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A Few Good Men (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

A Few Good Men: Special Edition [DVD] DVD
Powerful courtroom drama starring Tom Cruise as a cocky Navy lawyer given the assignment of defending two young Marines accused of murdering one of their bunk-mates. Joined by a pesky attorney (Demi Moore), Cruise finds his investigation pointing to the actions of a tough-as-nails colonel (Jack Nicholson). With Kevin Pollak and Kiefer Sutherland; directed by Rob Reiner. 135 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English 5.1 and dolby Surround, French, Spanish, Portuguese; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai; audio commentary by Reiner; "making of" documentary; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Deconstructing Harry (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

G.I. Jane (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Ghost (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Striptease (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Tales From The Crypt, Vol. 3 VHS
Three more triumphs of terror, including "Dead Right," with Demi Moore as a golddigger who weds a penniless slob on a fortune teller's advice; "Cutting Cards," with Kevin Tighe and Lance Henriksen involved in a very high-stakes card game; and "The Switch," in which wealthy old coot William Hickey barters for a new body to woo beautiful Kelly Preston. Walter Hill, Howard Deutch and Arnold Schwarzenegger direct. 80 min.

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame VHS
The classic tale from Victor Hugo is the basis for this animated production that features three original songs. The film follows bell-ringer Quasimodo and his love for Gypsy girl Melody, who is also desired by the evil Captain of the Guard.

Choices(1981) VHS
A high school football star and violin prodigy must come to grips with changes in his life when he suffers a hearing impairment. Victor French, Val Avery, Demi Moore and Paul Carafotes star. 90 min.

Parasite [DVD](1981) DVD
Charles Band's gory sci-fi shocker stars a young Demi Moore as a woman terrorized by a slithery creature that likes burrowing into people's bodies. A futuristic fright tale with state-of-the-art special effects. Robert Glaudini, Vivian Blaine and Cherie Currie also star. 90 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English stereo; scene access.

Young Doctors In Love(1982) VHS
A city hospital with an overworked, oversexed staff is the setting for this zany soap opera spoof. Twisted love affairs, crazy characters, outrageous situations abound. With Michael McKean, Sean Young, Patrick Macnee, Dabney Coleman, Michael Richards and many cameos from daytime TV stars (including Demi Moore and Janine Turner). 97 min.

Blame It On Rio(1983) VHS
Michael Caine and Joseph Bologna are best friends who journey to beautiful Rio de Janeiro for a vacation with teenage daughters Demi Moore and Michelle Johnson. Reluctant to join Bologna in sampling the wild Rio nightlife, Caine is shocked to find his pal's daughter, the luscious Johnson, trying to seduce him in this racy comedy. 110 min.

No Small Affair(1984) VHS
Lighthearted comedy stars Jon Cryer as a teenage photography buff who becomes romantically obsessed with would-be singing star Demi Moore after taking her picture and sets out to help her achieve fame. With George Wendt, Tim Robbins, Jennifer Tilly. 102 min.

St. Elmo's Fire(1985) VHS
"Big Chill"-style serio-comedy about the lives, loves and challenges faced by a group of friends as they leave college and enter "the real world." Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Mare Winningham star. 108 min.

About Last Night...(1986) VHS
About Last Night... [DVD](1986) DVD
Rob Lowe and Demi Moore are the "bar-crossed lovers" out to prove that romance lives, even in the singles-crazed world of the '80s, in this witty comedy. Fine support from Jim Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins; based on David Mamet's play "Sexual Perversity in Chicago." 113 min. Side A: Widescreen; Side B: Standard; Soundtracks: English, French, Spanish; Subtitles: English, Spanish, French; scene access.

One Crazy Summer(1986) VHS
It certainly is for John Cusack, Demi Moore, Tom Villard and Bobcat Goldthwait in this zany comedy about some "misfit" teens who team up to save a Nantucket retirement home from developers. 93 min.

Wisdom(1987) VHS
Emilio Estevez directs, scripts and stars as a chronically unemployable young ex-con who sets himself up as a modern-day Robin Hood, knocking over banks to destroy mortgages and help the poor. Riveting drama co-stars Demi Moore, Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright. 109 min.

