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Glory (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Denzel Washington hosts this enthralling salute to the National Basketball Association's golden anniversary. There's incredible footage of the league's finest moments, greatest coaches and most gifted superstars, from Mikan, Russell and Chamberlain to Erving, Bird and Jordan. Special home video version includes a music video and footage of the NBA's top 50 players not shown on TV. 120 min.

Courage Under Fire (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

A Century Of Black Cinema VHS
The good, bad and ugly history of African-Americans in the movies is chronicled in this documentary. Boasting interviews with Whoopi Goldberg, Eddie Murphy, Danny Glover and Denzel Washington, the program offers clips from such films as "Hollywood Shuffle," "In the Heat of the Night," "Lady Sings the Blues," "Miracle in Harlem," "Waiting to Exhale," "Tap" and more. 90 min.

Anansi VHS
A spider outwits a snake but becomes tangled in his own web of lies in this Jamaican fairy tale. Narration by Denzel Washington and music by UB40.

Fallen (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Happily Ever After: Mother Goose: A Rappin' & Rhymin' Fairy Tale VHS
Whoopi Goldberg is the voice of Mother Gooseberg, who throws her fairy tale charges in a tizzy when she decides to stop telling stories. Can they convince her to change her mind? Denzel Washington, Jimmy Smits and Salt-N-Pepa also star.

Happily Ever After: Rumpelstiltskin VHS
A West Indian accent is placed on the story of the little man who can spin straw into gold. Among the performers lending their voices are Jasmine Guy, Denzel Washington, Robert Townsend and Sherman Hemsley.

Sidney Poitier: One Bright Light VHS
His rise to stardom signaled a new chapter in Hollywood history and changed the movies' perception of black actors. Follow the career of Sidney Poitier, the first African-American to win a Best Actor Academy Award, in this "American Masters" program that features film clips, interviews with James Earl Jones, Quincy Jones and Denzel Washington, and more. 60 min.

The Very Best Of St. Elsewhere: Boxed Set VHS
"St. Elsewhere" was the mocking nickname given to St. Eligius, a run-down Boston teaching hospital, in the acclaimed 1982-1988 series that mixed laughs and pathos as it followed the day-to-day struggles of the doctors, staff and patients. This four-tape collection features an episode from each season: "Bypass," "Cora and Arnie," "Drama Center," "My Aim Is True," the two-part "Time Heals," "Afterlife" and "The Last One." Ed Begley, Jr., William Daniels, Ed Flanders, Norman Lloyd, Howie Mandel and Denzel Washington star. 400 min. total.

A Soldier's Story(1984) VHS
The murder of an unpopular black sergeant at a Southern army base in 1944 fans feelings of anger and disharmony in this riveting drama. Howard E. Rollins, Jr. is the military attorney sent to investigate, and Adolph Caesar is the sergeant. Denzel Washington, Larry Riley, Patti LaBelle co-star in this adaptation of Charles Fuller's play; Norman Jewison directs. 102 min.

Power(1986) VHS
Richard Gere is the brash young political consultant who can get it for you...for a price. Director Sidney Lumet takes a dramatic look at the high-stakes world of D.C. wheeling and dealing, where the greatest passion is Power. Gene Hackman, Julie Christie, Denzel Washington and Kate Capshaw co-star. 111 min.

Hard Lessons(1986) VHS
Inspiring true story stars Denzel Washington as a principal who turns things around at a drug-ridden high school in South Los Angeles. Lynn Whitfield, Akousa Busia and Richard Masur also star. AKA: "The George McKenna Story." 95 min.

Cry Freedom(1987) VHS
Stirring epic drama by Richard Attenborough ("Gandhi") that follows the friendship between white South African journalist Donald Woods (Kevin Kline) and black activist Stephen Biko (Denzel Washington) through the violent struggle against their country's racist regime. 157 min.

Glory(1989) VHS
Stirring Civil War drama recounts the inspiring true story of the Union's 54th Regiment, comprised of black soldiers who had to fight prejudice and neglect to win the chance to prove themselves in battle. Matthew Broderick, as the 54th's white commander, stars along with Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington, who earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. 122 min.

The Mighty Quinn(1989) VHS
Denzel Washington is Quinn, police chief of a small Caribbean island and a man caught between a rock and a hard place when the prime suspect in a murder case is a local hero and boyhood friend. Reggae-flavored thriller also stars M. Emmet Walsh, Robert Townsend, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Mimi Rogers. 98 min.

