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Road Trip (R-Rated Version) VHS
Also available in an edited, R-rated edition. 94 min.

Short Cuts (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Silkwood (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

The Player (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Ginger In The Morning(1973) VHS
Sissy Spacek is Ginger, a free-spirited young girl whose involvement with a conservative, middle-aged divorced man (Monte Markham) leads to troubles both touching and funny. Susan Oliver also stars. 90 min.

Ginger In The Morning(1973) VHS
Sissy Spacek is Ginger, a free-spirited young girl whose involvement with a conservative, middle-aged divorced man (Monte Markham) leads to troubles both touching and funny. Susan Oliver also stars. 90 min. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: Continental Video. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: B.

Escape From Alcatraz(1979) VHS
Don Siegel directs this actioner based on the true story of the 1962 breakout from the "escape-proof" island prison. Clint Eastwood, Patrick McGoohan, Fred Ward star; look quickly for Danny Glover. 112 min.

Carny(1980) VHS
Overlooked drama of everyday life in a travelling carnival, filled with wonderful moments and offbeat characters. Teenage runaway Jodie Foster joins the show and becomes involved with clown Gary Busey and carny boss Robbie Robertson. Meg Foster, Kenneth McMillan co-star. 106 min.

Noon Wine(1980) VHS
A Swedish immigrant travels to America with hopes of a new life, but finds new problems in a small Texas town. Fred Ward and Lise Hilboldt star in this Katherine Anne Porter story. 50 min.

Southern Comfort(1981) VHS
Weekend maneuvers for a group of National Guardsmen in Louisiana's bayou country turn into a violent fight for survival when they rouse the ire of local Cajun hunters who come after them with guns that, unlike the Guardsmen's, contain live ammo. Powers Boothe, Keith Carradine, Fred Ward and Peter Coyote star; directed by Walter Hill. 106 min.

Silkwood(1983) VHS
Acclaimed biodrama of Karen Silkwood, who died in a mysterious accident in 1974 after threatening to expose unsafe conditions at the Oklahoma nuclear supply plant where she worked. Meryl Streep shines in the title role, supported by Kurt Russell, Cher, Craig T. Nelson, Fred Ward and Ron Silver, in this gripping Mike Nichols film. 131 min.

The Right Stuff(1983) VHS
Spectacular adventure of the birth of the Space Age and America's Mercury astronauts combines sweeping action, humor and human drama. Sam Shepard, Scott Glenn, Ed Harris, Barbara Hershey and Dennis Quaid star; written and directed by Phil Kaufman from Tom Wolfe's novel. 192 min.

The Right Stuff (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1983) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

Timerider(1983) VHS
Lyle Swann is a motorcycle racer who suddenly finds himself in the wild, wild West, encountering nasty villains and a beautiful girl. Family fantasy stars Peter Coyote, L.Q. Jones, Belinda Bauer; Michael Nesmith wrote the story and the music. 94 min.

Uncommon Valor(1983) VHS
Gene Hackman, Robert Stack, Patrick Swayze and boxing star Randal "Tex" Cobb star in this action-packed drama about a special team sent to post-war Vietnam to rescue U.S. soldiers declared Missing in Action. 105 min.

Swing Shift(1984) VHS
When World War II breaks out, housewife Goldie Hawn joins thousands of other women on an airplane factory assembly line. Her offbeat love affair with Kurt Russell, new friends and experiences on the line make this a funny, poignant film. Christine Lahti, Ed Harris, Fred Ward, Holly Hunter co-star; Jonathan Demme directs. 100 min.

Saigon: Year Of The Cat(1985) VHS
Director Stephen Frears ("Dangerous Liaisons") and writer David Hare ("Plenty") create a vivid drama set in the final days before the fall of Saigon in 1975, with Frederic Forrest as an American official trying to convince his superiors of an imminent invasion. With E.G. Marshall, Judi Dench, Wallace Shawn. 106 min.

Secret Admirer(1985) VHS
A passionate unsigned love letter sets off a hilarious chain of events as it gets delivered again and again...but to all the wrong people! Romantic comedy of mistaken delivery stars C. Thomas Howell, Lori Loughlin, Kelly Preston, Cliff De Young. 98 min.

