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Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn
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Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn
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The Errol Flynn Theater VHS
Three episodes from Flynn's mid-'50s anthology series. Errol himself stars as a swordsman in "The Duel" and appears with wife Patrice Wymore and son Sean in "The Strange Auction." Also included is "The Sealed Room," with Glynis Johns and Herbert Lom. 80 min.

The Errol Flynn Theater/ Man In The Iron Mask VHS
Errol himself stars in "The Duel," a cutlass-wielding tale about a haughty noble who challenges the beloved of his pretty ward, co-starring Ann Silvers. Also, an episode from the adventures of Dumas' classic hero, "The Sword Strikes," with Carl Esmond.

The Sword Of Villon/Rescued VHS
Hollywood legend Errol Flynn brings his dashing bravado to these two early TV dramas. "The Sword of Villon," a 1956 episode of "Screen Director's Playhouse," features Flynn's TV acting debut. And "Rescued," from 1957's "The Errol Flynn Theatre," tells of a wounded Lord Alston being rescued from one of Cromwell's officers by his friends. 50 min.

The Sea Hawk (Color Version) VHS
See Hawk? Now see him in full, glorious color, as the Errol Flynn swashbuckler takes on a whole new look.

They Died With Their Boots On (Color Version) VHS
Ah, but didn't you always wonder what color those boots were? With the aid of modern technology, now you can see!

Great Actors Of The 20th Century, Vol. 1 VHS
"The Answer" stars David Niven as an embittered Hollywood writer who has a revelatory visit to his hometown; broke gambler Errol Flynn finds the only way out of debt is to engage in "The Duel"; and James Cagney is an aging professor who has doubts about his career on the eve of a celebratory banquet in "A Link in the Chain."

Errol Flynn: Portrait Of A Swashbuckler VHS
The career and controversial life of Hollywood's leading action star is chronicled in this program that offers anecdotes from friends and family, along with clips from such classics as "The Adventures of Robin Hood," "Captain Blood," and "The Charge of the Light Brigade." Christopher Lee narrates. 50 min.

The Abbott & Costello Show: Errol Flynn VHS
Guest stars include Errol Flynn, Phil Regan and Gale Storm.

Hollywood Bloopers VHS
Classic originals from the greats of Hollywood. Watch as stars like James Cagney, Bette Davis, Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, Kirk Douglas and others flub, curse and laugh their way through classic films of the '30s and '40s; even Porky Pig gets hot under the collar! 75 min.

In The Wake Of The Bounty(1933) VHS
This rarely-seen Australian seafaring drama, which mixes the first filming of the story of the HMS Bounty and her crew's mutiny with documentary footage of the Pacific locales where the events took place, is also notable for featuring the film debut of Errol Flynn, in the role of rebellious first mate Fletcher Christian. With Mayne Lynton as Captain Bligh. 62 min.

Captain Blood(1935) VHS
Errol Flynn is the young physician, sentenced to slavery, who's rescued by Olivia de Havilland and begins a life of piracy on the high seas. Superb swordplay, magnetic performances and supporting turns by Basil Rathbone and Lionel Atwill make this a classic. Complete, 119-min. restored version.

The Charge Of The Light Brigade(1936) VHS
The classic poem of heroism in the face of certain death becomes a timeless adventure epic featuring Errol Flynn and Patric Knowles as sibling cavalry officers competing for the affections of Olivia de Havilland, while battling enemy forces in East India. After Flynn is unable to save a fort from attack, he and his troops fight Russian forces in Crimea. With David Niven. 116 min.

The Prince And The Pauper(1937) VHS
Mark Twain's classic story of identical boys whose role-swapping ruse leads to calamity and danger in old England. Errol Flynn, Alan Hale, Claude Rains, and Billy and Bobby Mauch, in the title roles, star in this rousing family thriller. 119 min.

The Adventures Of Robin Hood(1938) VHS
Errol Flynn is in top form as the dashing outlaw, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, romancing Olivia de Havilland and dueling against villainous Basil Rathbone and Claude Rains. Michael Curtiz and William Keighley helmed this colorful classic, with Alan Hale, Eugene Pallette, Ian Hunter, Una O'Connor; score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. 105 min.

The Sisters(1938) VHS
Set during a four-year period at the turn of the century, this compelling drama focuses on the joys and hardships of the lives of three sisters in a small Montana town. Expertly chronicled are the romances, marriages and relationships encountered by the trio (Bette Davis, Anita Louise and Jane Bryan). With Errol Flynn, Beulah Bondi and Alan Hale. 98 min.

The Dawn Patrol(1938) VHS
Richly drawn portrayals by Errol Flynn and David Niven as aces in the British air corps during World War I accentuate this dynamic decrial of the futility of war. Basil Rathbone co-stars as the reviled squad commander mindlessly sending his men off to die in the skies over Europe. Features stunning aerial footage, some of which was shot for Howard Hawks' version of the story eight years earlier. 103 min.