Heart Condition(1990) VHS
Bob Hoskins is a bigoted L.A. cop who inherits the heart of one of his toughest enemies, a freshly-murdered black lawyer, played by Denzel Washington. The lawyer's ghost teams with the cop to find his own killer in this wild action-comedy. With Chloe Webb. 100 min.

Mo' Better Blues(1990) VHS
Spike Lee's enthralling, beautifully photographed look at the jazz world stars Denzel Washington as a talented, driven trumpet player who puts his career above the two women in his life and loyalty to ineffectual manager Lee above his combo's success. Cynda Williams, Joie Lee, Wesley Snipes and Giancarlo Esposito co-star; lively jazz score by Bill Lee, Branford Marsalis and others. 127 min.

Ricochet (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1991) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

Ricochet(1991) VHS
An explosive actioner starring Denzel Washington as a cop applauded for his capture of psycho killer John Lithgow. But when Lithgow escapes and vows vengeance, Washington must call on boyhood friend Ice-T, now a drug dealer, for help. 104 min.

Malcolm X(1992) VHS
Spike Lee's epic biography features Denzel Washington in a dynamic performance as the black revolutionary leader. The film follows Malcolm's early days as a Harlem hepcat, his time in prison and conversion there to Islam, his family life, and his crusades to further the black race. Angela Bassett, Al Freeman, Jr., Albert Hall and Lee co-star. 201 min.

Philadelphia(1993) VHS
Tom Hanks won an Academy Award for Best Actor with his stirring portrayal of a successful attorney stricken with AIDS who sues his powerful Philadelphia firm after they dismiss him. The only lawyer who will take his case is homophobic ambulance-chaser Denzel Washington. With Jason Robards, Mary Steenburgen and Joanne Woodward; Jonathan Demme directs. 125 min.

The Pelican Brief (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1993) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

The Pelican Brief(1993) VHS
Riveting thriller based on John Grisham's best-seller stars Julia Roberts as a New Orleans law student who writes a paper exposing the conspiracy surrounding the deaths of two Supreme Court justices and Denzel Washington as the investigative reporter who helps her dodge the assassins and special agents on her trail. Sam Shepard, John Heard and Hume Cronyn co-star. 141 min.

Devil In A Blue Dress(1995) VHS
An unemployed ex-G.I. in 1948 Los Angeles is hired to locate a missing woman with ties to a mayoral candidate, but the search lands him in a deadly web of political corruption and forbidden passions. Denzel Washington shines as reluctant PI "Easy" Rawlins in this atmospheric mystery based on Walter Mosley's novel, features fine supporting turns by Jennifer Beals, Tom Sizemore, and Don Cheadle as Washington's trigger-happy sidekick, Mouse. 101 min.

Virtuosity(1995) VHS
Futuristic cyber-thriller starring Denzel Washington as a former cop in prison for killing the murderer of his wife and daughter. When a computer-generated police training villain made up of over 180 different serial killers--among them Washington's nemesis--escapes into the real world, the ex-officer is the only one who can catch him. With Russell Crowe, Kelly Lynch. 107 min.

Crimson Tide(1995) VHS
As renegade forces seize control of nuclear weapons in Russia, the submarine USS Alabama sails into dangerous waters. When communications with the Pentagon are lost, the situation gets even more tense, prompting a riveting face-off between egomaniacal captain Gene Hackman and officer Denzel Washington over whether the Alabama should launch its missiles against Russia. 116 min.

Courage Under Fire(1996) VHS
Forceful military drama from director Edward Zwick ("Glory") stars Denzel Washington as a guilt-ridden Army officer investigating Medavac pilot Meg Ryan, a candidate for a posthumous Medal of Honor for her heroism during the Persian Gulf War. Washington uncovers a series of troubling incidents which led to Ryan's death while interviewing members of her platoon. Lou Diamond Phillips, Matt Damon also star. 116 min.

The Preacher's Wife(1996) VHS
Vibrant fantasy/comedy, based on 1947's "The Bishop's Wife," features Denzel Washington as an angel sent to Earth to help Whitney Houston and her minister husband save their failing New York neighborhood church. But will the romantic feelings that Houston and Washington begin to have for each other endanger his mission? Director Penny Marshall's warm and winning film also stars Courtney B. Vance, Gregory Hines. 123 min.