Big Business(1988) VHS
Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin are twice as funny than ever before, as they play two sets of mismatched twins who find themselves on opposite sides of a corporation's fight to take over their rural hometown. Fast-paced farce also stars Edward Herrmann, Fred Ward. 97 min.

Off Limits(1988) VHS
How do you find a murderer in the middle of a country at war? That's the problem Army policemen Willem Dafoe and Gregory Hines face as they search the streets of Saigon for the killer of prostitutes in this high-tension blend of combat action and suspense. With Amanda Pays, Scott Glenn, Fred Ward. 102 min.

The Prince Of Pennsylvania(1988) VHS
Quirky and captivating comedy-drama casts Keanu Reeves as an aimless young man who wants more from life than his coal town existence can give...and concocts a bizarre plan for busting out. Fractured, fetching sample of Americana with fine turns by Amy Madigan, Fred Ward, Bonnie Bedelia. 93 min.

Henry & June(1990) VHS
The steamy and sensual film that helped revamp Hollywood's ratings system, Philip Kaufman's biodrama looks at the artistic and romantic triangle that developed between "Tropic of Cancer" author Henry Miller, his wife June, and French writer Anais Nin in `30s Paris. Fred Ward, Uma Thurman, Maria de Madeiros and Kevin Spacey star. Uncut, NC-17 version; 136 min.

Miami Blues(1990) VHS
This energetic actioner laced with comedy stars Alec Baldwin as a smooth-talking and mentally disturbed hood who "borrows" the badge of scruffy detective Fred Ward and sets out on a violent campaign against criminals, but manages to launch his own crime spree in the process. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays Baldwin's hooker girlfriend. 97 min. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: Orion Home Video. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: B.

Tremors(1990) VHS
Giant mutant sandworms attack a group of people from below ground in a Southwestern desert town in this creepy crawler horror-comedy produced by Gale Anne Hurd ("Aliens"). Fred Ward, Kevin Bacon, Michael Gross and Reba McEntire are among the brave souls up to their necks in tunneling trouble. 96 min.

Cast A Deadly Spell(1991) VHS
Set in a '40s Los Angeles where magic and monsters are commonplace, this fascinating film mixes the best of film noir with horror. Private eye Phillip Lovecraft (Fred Ward) battles a gangster, his zombie assistant and other creatures while on the trail of a book with mystical powers. David Warner, Julianne Moore, Clancy Brown co-star. 93 min.

Bob Roberts(1992) VHS
A timely satire of '90s politics and Yuppie conservatism from writer/director Tim Robbins, who stars in the title role of a right wing folksinger and senatorial candidate who mixes Bob Dylan with William F. Buckley and uses the TV cameras following him on the campaign trail to his own advantage. Ray Wise, Gore Vidal and Giancarlo Esposito also star, with cameos from several of Robbins' Hollywood cronies. 102 min.

The Player(1992) VHS
Scathing satire of contemporary Hollywood, scripted by Michael Tolkin from his novel and directed by Robert Altman, stars Tim Robbins as a hot shot studio executive attempting to find an angry screenwriter who has been sending him death threats. His search leads him into a world of romance, murder and "high-concept vehicles" for Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis. With Greta Scacchi, Whoopi Goldberg, Cynthia Stevenson, Lyle Lovett, Fred Ward and dozens of cameos. 123 min.

Thunderheart(1992) VHS
A slick FBI agent of Native-American descent investigates a murder that occurred on a Sioux reservation in South Dakota. Joined by a tribal policeman and a veteran FBI operative, the agent gets closer to the killer, as well as his own heritage. Val Kilmer, Sam Shepard and Graham Greene star in this thriller inspired by the events depicted in the documentary "Incident at Oglala." 119 min.

Short Cuts(1993) VHS
Inspired by the writings of Raymond Carver, Robert Altman's magnificent mosaic of Southern California life interweaves the funny, touching and dramatic stories of 22 characters. The ensemble cast includes Bruce Davison, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Andie MacDowell, Matthew Modine, Julianne Moore, Chris Penn, Tim Robbins, Madeleine Stowe, Lily Tomlin, Tom Waits and Jack Lemmon. 189 min.

Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult(1994) VHS
A retired Leslie Nielsen is pulled back onto the force when a terrorist threatens to bomb the Academy Awards show. The laughs are non-stop, as Nielsen bumbles his way in and out of trouble, while filmmakers "ZAZ" and company spoof "The Untouchables," "White Heat" and "Thelma and Louise." With George Kennedy, Priscilla Presley, Fred Ward, O.J. Simpson and Anna Nicole Smith. 83 min.

Two Small Bodies(1994) VHS
In this sexually-charged two-character drama directed by underground filmmaker Beth B, Fred Ward plays a gruff detective who questions single mother and strip club hostess Suzy Amis about the two children she has reported missing. The interrogation leads both people to face their feelings about sex, death, feminism and fantasy. 85 min.

Chain Reaction(1996) VHS
High-octane thriller stars Keanu Reeves as a member of a Chicago university scientific team that's developed a cheap, pollution-free energy source. When the lab is attacked and Reeves framed for the murder of project head Morgan Freeman, he and fellow researcher Rachel Wiecz must flee from federal agents as they try to break the sinister conspiracy trying to obtain their invention. 107 min.

Tremors 2: Aftershocks(1996) VHS
When Mexican oil fields are attacked by the burrowing behemoths from the original thriller, veteran "wormhands" Fred Ward and Michael Gross return to take on the creatures, but these worms have a surprising "turn" in store for them. Slithery sequel to the slam-bang cult fave also stars Helen Shaver, Christopher Gartin. 95 min.

Dangerous Beauty(1997) VHS
Catherine McCormack ("Braveheart") stars in this lavish and sensual drama based on the real-life story of Veronica Franco, who used her looks and body to become part of society in Renaissance Venice. With Rufus Sewell, Oliver Platt, Moira Kelly, and Jacqueline Bisset as McCormack's scheming mother. 112 min.

Dangerous Beauty (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1997) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

Forgotten City(1997) VHS
Stockbroker James Wheeler (Robert Patrick) wishes he'd registered at Crate and Barrel when the antique tray he gets as a gift from his brother turns out to be the key to a lost Mayan civilization. Soon, he's fighting off sickness, archeologists and Fred Ward during an action-packed race to the lost city. Will its treasures be worth the risk? 96 min.

Best Men(1998) VHS
Offbeat comedy with action and dramatic elements tells of a group of friends heading to a wedding who are caught in the middle of a showdown with police when one of the pals--an ex-con--decides to rob a bank. Wild events soon unfold when the bride-to-be arrives on the scene. Dean Cain, Andy Dick, Luke Wilson, Sean Patrick Flanery and Drew Barrymore star. 89 min.

Circus(2000) VHS
The double-crosses fly fast and furious in this British crime thriller which finds con artist couple John Hannah and Famke Janssen in a murder-for-hire scheme that leads to blackmail. Meanwhile, local crime boss Brian Conley hatches an elaborate swindle involving his legit shipping business, and American bank robber Fred Ward comes looking for revenge on ex-lover Janssen. With Amanda Donohoe, Eddie Izzard, Tiny Lister. 95 min.

Full Disclosure(2000) VHS
Fred Ward gets the story of his life when his editor asks him to safeguard a beautiful fugitive at the request of a group of radicals he helped send to prison for bombing an ROTC center. Little does Ward know that the fugitive is actually a Palestinian operative, and he soon finds himself pursued by FBI agent Christopher Plummer and assassin Penelope Ann Miller. With Rachel Ticotin, Virginia Madsen. 137 min.

Road Trip (Unrated Version)(2000) VHS
Outrageous road romp about an underachieving college student in upstate New York whose wild romp with an attractive classmate has been videotaped and accidentally sent to his girlfriend in Texas. Now he and his party-loving campus pals are off on a wild cross-country trip to intercept the tape. Breckin Meyer, DJ Qualls, Amy Smart and Tom Green star. Special unrated video edition includes footage not seen in theatres. 94 min.

The Crimson Code(2000) VHS
Someone is turning the table on the country's most infamous serial killers, systematically and gruesomely murdering them one by one. A veteran FBI agent is called upon to find out who's preying on the predators, but is not certain whom he can trust, in this gripping thriller. Patrick Muldoon, Cathy Moriarty, C. Thomas Howell and Fred Ward star. AKA: "Red Team." 90 min.

