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The Miracle Of The Bells(1948) VHS
Frank Sinatra, in an unusual role as a priest, helps press agent Fred MacMurray learn about a beautiful young actress after her untimely death. Also stars Valli and Lee J. Cobb. Anniversary package includes a reproduction of the theatrical lobby card. 120 min.

The Miracle Of The Bells (Color Version) VHS
"That inspiring small-town drama with Frank Sinatra as a priest is now also available in color? It's a miracle!"

Double Dynamite(1951) VHS
It's money, money everywhere and not a dime to spend for Frank Sinatra and Jane Russell, two lovebirds in a bank teller's cage who are suspected of embezzlement when Frank's big racing bet pays off. Groucho Marx has some great moments as the couple's pal, a greasy spoon waiter, in this light comedy. 80 min.

Suddenly(1954) VHS
In one of his best (and most unheralded) performances, Frank Sinatra plays a pro assassin who joins other killers in the small town of Suddenly, Ca., where he plans to murder the president of the United States. Sinatra and his associates pose as federal agents in order to take a family hostage and use their house as the base for their operations. With Sterling Hayden, James Gleason. 75 min.

The Tender Trap(1955) VHS
Quintessential Fifties romantic comedy features Frank Sinatra as a hip bachelor whose ways with the women impress his pal from Indiana, played by David Wayne. Sinatra's lifestyle is put to the test when he meets Debbie Reynolds, an ingenue who insists he drop his other girlfriends and hopes to marry him. Celeste Holm, Lola Albright and Carolyn Jones also star. 111 min.

The Man With The Golden Arm(1955) VHS
Frank Sinatra is unforgettable as a musician trying to break his heroin addiction in this groundbreaking drama from Otto Preminger. The supporting cast includes Eleanor Parker, Kim Novak, Darren McGavin and Arnold Stang; Elmer Bernstein provides the memorable jazz score. 119 min.

Some Came Running(1958) VHS
Would-be writer Frank Sinatra returns to his Indiana home town and finds that the idealized surface of the community covers a multitude of deceptions and lies in Vincente Minnelli's filming of the James Jones novel. Shirley MacLaine, as the bimbo hooked on Sinatra, and Dean Martin, as the local card shark, co-star. Arthur Kennedy, Martha Hyer. 137 min.

Never So Few(1959) VHS
Intrigue, adventure and romance are well-blended in this WWII drama about Allied guerrilla forces in Southern Asia. American captain Frank Sinatra must lead his men against not only the Japanese, but also a traitorous Chinese warlord. The cast includes Peter Lawford, Gina Lollobrigida, Paul Henreid and Brian Donlevy, with early supporting turns by Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson. 125 min.

Ocean's Eleven(1960) VHS
The "Rat Pack"--Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop--swings in the original heist flick about a group of old Army buddies who plan to rip off five Vegas casinos in one night, faster than you can say, "Bingo, Dingo"! Look for cameos by Red Skelton, George Raft and Shirley MacLaine. 127 min.

4 For Texas(1963) VHS
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Charles Bronson battle for control of 1870 Galveston in this entertaining western adventure that mixes action, cowboy thrills and humor. Robert Aldrich directs; Anita Ekberg, Ursula Andress, Victor Buono and The Three Stooges are also featured. 115 min.

Von Ryan's Express(1965) VHS
A POW colonel leads a daring escape, then steals an entire train to take men behind Allied lines. Frank Sinatra and Trevor Howard co-star in this suspense-filled WWII saga. 117 min.

None But The Brave(1965) VHS
Frank Sinatra's directorial debut casts him as a Marine medic who finds himself and his crew stranded on a South Pacific island during World War II. They soon discover that the island is populated by Japanese forces, and a fragile truce is agreed upon when Sinatra saves a Japanese soldier's life. Clint Walker, Tommy Sands, Tony Bill and Tatsuya Mihashi co-star. 106 min.

Marriage On The Rocks(1965) VHS
Love, romance and marital status get complicated in this romp starring Frank Sinatra and Deborah Kerr as a long-married couple who go to Mexico to enliven their relationship. When Sinatra is called back home for business, he enlists the help of swinging pal Dean Martin to care for Kerr. Little does he know that they're former lovers. Cesar Romero, Tony Bill co-star. 109 min.

Assault On A Queen(1966) VHS
Frank Sinatra teams up with beautiful Virna Lisi to pull off the biggest heist on the high seas--using a restored U-boat to rob the Queen Mary--in this elaborate caper flick. Tony Franciosa, Richard Conte, Alf Kjellin co-star; script by Rod Serling. 105 min.

