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American Cinema, Vol. 4: The Studio System/Film In The Television Age VHS
By focusing on the history of Paramount Pictures, "The Studio System" examines the era when companies controlled films, actors and theaters, and moguls such as Mayer, Selznick and Zukor held sway, Next, see how Hollywood coped with the rise of TV through new gimmicks (Cinemascope and 3-D) and borrowing tube talent (directors like Sidney Lumet and John Frankenheimer); Cliff Robertson narrates.

Outer Limits: The Galaxy Being VHS
A scientist's (Cliff Robertson) experimental television receiver brings a malevolent alien to Earth.

The Midnight Cry!: William Miller And The End Of The World In October 1844 VHS
This incredible documentary focuses on one of the most astonishing religious incidents in modern history. In 1844, Baptist preacher William Miller predicted the world would be set on fire and the second coming of Christ would occur on October 22. See how people were affected by Miller's teachings in this program hosted by Cliff Robertson. 102 min.

Alfred Hitchcock: Master Of Suspense (1973) VHS
This documentary focuses on the life and work of the legendary director of such movies as "Rear Window," "North by Northwest," "Psycho" and "The Birds." Clips from Hitchcock's classic films and interviews with colleagues and co-workers are featured, and Hitch himself discusses the fine art of scaring audiences. Cliff Robertson narrates. 58 min.

Joan Crawford: Always A Star VHS
Her struggle to overcome an impoverished childhood and her rise to Hollywood fame mirrored many of her still-popular movies. Learn the true story behind Joan Crawford's tempestuous career and stormy family life in this documentary. Clips from "Grand Hotel," "Rain," "The Women" and "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" and other films, plus interviews with Diane Baker, Cliff Robertson and daughter Cindy, are featured. 57 min.

The Story Of The Gun: The Complete History Of Firearms VHS
An informative documentary on guns and their makers, this four-tape set shows you the story behind the development of firearms, following the efforts of such inventors as Colt, Remington, Gatling and Kalashnikov. Cliff Robertson narrates. 200 min. total.

Golden Commemoration Of World War II VHS
America's involvement in World War II is remembered in this stirring program that mixes interviews and documentary footage. Cliff Robertson plays host to Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, Robert Stack and George Bush, and segments highlight Marine ace Archie Donahue and General Jimmy H. Doolittle.

Picnic(1955) VHS
Superb adaptation of William Inge's play stars William Holden as a drifter who visits college friend Cliff Robertson in a small Kansas town and becomes involved with his fiancee (Kim Novak). Academy Award-winning drama also stars Rosalind Russell, Arthur O'Connell, Susan Strasberg. 115 min.

Days Of Wine And Roses(1958) VHS
Cliff Robertson and Piper Laurie star in this classic "Playhouse 90" production based on J.P. Miller's story about a couple sinking into the depths of alcoholism. John Frankenheimer directs. 89 min.

Gidget(1960) VHS
Favorite teen surf comedy stars Sandra Dee as the young beach bunny who must choose between surfer boyfriends Cliff Robertson and James Darren. Arthur O'Connell, Doug McClure and Yvonne Craig co-star. 95 min.

Sunday In New York(1963) VHS
Small-town girl Jane Fonda comes to Manhattan to get advice from older brother Cliff Robertson when her fiance tries to "go too far" before their wedding, but when Fonda learns of her sibling's playboy ways, she decides to follow in his footsteps. Breezy romantic comedy also stars Rod Taylor, Robert Culp; theme sung by Mel Torme. 105 min.

The Best Man(1964) VHS
Gore Vidal adapted his play of backroom politics for this compelling Washington drama. Henry Fonda and Cliff Robertson star as competing candidates for their party's presidential nomination, a quest that tests each man's convictions. With Lee Tracy, Edie Adams, Margaret Leighton. 102 min.

633 Squadron(1964) VHS
Cliff Robertson is a World War II air ace leading a group of British flyers into Norway to bomb a Nazi munitions factory. He's helped by a Norwegian resistance fighter whose sister he eventually falls in love with. George Chakiris, Maria Perschy and Harry Andrews co-star; filled with spectacular aerial footage. 94 min.

PT 109(1964) VHS
The inspiring story of World War II Navy Lieutenant John F. Kennedy and his fight to keep his crew alive when their boat is sunk in the South Pacific stars Cliff Robertson as the young Kennedy. With Ty Hardin, Robert Culp, Robert Blake. 140 min.