The Crow: Salvation(2000) VHS
The third film installment in the popular series features Eric Mabius as a man who returns from the dead after being executed on his 21st birthday for the brutal stabbing death of his girlfriend. While searching for the real culprit, Mabius joins forces with Kirsten Dunst, his girlfriend's sister, and their quest leads to a conspiracy within the police department. Fred Ward, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe and William Atherton also star. 102 min.

Corky Romano(2001) VHS
"Saturday Night Live" star Chris Kattan is an inept veterinary assistant who agrees to pose as an FBI agent in order to recover damaging evidence against dad Peter Falk, whose landscaping business is, unknown to Kattan, a front for Mafia activity. But when Kattan's klutziness inadvertently makes him a top agent, he's forced to choose between his family and his newfound success in this slapstick comic romp. With Vinessa Shaw, Chris Penn, Richard Roundtree. 86 min.

Joe Dirt(2001) VHS
David Spade is the lead character, a stuck-in-the '70s radio station janitor who tells his sad and silly life story on the air to shock jock Dennis Miller. Spade talks about being abandoned by his trailer trash parents at the Grand Canyon at age 8, his less-than-hip mullet hairstyle (he claims it's a wig that was stapled onto his head in infancy) and his unlucky love life. Brittany Daniel, Kid Rock, Adam Beach, Jaime Pressly and Erik Per Sullivan co-star. 91 min.

Summer Catch(2001) VHS
Freddie Prinze, Jr. is a talented left-handed pitcher from Massachusetts who cuts lawns during the summer for father Fred Ward and spends his spare time playing for the Chatham A's in the Cape Cod Summer League. While Prinze tries to reopen the road to the pros after a meltdown in college following his mother's death, he falls for beautiful, rich local girl Jessica Biel. With Matthew Lillard, Bruce Davison, Brian Dennehy, and cameos from several current and former major leaguers (including Hank Aaron and Dick Allen). 104 min.

Wild Iris(2001) VHS
When her husband commits suicide, young widow Laura Linney is forced to move in with domineering mother Gena Rowlands. The two women clash constantly, driving Linney to alcoholism and trapping her teenage son in the middle of it all. Emile Hirsch and Fred Ward co-star. 92 min.

Enough(2002) VHS
Exciting thriller stars Jennifer Lopez as a working-class woman who discovers that seemingly perfect husband Billy Campbell is cheating on her. After confronting the philanderer, Lopez is brutally beaten and flees with their daughter. While Campell tries to track down the pair, Lopez becomes determined to fight back and reclaim her life. Noah Wyle and Juliette Lewis co-star. 116 min.

Sweet Home Alabama(2002) VHS
Hot New York fashion designer Reese Witherspoon is about to marry handsome mayor's son Patrick Dempsey. Before the wedding, however, she must take care of a skeleton in her closet by getting a divorce from hayseed hubby Josh Lucas. But when Witherspoon heads back to the Alabama town she's shunned for years, she has to face parents Fred Ward and Mary Kay Place, old friends and Lucas, who's in no rush to sign the divorce papers. Jean Smart and Ethan Embry also star in this romantic comedy. 109 min.

Cardiac Arrest [DVD](1980) DVD
The Right Stuff [DVD](1983) DVD
Secret Admirer [DVD](1985) DVD
Big Business [DVD](1988) DVD
Backtrack [DVD](1989) DVD
Henry & June [DVD](1990) DVD
Miami Blues [DVD](1990) DVD
Tremors (Special Edition) [DVD](1990) DVD
The Player [DVD](1992) DVD
Thunderheart [DVD](1992) DVD
Tremors 2: Aftershocks [DVD](1996) DVD
...First Do No Harm [DVD](1997) DVD
Dangerous Beauty [DVD](1997) DVD
Best Men [DVD](1998) DVD
Circus [DVD](2000) DVD
Road Trip (Unrated Version) [DVD](2000) DVD
Corky Romano [DVD](2001) DVD
Joe Dirt [DVD](2001) DVD
Summer Catch [DVD](2001) DVD
Enough [DVD](2002) DVD
Sweet Home Alabama [DVD](2002) DVD
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (VHS)
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