Tony Rome(1967) VHS
Frank Sinatra's ultra-cool, Miami-based private investigator gets mixed up with murder, mayhem, stolen diamonds and a beautiful, troubled young girl in this slick detective yarn. With Jill St. John, Sue Lyon, Richard Conte and Gena Rowlands. 110 min. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

Lady In Cement(1968) VHS
Wise-guy private eye Tony Rome (Frank Sinatra) is back in this intriguing mystery. The trail to catch the murderer of a woman found on the ocean floor leads Rome into a world of high-priced double-crosses, killings-for-hire and the rackets game. With Raquel Welch, Richard Conte and Lainie Kazan. 93 min.

The Naked Runner(1967) VHS
Furniture designer and expert marksman Frank Sinatra meets one of his wartime pals, now an agent for the British Intelligence Agency, who tries to get Sinatra to shoot an agent defecting to Russia. Sinatra decides to only deliver a letter for his friend, but after the assignment, he discovers that his son has been mysteriously kidnapped. Peter Vaughan co-stars in this espionage yarn. 104 min.

Dirty Dingus Magee(1970) VHS
Slapstick sagebrusher starring Frank Sinatra as a rascally outlaw in all sorts of trouble in 1880s New Mexico. After robbing George Kennedy, Sinatra finds himself in jail, involved with an Indian maiden and pursued by female sheriff Anne Jackson and a tribe of Indians. With Lois Nettleton, Jack Elam; co-written by Joseph Heller ("Catch-22"). 91 min.

The First Deadly Sin(1980) VHS
In his final starring film role, Frank Sinatra excels as a veteran New York homicide detective who must cope with two crises on the eve of his retirement: a case involving a series of violent random murders and his ailing wife's hospitalization. With Faye Dunaway, Brenda Vaccaro; look quickly for Bruce Willis in his screen debut. 112 min.

Frank Sinatra: They Were Very Good Years VHS
This five-part tape offers a compelling and fun-filled overview of the career of the "Chairman of the Board." Included are "The Bobby Sox Years," "The Hollywood Years," "Hollywood: The Second Time Around," "The Swinging Years" and "The Vintage Years." It's all presented with clips, interviews with such pals as Sammy Davis, Jr. and others, and archival footage. 300 min. total.

Frank Sinatra Memorial VHS
It's a Sinatra celebration with this special tribute program that features Frank in vintage concert clips and rare TV interview footage, along with scenes from his film career and remembrances by such friends and colleagues as Tony Bennett, Joey Bishop, Ernest Borgnine, Quincy Jones, Debbie Reynolds and many more. 60 min.

Sinatra: A Passionate Life VHS
Whether it was on the concert stage, the big screen or television, Frank Sinatra hit the heights of show business success and became an entertainment legend. This nostalgic, music-filled documentary lets you relive the Sinatra magic through rare photographs, film clips, interviews with friends and colleagues and more. 50 min.

Rat Pack's Las Vegas VHS
This entertaining program revisits the glory days of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and company, when their "Rat Pack" made the now-gone Sands Hotel its official stomping ground in Las Vegas, spending many fun-filled days and nights there. Rare performances culled from Kennedy-era film clips display the wild times and features the friends at their best. 60 min.

The Rat Pack VHS
This four-tape look at the famous Rat Pack includes rare footage, home movies and live performances of the coolest cats in show biz history. See how Sinatra, Martin, Davis, Lawford, Bishop and their cronies turned Las Vegas into their playground and learn what made them tick from such pals as Janet Leigh, Milton Berle and Jerry Lewis. It's money, baby! 200 min. total.

The Frank Sinatra Gift Set VHS
"Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" with a gift-giving dilemma? How about this collector's set featuring the Chairman in two of his finest films, "From Here to Eternity" and "Pal Joey"?

The Frank Sinatra Thriller Collection VHS
It's Sinatra and suspense in "The First Deadly Sin," "The Man with the Golden Arm" and "None But the Brave."

Higher And Higher(1943) VHS
Frank Sinatra made his film acting debut in this spry musical comedy about a broke aristocrat who tries to marry off his daughter into money. Leon Errol, Jack Haley, Victor Borge and Michele Morgan co-star. Songs include "You Belong in a Love Song," "A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening," "The Music Stopped," and more. 90 min.

Step Lively(1944) VHS
A lively musical remake of "Room Service" has young playwright Frank Sinatra trying to get back money he loaned to a hot-shot producer. Gloria DeHaven, Anne Jeffreys, Walter Slezak, George Murphy. Songs include "Some Other Time," "As Long as There's Music," "Where Does Love Begin?," and more. 88 min.

It Happened In Brooklyn(1947) VHS
Delightful musical charmer stars Frank Sinatra as a GI returning to his Brooklyn stamping grounds with dreams of making it in show-biz, Kathryn Grayson as the neighborhood teacher he falls for, and Peter Lawford as the snobby songwriter out to help Frank. With Jimmy Durante and Gloria Grahame; songs include "Time After Time," "Brooklyn Bridge." 104 min.