The Honey Pot(1967) VHS
Three women are summoned to the Venetian deathbed of their former lover (Rex Harrison), all hoping to inherit his fortune. But it's all just a ruse by Harrison, who needs his ex-paramours' cash to get out of debt. Lively, satiric updating of "Volpone" by Joseph L. Mankiewicz co-stars Maggie Smith, Cliff Robertson, Susan Hayward, Capucine, Edie Adams. 131 min.

Charly(1968) VHS
Cliff Robertson netted an Academy Award for his role as a retarded bakery worker who is transformed into a genius by experimental brain surgery. Scripted by Sterling Silliphant from the book "Flowers for Algernon"; with Claire Bloom, Leon Janney and Dick Van Patten. 103 min.

The Devil's Brigade(1968) VHS
William Holden is a tough, level-headed lieutenant colonel assigned to form a crack unit of fighting men out of a band of misfit American soldiers and a well-trained Canadian unit before they are to face the Nazis on the European battlefield. Action-packed war epic based on fact co-stars Carroll O'Connor, Vince Edwards, Cliff Robertson. 130 min.

Too Late The Hero(1970) VHS
Cliff Robertson and Michael Caine are "volunteered" into a suicide mission in the WWII Pacific Theater. Henry Fonda and Denholm Elliott also star in this taut wartime thriller that turns into a battle of wits between the duo and a Japanese officer. 133 min.

J.W. Coop(1971) VHS
Compelling character study centering on rodeo rider Cliff Robertson, who leaves prison after a 10-year stint and struggles to get back to society and his livelihood. Christina Ferrare, Geraldine Page, R.G. Armstrong and John Crawford co-star in this film, which features many exciting rodeo scenes; Robertson also directed and co-wrote the script. 112 min.

The Great Northfield, Minnesota Raid(1972) VHS
Phil Kaufman (``The Right Stuff'') wrote and directed this gritty look at legendary outlaws Jesse James (Robert Duvall) and Cole Younger (Cliff Robertson), and their gang's ill-fated attempt to rob ``the biggest bank West of the Mississippi.'' Atmospheric ``anti-hero'' Western also stars John Pearce, R.G. Armstrong. 91 min.

The Man Without A Country(1973) VHS
The classic tale is brought to life by Cliff Robertson's superb performance in the title role as a man who renounces his homeland, and is then condemned to a lifetime exile at sea. Beau Bridges, Peter Strauss, Robert Ryan also star. 90 min.

Three Days Of The Condor(1975) VHS
Intricate thriller from director Sydney Pollack stars Robert Redford as a spy novel reader for the CIA (who looked for potential ploys in the books' plots) who sets out to discover who is responsible for the murders of his co-workers and uncovers a network of illegal activity within "The Company." Co-stars Faye Dunaway, Cliff Robertson, Max von Sydow. 117 min.

Out Of Season(1975) VHS
Moody and atmospheric drama concerning a stranger who has journeyed to the resort where he had an affair 20 years past...and who encounters his former lover and her grown, attractive daughter. Vanessa Redgrave, Cliff Robertson, Susan George star. AKA: "Winter Rates." 90 min.

Midway(1976) VHS
Spectacular World War II drama of the events leading to the courageous battle of the Pacific. Breathtaking war footage and superb special effects, with a stellar cast, including Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, Glenn Ford and Robert Mitchum. 132 min.

Dominique Is Dead(1978) VHS
Haunting tale that spins you into a web of intrigue. A man drives his wife to kill herself, but she gets last boo when she's back to haunt him. Cliff Robertson, Jean Simmons, Simon Ward and Jenny Agutter star. 98 min. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: Prism Entertainment. Box condition: C. Tape appearance: B.

Two Of A Kind(1982) VHS
George Burns and Robby Benson star in this heartwarming drama of an elderly man whose concern for his retarded grandson renews his interest in living. Life-affirming story also stars Cliff Robertson, Barbara Bates. 100 min.

Brainstorm(1983) VHS
An astonishing new device allows people to feel other's emotions, but the government wants the instrument as a weapon. A spectacular journey filled with dazzling special effects, starring Natalie Wood in her last role, Christopher Walken, Cliff Robertson and Louise Fletcher; Douglas Trumbull directs. 106 min.

Star 80(1983) VHS
Bob Fosse's glossy recounting of the Dorothy Stratten story focuses more on the fatal obsessions of the starlet's estranged husband, Paul Snider (chillingly played by Eric Roberts). Mariel Hemingway stars as the smalltown girl-turned-centerfold celebrity, and Cliff Robertson plays Hugh Hefner. 104 min.