The Seventh Sign(1988) VHS
The Seventh Sign [DVD](1988) DVD
Deserts frozen in ice...rivers running red with blood. What ancient prophecies do these strange occurrences fulfill? Why does a stranger haunt a young woman? And what role is her unborn child fated to play? Spine-tingling tale of Biblical catastrophe stars Demi Moore, Jurgen Prochnow, Michael Biehn. 97 min. Side A: Widescreen; Side B: Standard; Soundtracks: English stereo, French; Subtitles: English, French; scene access.

We're No Angels(1989) VHS
Robert De Niro and Sean Penn team up for a reworking of the 1955 Humphrey Bogart comedy. They're escaped cons who pose as priests and set up shop in a small town near the Canadian border. Demi Moore, Wallace Shawn and Hoyt Axton co-star. 115 min.

Ghost(1990) VHS
Ghost [DVD](1990) DVD
The surprise hit blend of suspense, romance and fantasy stars Patrick Swayze as a New York yuppie who is killed during a mugging and returns to Earth with a mission: find his murderer and save fiancee Demi Moore from the same fate. Warm and winning drama also features an Oscar-winning turn by Whoopi Goldberg as a medium who can communicate with Swayze. 121 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English 5.1 and Dolby Surround, French; Subtitles: English; audio commentary by director Jerry Zucker; retrospective featurette; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Mortal Thoughts(1991) VHS
Mortal Thoughts [DVD](1991) DVD
Intriguing thriller about a beautician who enlists the help of her housewife best friend to kill her brutal, good-for-nothing husband. Demi Moore, Glenne Headly, Bruce Willis and Harvey Keitel star in this gripping, stylishly presented psychological tale from director Alan Rudolph. 104 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English Dolby Surround, Spanish Dolby Surround, French Dolby Surround; Subtitles: English, Spanish, French; interactive menus; theatrical trailers; scene access.

Nothing But Trouble(1991) VHS
Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, John Candy and Demi Moore team up for this outrageous farce. A dim-witted New York Yuppie couple are stopped for running a stop sign in a bizarre, run-down village where the demented, 106-year-old justice of the peace sentences them to death! Aykroyd also scripted and directed. 94 min.

The Butcher's Wife(1991) VHS
The Butcher's Wife [DVD](1991) DVD
Enchanting comedy starring Demi Moore as the new Southern wife of a Greenwich Village butcher whose clairvoyant abilities turn her neighborhood upside-down. Her powers attract the attention of psychiatrist Jeff Daniels, who is eventually drawn to the mysterious, beautiful woman. With Mary Steenburgen, George Dzundza, Frances McDormand. 107 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby 5.1 Surround, English Dolby Surround, French stereo; Subtitles: English; scene access; interactive menus; theatrical trailer.

A Few Good Men(1992) VHS
Powerful courtroom drama starring Tom Cruise as a cocky Navy lawyer given the assignment of defending two young Marines accused of murdering one of their bunk-mates. Joined by a pesky attorney (Demi Moore), Cruise finds his investigation pointing to the actions of a tough-as-nails colonel (Jack Nicholson). With Kevin Pollak and Kiefer Sutherland; directed by Rob Reiner. 135 min.

Indecent Proposal(1993) VHS
Architect Woody Harrelson and realtor wife Demi Moore are in deep financial trouble. In hopes of getting out of debt, Moore agrees to spend an evening on a yacht with handsome billionaire Robert Redford for $1 million. Can the couple overcome the deal they made, which has led to the dissolution of their marriage? Seymour Cassel and Rip Taylor also star in this provocative hit drama. 119 min.

Disclosure(1994) VHS
Disclosure (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1994) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

Disclosure [DVD](1994) DVD
Exciting, expertly crafted thriller based on Michael Crichton's best-seller stars Michael Douglas as a Seattle computer executive accused by new boss and former girlfriend Demi Moore of sexual harassment. With his marriage and career threatened, Douglas calls on high-tech help to clear him of the false charges. With Donald Sutherland; directed by Barry Levinson. 129 min. Side A: Standard; Side B: Widescreen; Soundtracks: English, French; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; filmographies; production notes; scene access.