The Kissing Bandit(1948) VHS
Musical adventure with Frank Sinatra as the son of a notorious California outlaw who follows in his father's bootsteps, becoming an hombre with a thing for smooching and tending to his inn. Kathryn Grayson also stars; Ricardo Montalban, Ann Miller and Cyd Charisse make special appearances. Songs include "Love Is Where You Find It" and "Senorita." 102 min.

Meet Danny Wilson(1952) VHS
In one of his best performances, Frank Sinatra plays a talented but luckless singer who gets into trouble with a shady nightclub owner (Raymond Burr) and a sexy singer (Shelley Winters) he and his piano-playing partner (Alex Nicol) have fallen for. Tommy Farrell co-stars; Tony Curtis appears in an early role. Songs include "When You're Smiling" and "I've Got a Crush on You." 88 min.

High Society(1956) VHS
Grace Kelly's last film was this lively musical remake of "The Philadelphia Story," with Grace (appropriately) as the Main Line gal who must choose between Bing Crosby and John Lund. Frank Sinatra, Celeste Holm and Louis Armstrong co-star; Cole Porter score includes "True Love," "Did You Evah?," "You're Sensational" and a Movies Unlimited catalog department favorite, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" 107 min.

Pal Joey(1957) VHS
Frank Sinatra is the womanizing nightclub singer caught between his attraction to chorus girl Kim Novak and rich socialite Rita Hayworth in Rodgers and Hart's classic musical. Score includes "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered," "The Lady Is a Tramp," "My Funny Valentine." 111 min.

Can-Can(1960) VHS
Any musical denounced during filming by Khrushchev as being "immoral" can't be all bad! Shirley MacLaine is the Gay Paree nightclub owner charged with indecency, and Frank Sinatra is the lawyer who defends, and falls in love with, her. Maurice Chevalier, Louis Jourdan co-star. Lively Cole Porter score includes "I Love Paris," "Let's Do It," "C'est Magnifique." 131 min.

Robin And The Seven Hoods(1964) VHS
The last of the "Rat Pack" films is set in Roaring Twenties Chicago, and Sinatra and crew play garrulous gangsters who rob from the rich and give to the poor...and themselves. Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Bing Crosby, Peter Falk co-star; great score includes "My Kind of Town." 103 min.

The Frank Sinatra Collection VHS
Well, did you evah? A boxed collector's set featuring "The Voice" in three of his best screen musicals: "Anchors Aweigh," "High Society" and "On the Town," and it saves you money, to boot.

The Frank Sinatra Collection VHS
Two shows from the crooner's 1958 flirtation with series TV include a Chesterfield-sponsored episode starring British singer Jeanne Carson and funnyman Jesse White, and a Bulova presentation with Ethel Merman. 60 min.

The Frank Sinatra Collection VHS
The best shows from Frankie's '50s TV career have been assembled in this 10-tape boxed set. Along with eight episodes from Sinatra's half-hour variety show, with such special guest stars as Dagmar, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis, Jr., Elvis Presley, Lena Horne, Jack Benny, Jackie Gleason, Dean Martin and Bing Crosby, you'll also get a 1954 "Colgate Comedy Hour" rendition of "Anything Goes," with Sinatra, Ethel Merman and Bert Lahr, and the documentary "Hollywood Remembers Frank Sinatra." 8 hrs. total.

The Frank Sinatra Show, Vol. 1 VHS
Frankie sings, dances and laughs it up with '50s blonde bombshell Dagmar in this entertaining episode from his live musical variety show, telecast from New York. 60 min.

The Frank Sinatra Show, Vol. 3 VHS
It's "music, music, music" when Dean Martin and Bing Crosby visit with Frank in an early "Rat Pack" gathering, with distaff charm provided by special guest Mitzi Gaynor.

The Frank Sinatra Show, Vol. 4 VHS
Serviceman Elvis Presley is welcomed back to America in this special tribute. Along with a duet from Elvis and Frank, there's music by Sammy Davis, Jr. and Nancy Sinatra, comedy with Joey Bishop, and more.

The Frank Sinatra Show, Vol. 5 VHS
The theme for this episode is "A Toast to the Ladies," and among the women sharing the stage with Frank here are Lena Horne, Juliet Prowse, Barbara Heller and special guest star Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Frank Sinatra Show, Vol. 6 VHS
There's plenty of music and comedy in store when Sinatra welcomes the one and only Jack Benny to his show (although not, we hope, to play the violin). 60 min.

A Hole In The Head [DVD](1959) DVD
Fine family favorite stars Frank Sinatra as a head-in-the-clouds Florida hotelier who's trying to keep from losing his business and his 12-year-old son. Able support from Edward G. Robinson, Thelma Ritter, Eleanor Parker and Eddie Hodges under Frank Capra's direction; includes the Oscar-winning song "High Hopes." 120 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English Dolby mono, French mono, Spanish mono; Subtitles: French, Spanish; theatrical trailer.

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Frank Sinatra (with Microphone)
William Gottlieb
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