The Siege(1998) VHS
As New York reels from a series of terrorist bombings, FBI agent Denzel Washington and CIA agent Annette Bening search for the militant Arab group responsible. Their hunt takes on new urgency when the government imposes martial law on the city, with tanks patrolling the streets and Arab-American men detained in prison camps, under the command of zealous general Bruce Willis. Intense and thoughtful actioner from director Edward Zwick ("Glory") also stars Tony Shaloub. 116 min.

He Got Game(1998) VHS
Denzel Washington stars in Spike Lee's acclaimed drama as Jake, a recently paroled convict who has a week to convince his son, Jesus, who is the most sought-after high school basketball player in the country, to attend the governor's alma mater. The problem is that Jake was convicted of murdering his son's mother and Jesus wants nothing to do with him. With NBA star Ray Allen, Milla Jovovich and Ned Beatty. 137 min.

Fallen (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1998) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

Fallen(1998) VHS
Homicide detective Denzel Washington must try to track down a serial killer he caught once before--and who was already put to death. Washington follows a deadly trail of ancient evil, as the murderous spirit passes from one human host to another, in this eerie supernatural suspenser that was filmed in and around Philadelphia. John Goodman, Donald Sutherland, Embeth Davidtz and Elias Koteas also star. 124 min.

The Bone Collector(1999) VHS
Intense thriller starring Denzel Washington as a quadriplegic NYPD forensics expert called on to help investigate the brutal slaying of a prominent businessman. With policewoman Angelina Jolie serving as Washington's crime-scene "eyes," the duo uncover a series of bizarre murders and race to find the killer. Michael Rooker, Queen Latifah and Luis Guzman also star. 118 min.

The Hurricane(1999) VHS
Denzel Washington turns in a ferocious, multi-layered performance as Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, the promising boxer wrongly convicted of murdering three men in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. His two-decade fight for freedom, as seen through the eyes of a teenage boy and his Canadian foster family who befriend Carter, becomes a worldwide crusade. With Vicellous Reon Shannon, Liev Schreiber and Dan Hedaya; directed by Norman Jewison. 144 min.

Bamboozled(2000) VHS
In his most controversial work to date, filmmaker Spike Lee sharply skewers racist imagery in American pop culture and its effect on society. TV network executive Damon Wayans tries to get out of his contract by proposing a minstrel-style variety series featuring black actors in blackface. Much to Wayans' dismay, the show, fronted by dancers Tommy Davidson and Savion Glover, becomes a hit. Jada Pinkett Smith, Michael Rapaport also star. 136 min.

Remember The Titans(2000) VHS
The racial tensions filling the halls of a newly integrated Alexandria, Virginia, high school in 1971 spill over onto the football field, where new head coach Denzel Washington tries to overcome resentment on both sides and mold his players into a team...and into friends. Based on a true story, this powerful drama also stars Will Patton as the school's former coach, now Washington's at-first reluctant assistant; with Wood Harris, Ryan Hurst, Donald Faison. 114 min.

Training Day(2001) VHS
Young L.A. cop Ethan Hawke, newly transferred to undercover duty in the narcotics department, is partnered with top veteran detective Denzel Washington for his first day on the new beat. But as the day progresses, and Hawke witnesses the maverick Washington's behavior increasingly cross the line, he is faced with choosing between his loyalty and his duty. Director Antoine Fuqua's ("The Replacement Killers") intense urban crime drama also stars Scott Glenn, Tom Berenger, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. 128 min.

Half Past Autumn: The Life And Works Of Gordon Parks(2001) VHS
Alfre Woodard narrates this extensive look at Gordon Parks, the multi-talented artist whose astounding work set an example for other aspiring black artists everywhere. From his celebrity portraits and fashion photography to his powerful films "The Learning Tree" and "Shaft," Parks expounds on his creative process and the life events that have shaped him.

Remember The Titans (Letterboxed Version) [DVD] DVD
Power [DVD](1986) DVD
Hard Lessons [DVD](1986) DVD
Cry Freedom [DVD](1987) DVD
Glory (Special Edition) [DVD](1989) DVD
Ricochet [DVD](1991) DVD
Malcolm X [DVD](1992) DVD
The Pelican Brief [DVD](1993) DVD
Much Ado About Nothing [DVD](1993) DVD
Crimson Tide [DVD](1995) DVD
Fallen [DVD](1998) DVD
He Got Game [DVD](1998) DVD
The Siege [DVD](1998) DVD
Remember The Titans [DVD](2000) DVD
Training Day [DVD](2001) DVD
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