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The Caine Mutiny (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

The Happiest Millionaire (Road Show Edition) VHS
Available in a two-tape version that features 20 minutes of additional footage, including the theatrical overture and intermission. 164 min.

Tee Vee Treasures, Vol. 2 VHS
The emphasis here is on comedy, and featured is the ``Jack Benny Show'' episode ``The Jam Session,'' guest-starring Fred MacMurray, Dan Dailey, Dick Powell, and Kirk Douglas. 120 min.

The Miracle Of The Bells (Color Version) VHS
"That inspiring small-town drama with Frank Sinatra as a priest is now also available in color? It's a miracle!"

Alice Adams(1935) VHS
Katharine Hepburn is Booth Tarkington's irrepressible Alice Adams, a middle-class girl whose pretense of coming from wealth is forever being shattered by her family's graceless behavior. Fred MacMurray co-stars as her affluent intended; with Grady Sutton, Hattie McDaniel. George Stevens directs. 99 min.

Hands Across The Table(1935) VHS
Snappy screwball comedy starring Carole Lombard as a manicurist about to wed wealthy Ralph Bellamy for his fortune when penniless playboy Fred MacMurray walks into her life. Will Lombard and MacMurray, who's also about to marry for money, ditch their prospective spouses for true love? With Astrid Allwyn, Marie Prevost and William Demarest. 80 min.

The Princess Comes Across(1936) VHS
Wacky romantic comedy showcases Carole Lombard as a wannabe actress from New York posing as a Swedish socialite while on a transatlantic cruise. After falling for bandleader Fred MacMurray (who performs "My Concertina"), Lombard and her new flame become prime suspects in a passenger's murder. William Frawley, Sig Rumann co-star. 77 min.

The Texas Rangers(1936) VHS
One-time desperadoes Fred MacMurray and Jack Oakie go straight and join the Texas Rangers and their fight to uphold the law in Lone Star territory. When one of their former partners continues his outlaw ways, MacMurray and Oakie are called on to catch him. Lloyd Nolan, Jean Peter co-star; directed by King Vidor and released during the Texas Centennial celebrations. 99 min.

The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine(1936) VHS
An ongoing feud between clans in the hill country of Kentucky forms the backdrop for this early Technicolor drama starring Sylvia Sidney as the daughter of one family who falls for visiting railroad man Fred MacMurray, much to the consternation of Sidney's brother, Henry Fonda. Beulah Bondi, Fuzzy Knight and Spanky McFarland also star. 100 min.

Swing High, Swing Low(1937) VHS
Song-filled tale of showbiz ups and downs stars Carole Lombard as a singer who falls for trumpet player Fred MacMurray on a New York-to-Panama cruise and helps him become a star. When he's offered a gig back home, he leaves Lombard behind for the company of sultry Latin American singer Dorothy Lamour. With Anthony Quinn. 95 min.

My Love For Yours(1939) VHS
Dandy romantic comedy starring Fred MacMurray as a man who thinks he can get tough, career-minded Madeleine Carroll to fall in love with him. Entanglements ensue when Carroll gets cold feet after they begin dating--she heads to Nassau and MacMurray goes to Bali to marry his boss's daughter. Allan Jones, Akim Tamiroff co-star. AKA: "Honeymoon in Bali." 95 min.

Remember The Night(1940) VHS
Breezy mix of comedy, drama and romance stars Barbara Stanwyck as a woman picked up in New York for shoplifting right before Christmas. No-nonsense D.A. Fred MacMurray agrees to have fellow Hoosier Stanwyck released in his custody so they can go home to Indiana for the holidays, and love blooms along the way. With Beulah Bondi, Willard Robertson; scripted by Preston Sturges. 94 min.

Dive Bomber(1941) VHS
In order to better understand the problems faced by high-altitude combat fliers, armed forces surgeon Errol Flynn goes through the rigors of pilot training in this fine war-themed drama made shortly before America's entry into World War II. With Ralph Bellamy, Fred MacMurray, Alexis Smith. 130 min.

Star Spangled Rhythm(1942) VHS
A parade of Hollywood's biggest stars were enlisted for this tuneful comedy starring Eddie Bracken as a sailor who brings his pals to Paramount Studios to meet his father, a guard and one-time cowboy star now posing as a movie honcho. Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton, Bob Hope, Alan Ladd, Mary Martin, Dick Powell and Victor Moore lead the cast; songs include "Hit the Road to Dreamland." 100 min.

Above Suspicion(1943) VHS
Crackerjack spy thriller with Joan Crawford and Fred MacMurray as British agents posing as a honeymooning couple in 1939 Europe who stay one step ahead of the Gestapo while trying to locate plans for a secret Nazi mine. Reginald Owen, Conrad Veidt and Basil Rathbone also star. 90 min.

Double Indemnity(1944) VHS
A masterpiece of film noir cinema from director Billy Wilder, who also co-scripted with Raymond Chandler. Barbara Stanwyck is the definitive femme fatale who lures insurance salesman Fred MacMurray into a twisting plot of murder. Edward G. Robinson co-stars. 107 min.

The Egg And I(1947) VHS
City-bred Claudette Colbert gets more than she bargains for when she marries chicken farmer Fred MacMurray and moves to the country. All-time favorite barnyard comedy, based on Betty McDonald's book, also introduced Ma and Pa Kettle, played by Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride. 108 min.

Singapore(1947) VHS
Fred MacMurray is an American sailor who returns to Singapore near the end of World War II and gets involved with pearl smuggling. While being pursued by hoodlums in search of the priceless pearls he hid in a hotel during the war, MacMurray discovers that wife Ava Gardner, whom he presumed to be dead, is alive with amnesia. Later remade as "Istanbul." 80 min.