Now And Then(1995) VHS
Melanie Griffith, Demi Moore, Rosie O'Donnell and Rita Wilson are former childhood friends who reunite and reminisce on the summer of 1970, when they played with a Ouija board, had their first experiences with the opposite sex and learned memorable lessons about life. Thora Birch, Gaby Hoffman, Christina Ricci and Ashleigh Aston Moore play the women as youngsters. 102 min.

The Scarlet Letter(1995) VHS
"Freely adapted" from the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel of forbidden passion in 17th-century America, director Roland Joffe's sensual drama stars Demi Moore as Hester Prynne, an independent-minded colonist who, after her husband is presumed killed in an Indian attack, has an affair with a local minister and bears his child, bringing down the wrath of the townspeople. With Robert Duvall, Joan Plowright. 135 min.

Beavis & Butt-Head Do America [DVD](1996) DVD
When their beloved television is stolen ("This sucks more than anything that has sucked before!"), Beavis and Butt-Head get up off their couch and set out on a wild cross-country quest from Las Vegas to the White House to find it--and maybe finally "score" with a woman while they're at it--in the metal-loving MTV cartoon cretins' hit debut feature. Voices by creator Mike Judge, Robert Stack, Cloris Leachman and an unbilled Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. 82 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English 5.1 and Dolby Surround; Subtitles: English; theatrical trailers; scene access.

Beavis And Butt-Head Do America(1996) VHS
If These Walls Could Talk(1996) VHS
If These Walls Could Talk [DVD](1996) DVD
Three different stories of women faced with unwanted pregnancies are the focus of this powerful film. In 1952, Demi Moore is a recently widowed nurse impregnated by her brother-in-law. Sissy Spacek is the mother of four who discovers a baby is on the way after she returns to college in 1974. And in 1996, Anne Heche, pregnant from an affair with a married man, must choose whether to have the child or not. With Cher (who also directed the final segment). 97 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Surround, Spanish Dolby mono; Subtitles: English, Spanish, French; interactive menus; biographies; scene access.

Striptease(1996) VHS
Demi Moore takes it all off in this raucous and daring comedy in which she plays a woman who takes a job stripping at a Florida club in order to regain custody of her daughter from her con artist ex-husband. Burt Reynolds is a slimy politico who has the hots for her; Armand Assante an understanding detective; and Ving Rhames the club's no-nonsense bouncer. Uncut, unrated version includes footage not shown in theaters. 115 min.

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame(1996) VHS
The Disney Studio's magnificently animated version of Victor Hugo's classic adds lively music and an uplifting message to the story of Quasimodo, deformed bellringer of the Paris cathedral, who falls in love with Gypsy dancer Esmerelda. Voices are supplied by Tom Hulce, Demi Moore, Kevin Kline and Jason Alexander; score by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. 91 min.

The Juror(1996) VHS
The Juror [DVD](1996) DVD
Artist Demi Moore becomes a juror in a mobster's murder trial and soon finds herself the target of hit man Alec Baldwin, who threatens to kill her teenage son if she doesn't vote "not guilty" for boss Tony LoBianco. James Gandolfini and Anne Heche also star in this first-rate suspense yarn. 118 min. Side A: Standard; Side B: Widescreen; Soundtracks: English 5.1, French, Spanish; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; theatrical trailers; scene access.

G.I. Jane(1997) VHS
G.I. Jane [DVD](1997) DVD
She's an officer and a gentlewoman, but can Navy lieutenant Demi Moore, the first woman candidate for the elite Navy SEALs unit, survive both the rigorous training and relentless verbal and emotional abuse from her superiors and male counterparts? Gritty and gung-ho military drama also stars Viggo Mortensen, Anne Bancroft. 125 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English 5.1, French; Subtitles: English, Spanish; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Passion Of Mind(2000) VHS
Dreamy psychological drama starring Demi Moore in two roles, playing book reviewer Marie, who lives in a French chateau with her two daughters, and Marty, a single literary agent looking for love in Manhattan. Which life is real and which is pure fantasy? And what part do the men she's involved with (Stellan Skarsgard and William Fichtner) play? 105 min.

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