Dodge City(1939) VHS
Cattleman Errol Flynn pins on the sheriff's badge and cleans up the Old West's roughest, rowdiest town in this classic frontier saga. A top cast (Olivia de Havilland, Bruce Cabot, Ann Sheridan, Alan Hale), lush Max Steiner music, and one of cinema's all-time barroom brawls add to the fun. 101 min.

The Sea Hawk(1940) VHS
Classic high seas action with Errol Flynn as a roguish privateer who takes on the Spanish Armada for Queen Elizabeth I. Rousing action sequences, a cast that also includes Claude Rains, Flora Robson, Brenda Marshall and Alan Hale, and Erich Korngold's score make this a winner. Uncut, 127-min. version.

Virginia City(1940) VHS
Civil War frontier drama stars Errol Flynn as a Union officer who escapes from a Southern prison to the title Nevada town, where he learns of a plan to ship gold to the Confederacy via wagon train. Randolph Scott is Flynn's nemesis, Miriam Hopkins a dance hall girl, and Humphrey Bogart a half-breed Mexican bandit (complete with mustache!). 121 min.

Santa Fe Trail [DVD](1940) DVD
Frontier drama set in pre-Civil War Kansas during John Brown's anti-slavery raids. Errol Flynn is military leader Jeb Stuart, Ronald Reagan is George Armstrong Custer, and Olivia de Havilland is the woman they both love. Sweeping tale co-stars Raymond Massey, Alan Hale; Michael Curtiz directs. 110 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English stereo.

They Died With Their Boots On(1941) VHS
While lacking in historical accuracy, Raoul Walsh's depiction of Custer's Last Stand makes for rousing adventure. Errol Flynn shines as the dashing, headstrong general, shown from his West Point and Civil War days to the fateful battle of Little Big Horn. Olivia de Havilland, Arthur Kennedy, Anthony Quinn also star. 140 min.

Dive Bomber(1941) VHS
In order to better understand the problems faced by high-altitude combat fliers, armed forces surgeon Errol Flynn goes through the rigors of pilot training in this fine war-themed drama made shortly before America's entry into World War II. With Ralph Bellamy, Fred MacMurray, Alexis Smith. 130 min.

Footsteps In The Dark(1941) VHS
Comedy and mystery are mixed in the "Thin Man" style in this whodunit starring Errol Flynn as an investment banker who, unknown to his wife, moonlights as a suspense writer and amateur sleuth. Flynn's snooping into a jewel thief's death gets him involved with kooky stripper Lee Patrick. Brenda Marshall, Ralph Bellamy co-star. 96 min.

Desperate Journey(1942) VHS
Spirited Raoul Walsh WWII drama stars Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan as the leaders of an RAF bomber crew whose plane is shot down over Nazi-occupied Poland. Their perilous trek, dodging the Germans across Europe, makes for a thrilling adventure. With Alan Hale, Raymond Massey. 119 min.

Gentleman Jim(1942) VHS
An exciting, brawling biodrama that looks at the colorful life of turn-of-the-century boxing champion Jim Corbett, with a typically dashing Errol Flynn in the title role. Able support from Alexis Smith, Alan Hale, Jack Carson and Ward Bond as John L. Sullivan. 104 min.

Thank Your Lucky Stars(1943) VHS
Warner Bros.' contribution to the war effort was this songfest featuring their star players performing numerous hits. The plot revolves around the mishaps of Eddie Cantor and a look-alike cab driver. Stars include Humphrey Bogart, Joan Leslie, Olivia de Havilland, John Garfield, Bette Davis singing "They're Either Too Young or Too Old" and Errol Flynn singing "That's What You Jolly Well Get." 127 min.

Edge Of Darkness(1943) VHS
Superlative wartime drama set in a small Norwegian fishing village under German occupation. Errol Flynn and Ann Sheridan are resistance leaders faced with fighting both the Nazis and local sympathizers. Walter Huston, Judith Anderson, Ruth Gordon co-star; Lewis Milestone directs. 120 min.

Northern Pursuit(1943) VHS
Errol Flynn is a Mountie in the Canadian woods in this classic wartime suspenser about the search for a downed Nazi pilot. Helmut Dantine gives an excellent portrayal as the young fugitive. With Gene Lockhart, Julie Bishop; directed by Raoul Walsh. 94 min.

Uncertain Glory(1944) VHS
Condemned murderer Errol Flynn escapes the guillotine in occupied Paris when a British air raid destroys the prison and allows him to escape, but police inspector Paul Lukas is hot on his trail in this suspense-filled wartime thriller. With Jean Sullivan, Lucille Watson; Raoul Walsh directs. 102 min.

San Antonio(1945) VHS
The sound of gunfire echoes through the Alamo once more in this two-fisted Errol Flynn western. Here Flynn plays a cattleman who sets out to break the hold rustler Paul Kelly has on the good folk of San Antonio. Alexis Smith provides the love interest, S.Z. Sakall the comedy relief. 107 min.

Objective, Burma!(1945) VHS
One of the most requested films at Movies Unlimited is this classic WWII epic starring Errol Flynn as the commander of American parachutists who go behind enemy lines to destroy an important Japanese communications center. Rugged action scenes and Flynn at his finest highlight Raoul Walsh's stirring drama. With William Prince, James Brown. 142 min.