On Our Merry Way(1948) VHS
An all-star cast is featured in this unusual comedic anthology. To prove to wife Paulette Goddard that he's his newspaper's "Inquiring Reporter," ad clerk Burgess Meredith asks people how a child has influenced their life. The respondents are jazzmen Henry Fonda and James Stewart, who tried to win a rigged small-town talent show; movie star Dorothy Lamour, who lampoons her "sarong girl" image; and would-be "kidnappers" Fred MacMurray and William Demarest. Directed by King Vidor, Leslie Fenton, and an uncredited John Huston and George Stevens. AKA: "A Miracle Can Happen." 107 min.

The Miracle Of The Bells(1948) VHS
Frank Sinatra, in an unusual role as a priest, helps press agent Fred MacMurray learn about a beautiful young actress after her untimely death. Also stars Valli and Lee J. Cobb. Anniversary package includes a reproduction of the theatrical lobby card. 120 min.

Father Was A Fullback(1949) VHS
College football coach Fred MacMurray has to cope with both a losing team that has angry alumni on his back and two daughters with boy problems in this warm and funny comedy. Maureen O'Hara, Betty Lynn, Natalie Wood, Rudy Vallee and Thelma Ritter also star. 84 min.

Borderline(1950) VHS
Fred MacMurray and Claire Trevor are drug agents fighting smugglers at the Mexican border, yet each unsure they can trust the other, in this drama. Co-stars Raymond Burr, Roy Roberts. 105 min.

The Caine Mutiny(1954) VHS
Electrifying performances by Humphrey Bogart, Jose Ferrer, Van Johnson and Fred MacMurray highlight this drama of naval officers who mutiny against a psychotic captain and are placed on trial. Based on the award-winning novel by Herman Wouk; nominated for four Academy Awards. 125 min.

Woman's World(1954) VHS
Corporate politics, as seen through the eyes of the wives of three auto executives brought to New York to vie for a sales manager position, is the theme of this glossy melodrama. The all-star cast includes Clifton Webb, Lauren Bacall, Fred MacMurray, June Allyson, Cornel Wilde, Arlene Dahl and Van Heflin; theme song performed by Philadelphia's own Four Aces. 94 min.

Good Day For A Hanging(1958) VHS
Fine sagebrush drama starring Fred MacMurray as a sheriff whose capture of wanted criminal Robert Vaughn elicits an unexpected response from the townspeople: they rally to the young outlaw's defense and believe MacMurray's tactics are too tough. Maggie Hayes, James Drury and Joan Blackman also star. 85 min. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: Columbia Tristar Home Video. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: B.

The Shaggy Dog(1959) VHS
Thanks to a magical ring, a teenager is transformed into a sheepdog and has to perform an act of bravery in order to change back in this doggone funny film, Disney's first live-action comedy. Fred MacMurray, Tommy Kirk, Annette Funicello, Jean Hagen star. 104 min.

The Apartment(1960) VHS
Billy Wilder's acerbic look at corporate life stars Jack Lemmon as an ambitious exec who lets his bosses use his bachelor pad for their trysts. Shirley MacLaine, Fred MacMurray, Jack Kruschen also star; winner of five Oscars, including Best Picture, Director and Screenplay. 125 min. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

The Absent-Minded Professor (Color Version)(1961) VHS
One of the most popular of Disney's live-action films was this whimsical comedy. Fred MacMurray stars as the addled academian who invents a miraculous anti-gravity substance he calls "flubber" and uses it to propel his school's basketball team to victory and send his Model T on a flight around Washington. With Nancy Olson, Keenan Wynn, Tommy Kirk. 97 min.

Son Of Flubber(1963) VHS
The first sequel made by the Disney studio returns Fred MacMurray to the role of addled academician Ned Brainard. Among the crazy creations he comes up with to save his college are "flubbergas," a "dry rain" gun, and more. With Nancy Olson, Keenan Wynn, Tommy Kirk. 100 min.

Kisses For My President(1964) VHS
Funny farce starring Polly Bergen as the first female Chief Executive and Fred MacMurray as her "first man." Can their marriage survive the unusual situation, political pressures and South American dictator Eli Wallach's advances towards Bergen? With Arlene Dahl, Edward Andrews. 113 min.

The Happiest Millionaire(1967) VHS
The last Disney film to be overseen by Walt himself, this lively musical follows the exploits of the rich, eccentric Biddle family, whose lavish home contains live alligators and a Bible-and-boxing school, in 1916 Philadelphia. Fred MacMurray, Greer Garson, Geraldine Page, Tommy Steele and, in their screen debuts, John Davidson and Lesley Ann Warren. The Sherman Brothers ("Mary Poppins") score includes "I'll Always Be Irish," "Let's Have a Drink on It" and "Fortuosity." 144 min.

The Swarm(1978) VHS
A spectacular drama of nature turning against humanity, as millions of killer bees attack the United States. Michael Caine, Katharine Ross, Richard Widmark, Richard Chamberlain, Henry Fonda and Olivia de Havilland head the all-star cast in this Irwin Allen production. Extended video version; 155 min.

Fred MacMurray: The Guy Next Door(2000) VHS
While Baby Boomers know him primarily as a Disney film star and the pipe-smoking dad on "My Three Sons," Fred MacMurray was a versatile actor who went from song-and-dance man to dramatic lead. Clips from such films as "Double Indemnity," "The Caine Mutiny" and "The Apartment" and interviews with Jack Lemmon, Billy Wilder and Beverly Garland are featured in this video tribute narrated by daughter Kate MacMurray. 50 min.

Borderline [DVD](1950) DVD
The Caine Mutiny [DVD](1954) DVD
The Happiest Millionaire [DVD](1968) DVD
The Swarm [DVD](1978) DVD
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