns in an action-packed ``prequel'' that follows Norris and his crew's captivity in a Viet Cong P.O.W. camp. A daring escape through the jungle is their only chance for freedom, but who will survive? 96 min.

Invasion U.S.A.(1985) VHS
When a Soviet-backed terrorist army attacks the Southeast U.S., only one man stands between them and victory: ex-CIA agent Chuck Norris. All-out action hit that pits Chuck against overwhelming odds. With Richard Lynch, Melissa Prophet. 108 min.

Code Of Silence(1985) VHS
Chuck Norris scores big in this urban action thriller, playing a tough Chicago detective who must stop an underworld war by rescuing a gang boss' daughter. Exciting stunt work by Norris in this blockbuster hit. With Henry Silva, Dennis Farina. 100 min.

The Delta Force(1986) VHS
Intense action-thriller from the pages of today's headlines, as Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin head up an elite anti-terrorist squad. When Arab guerrillas hijack a jetliner in the Middle East and hold the passengers hostage, only the Delta Force can save the day. With George Kennedy, Hanna Schygulla, Shelley Winters and Joey Bishop. 125 min.

The Hitman(1991) VHS
Chuck Norris plays a cop left to die by his crooked partner in a gun battle who is rescued, then resurfaces with a new identity, working undercover for the Drug Enforcement Agency as a hit man. Soon, he finds himself in the middle of a war between the Mob, the Agency and Iranian drug dealers. Michael Parks, Alberta Watson co-star in this thrilling actioner. 94 min.

Hellbound(1993) VHS
He's kicked the stuffing out of all sorts of screen villains, but Chuck Norris is up against his deadliest and most inhuman foe ever in this thriller, as Chicago cop Norris' probe of a murder leads him into a confrontation with a centuries-old Satanic disciple. With Sheree J. Wilson, Calvin Levels. 95 min.

Walker, Texas Ranger: One Riot, One Ranger(1993) VHS
This pilot to the hit TV series features Chuck Norris as Cordell Walker, a tough Texas Ranger who teams with his slick, ex-gridiron star sidekick and a beautiful district attorney to smash a gang of bank robbers and three hoods who have victimized a teenage girl. Sheree J. Wilson, Clarence Gilyard co-star. 96 min.

Walker, Texas Ranger: Deadly Reunion(1994) VHS
Chuck Norris kicks ass in this feature-length installment of his hit TV series. Texas Ranger Walker tracks down a deadly assassin who targets a presidential candidate. Sheree J. Wilson, Clarence Gilyard and Jonathan Banks also star. 92 min.

Top Dog(1995) VHS
Chuck Norris has handled lots of screen challenges over the years, but this time he's up against his toughest one yet, as Norris plays a tough San Diego cop whose new partner is a clever canine named Reno! Watch Chuck break bones and Reno bury them in this fast-paced action/comedy. 93 min.

Forest Warrior(1996) VHS
Chuck Norris is the titular character, a mythical frontiersman named John McKenna who helps a group of kids trying to stop unscrupulous businessmen from destroying a mountain and a beautiful forest. Action and environmental themes mix in this wilderness adventure. 98 min.

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