Never Say Goodbye(1946) VHS
The rocky marriage between pin-up artist Errol Flynn and understandably jealous spouse Eleanor Parker is salvaged, thanks to the efforts of daughter Patti Brady, in this breezy romantic comedy. With S.Z. Sakall, Lucille Watson; co-scripted by Billy Wilder colleague I.A.L. Diamond. 97 min.

Escape Me Never(1947) VHS
Glossy soaper with Eleanor Parker as a young woman who falls for composer Errol Flynn, who is already involved with widow Ida Lupino. After promising to marry Lupino and care for her young child, Flynn abandons her for Parker. With Gig Young, Reginald Denny. 101 min.

Cry Wolf(1947) VHS
Offbeat and intriguing mystery starring Barbara Stanwyck as a recently widowed woman who travels to her husband's family estate and learns that patriarch Errol Flynn is keeping more than a few skeletons in the clan's closet. With Richard Basehart, Jerome Cowan, Geraldine Brooks. 83 min.

The Adventures Of Don Juan(1948) VHS
Errol Flynn swashes, buckles and romances his way across Europe in this epic costume adventure tale. From swordfights to bedroom trysts, Don Juan is without peer, and this colorful film is without equal. Co-stars Viveca Lindfors, Robert Douglas, Alan Hale. 110 min.

Silver River(1948) VHS
Director Raoul Walsh and star Errol Flynn teamed up for the seventh and last time in this frontier drama about a Union Army officer (Flynn) who, after being drummed out of the service, heads west and becomes a ruthless mining baron in the silver trade. With Ann Sheridan, Thomas Mitchell, Bruce Bennett. 109 min.

It's A Great Feeling(1949) VHS
The stars are out in this musical comedy set on the Warner Bros. lot in Hollywood. Dennis Morgan and Jack Carson (as "themselves") play actors whose clashing egos result in funny feuding and hilarious double-crossing, and Doris Day is the waitress whom each man promises to make a star. Cameos include Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford, Edward G. Robinson. Score by Jules Styne and Sammy Cahn includes "Give Me a Song With a Beautiful Melody," "At the Cafe Rendezvous," and the title tune. 85 min.

That Forsyte Woman(1949) VHS
The first book in John Galsworthy's "Forsyte Saga" trilogy is the basis for this elegant melodrama set in Victorian England. The stormy marriage of aristocratic Errol Flynn and Greer Garson is threatened when she is pursued by cousin Janet Leigh's fiance, architect Robert Young. Walter Pidgeon, Harry Davenport also star. 112 min.

Montana(1950) VHS
Sheep rancher Errol Flynn leaves his native Australia to start a new life in America, but upon arriving in the sprawling Montana Territory finds himself in the middle of a violent range war between sheepherders and cattlemen. Fast-paced frontier drama also stars Alexis Smith, Douglas Kennedy, S.Z. Sakall. 77 min.

Kim(1951) VHS
Children and adults alike will love Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of an English boy raised by the Hindus in 1880s India. The action peaks when the young adventurer is caught between rebellious natives and British soldiers. Errol Flynn and Dean Stockwell star. 112 min.

The Master Of Ballantrae(1953) VHS
Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure is turned into a thrilling screen saga. Errol Flynn wields the steel as the rebellious heir to Scottish royalty who journeys to the Caribbean to help his soldier-of-fortune brother fight pirates and, later, seeks the hand of his true love. Roger Livesey, Anthony Steel and Beatrice Campbell also star. 89 min.

Lilacs In The Spring(1954) VHS
World War II entertainer Anna Neagle is injured during an air raid and dreams about which of her two suitors she should marry. Her dreams become fantasies, with her playing courtesan Neil Gwynn, a young Queen Victoria and her own mother. Errol Flynn is the song-and-dance man who marries her mother. With David Farrar, Peter Graves and a young Sean Connery in a bit part. This is the color version. AKA: "Let's Make Up." 93 min.

The Warriors(1955) VHS
Errol Flynn shines as a British prince defending family and army from the forces of the French in this grand old adventure saga set in medieval times. Co-stars Peter Finch, Joanne Dru, Michael Hordern. 85 min.

King's Rhapsody(1955) VHS
In one of his last screen roles, Errol Flynn plays the heir to a European throne who chooses the woman he loves over his duty. But the death of his father forces him to become king and marry another. Moving drama co-stars Anna Neagle, Patrice Wymore (the third Mrs. Flynn). 93 min.

Istanbul(1957) VHS
In this reworking of 1947's "Singapore," Errol Flynn plays an American pilot who discovers that the bracelet he purchased in Turkey contains 13 priceless diamonds. Smugglers attempt to snag the jewels, but Flynn hides them in a hotel room and, years later, returns to retrieve them. Nat King Cole sings "When I Fall in Love"; Torin Thatcher, Cornell Borchers co-star. 85 min.

Santa Fe Trail(1940) VHS
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