Class(1983) VHS
Jacqueline Bisset stars as an older woman who has an affair with a young, college-aged boy. Little does she know that the boy is her son's roommate at school! Frantic sexual comedy stars Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Cliff Robertson. 98 min.

The Key To Rebecca(1985) VHS
Based on Ken Follett's novel, this WWII thriller stars Cliff Robertson as a British Army officer who battles a half-German, half-Arab spy (David Soul) in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game in North Africa. Season Hubley, Anthony Quayle, Robert Culp also star. 190 min.

The Key To Rebecca (SP version)(1985) VHS
Based on Ken Follett's novel, this WWII thriller stars Cliff Robertson as a British Army officer who battles a half-German, half-Arab spy (David Soul) in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game in North Africa. Season Hubley, Anthony Quayle, Robert Culp also star. 190 min. This tape is new. Manufacturer: Worldvision Home Video Inc.

Shaker Run(1986) VHS
Stunt car drivers Cliff Robertson and Leif Garrett take a job delivering an unknown cargo that turns out to be a deadly virus developed by the government and sought by a radical army. It's a "run for your life" adventure with deadly possibilities. 91 min. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

Malone(1987) VHS
Stirring actioner stars Burt Reynolds as a disillusioned former CIA agent in the Northwest who runs afoul of a white supremacist (Cliff Robertson) who's building a secret army...and wants no interference! Cynthia Gibb, Lauren Hutton, Kenneth McMillan co-star. 92 min. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken(1991) VHS
Sensitive, true-life story of Sonora Webster, an orphan living in Depression-era Georgia who joins a travelling carnival as the rider in their "diving horse" attraction. A bad dive leaves her blind, but she overcomes her handicap to become a star rider at Atlantic City's famed Steel Pier. Gabrielle Anwar, Cliff Robertson, Michael Schoeffling star. 89 min.

Wind(1992) VHS
Set sail for rousing action and romance in this drama starring Matthew Modine and Jennifer Grey as former lovers who reunite to lead the U.S. squad in the America's Cup sailing race and reclaim the trophy from the Australian team. Thrilling nautical sequences add to the excitement. With Cliff Robertson, Jack Thompson. 126 min.

Renaissance Man(1994) VHS
Unemployed advertising executive Danny DeVito gets a job teaching a group of misfit Army recruits at a local military base, but his unorthodox lessons on life and "Hamlet" soon cause problems with his superiors. Gregory Hines, Marky Mark, Cliff Robertson and Stacey Dash star in Penny Marshall's heartfelt comedy. 128 min.

The American Revolution: Complete Set(1994) VHS
The War for Independence is brought to life in this acclaimed series that uses battle re-enactments, rare documents and the voices of Kelsey Grammer, Cliff Robertson and others to trace the history of the conflict. The set includes six programs: "The Conflict Ignites," "1776," "Washington and Arnold," "The World at War," "England's Last Chance" and "Birth of the Republic." 300 min. total.

John Carpenter's Escape From L.A.(1996) VHS
One-eyed anti-hero Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) returns in director John Carpenter's slam-bang sequel to "Escape from New York." In the totalitarian America of 2013, captured fugitive Russell is sent into the quake-damaged island prison of Los Angeles to retrieve a stolen "doomsday device" from anti-government rebels. With Steve Buscemi, George Corraface, Pam Grier, Cliff Robertson. 101 min.

Race(1997) VHS
The contest between a veteran black politician and a Latino house painter-turned-candidate for a vacant Los Angeles city council seat turns into a bitter, racially divisive battle in this compelling drama. Paul Rodriguez, CCH Pounder and Cliff Robertson star. 100 min.

Family Tree(2000) VHS
The residents of a small town learn an important lesson, thanks to a young boy's fight to save a very special tree, in this moving family drama. Robert Forster, Naomi Judd, Andy Lawrence, Matt Lawrence and Cliff Robertson star. 90 min.

Falcon Down(2000) VHS
In this rousing actioner, an ex-fighter pilot is contracted by the government to swipe a special aircraft carrying a dangerous weapon, but the flier must face off against mercenaries and the Chinese Air Force to complete his mission. Dale Midkiff, William Shatner, Cliff Robertson, Jennifer Rubin star.

Picnic [DVD](1955) DVD
The Devil's Brigade [DVD](1968) DVD
Three Days Of The Condor [DVD](1975) DVD
Midway [DVD](1976) DVD
Obsession [DVD](1976) DVD
Brainstorm [DVD](1983) DVD
Star 80 [DVD](1983) DVD
Class [DVD](1983) DVD
Escape From L.A. [DVD](1996) DVD
Race [DVD](1997) DVD
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