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City Hunter (Dubbed Version) VHS
Also available in a dubbed-in-English edition.

American Streetfighter I & II (1991/1992) [DVD] DVD
Standard; Soundtrack: English AC-3; movie factoids; scene access.

Ring Of Fire [DVD](1991) DVD
A kickboxing marvel has broken away from the gang wars of Los Angeles' Chinatown, but a rivalry between two clans pulls him back to the brutal and violent world he thought he had left. Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Maria Ford and Vince Murdocco star in this furious, full-contact fightathon! Standard; Soundtrack: English stereo; production notes; biographies; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Ring Of Fire II: Blood And Steel(1992) VHS
Kickboxer extraordinaire Don Wilson is back in this action-loaded sequel, as a young doctor's fiancee is kidnapped by gang members whom he witnessed robbing a bank. Unable to get help from the police, the doctor calls on his martial arts skills and his old gang allies for help. With Maria Ford, Sy Richardson. 94 min.

City Hunter [DVD](1992) DVD
Hired by a newspaper publisher to find his missing daughter, private eye Jackie Chan locates her on board a cruise ship that's about to be seized by a group of crooks planning to hold the wealthy passengers for ransom. Based on a popular Japanese comic book, this light-hearted action tale features a wild video game sequence with Chan playing the characters from "Streetfighter II." With Joey Wong, Richard Norton, Gary Daniels, Chingmy Yau. 98 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: Cantonese 5.1, Mandarin; Subtitles: English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai, Spanish; filmographies; theatrical trailers; scene access.

Firepower(1993) VHS
High-octane futuristic actioner set in a hellish L.A. neighborhood where crime is legal and no lawman dares enter, until two cops put their lives on the line in order to track down a gang boss known as the Swordsman, who plans to release a counterfeit AIDS vaccine across America. Chad McQueen, Gary Daniels and former pro wrestler Jim Hellwig (The Ultimate Warrior) star.

Heatseeker(1995) VHS
In this knockdown, drag-'em-out, sci-fi martial arts marathon set in New America in 2019, human fighter Chance O'Brien must risk death to fight against Xao, a cyborg high-kicker, after his fiancee-trainer is kidnapped. Keith Cooke, Thom Mathews, Norbert Weisser and Gary E. Daniels star. 91 min.

Hawk's Vengeance [DVD](1996) DVD
Heavyweight kickboxing champ Gary Daniels flies high in this action-packed thriller about a lieutenant in the British Royal Marines out for revenge against the savage gang responsible for his stepbrother's death. With Jayne Heitmeyer, Cass Magda. 96 min.

Fist Of The North Star [DVD](1996) DVD
There's bone-crunching action galore in this live-action sci-fi thriller based on the popular Japanese comic book and cartoon series. Amid the remains of a barbaric future Earth, a young warrior named Kenshiro must confront his mystical destiny as he fights to save his kidnapped girlfriend. Gary Daniels, Costas Mandylor, Isako Washio and Malcolm McDowell star. 90 min.

Bloodmoon(1997) VHS
A detective teams up with a "mindhunter" who aids the police in tracking down serial killers in order to capture a demented murderer terrorizing New York City in this thriller loaded with action and suspense. Gary Daniels, Chuck Jeffries, Nina Repeta and Frank Gorshin star. 105 min.

Pocket Ninjas(1997) VHS
Three young, roller-skating martial arts students join together to take on nasty gangleader Cobra Kahn, who's out to control the entire city. Lots of fierce fighting and wacky hijinks take place in this family-styled actioner starring Robert Z'Dar and Gary Daniels. 94 min.

Spoiler [DVD](1997) DVD
Futuristic tale of Roger Mason, an innocent man wrongly imprisoned and on the lam. Considered to be a dangerous fugitive or "spoiler," Mason must search for his estranged daughter while avoiding ruthless bounty hunters seeking to freeze him in suspended animation. Gary Daniels, Meg Foster, Jeffrey Combs star. 101 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby stereo; Subtitles: Spanish: biographies.

Recoil(1998) VHS
When his investigation into a violent bank robbery leads him to a powerful crime ring, police detective Gary Daniels is just doing his job. But the job gets personal when the crooks target Daniels' wife and family, forcing him to seek vengeance any way he can. Supercharged actioner also stars Robin Curtis, Gregory A. McKinney. 96 min.

Cold Harvest [DVD](1998) DVD
In a post-apocalyptic world, a deadly disease has eradicated much of Earth's population. Seven people, called "sources," are believed to carry an antibody, and mankind's last hope for salvation. Now it's up to a bounty hunter and his sister-in-law to wage a desperate search for the sources before a megalomaniacal crimelord hunts them down in an attempt to rule the world. Gary Daniels, Barbara Crampton and Bryan Genesse star. 93 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby stereo; scene access; theatrical trailer.

No Tomorrow(1999) VHS
Rap star Master P directs and stars in this explosive action yarn in which criminal Gary Busey and shipping company worker Gary Daniels attempt to pull off a huge arms deal. Word gets out about the transaction in the underworld, and gangster Master P and FBI agent Pam Grier get involved in stopping the scheme. Jeff Fahey also stars. 99 min.

Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol [DVD](1999) DVD
When Middle Eastern terrorists capture members of a peacekeeping force and threaten to detonate a nuclear weapon, only the fighting men of Delta Force One can stage a daring rescue mission. High-octane actioner stars Gary Daniels, Bentley Mitchum, Mike Norris. 95 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish.

Fatal Blade [DVD](2000) DVD
After a deal between the Yakuza and an L.A. drug kingpin goes awry, the City of Angels becomes a war zone. The fierce assassin Domoto is dispatched by Japanese mobsters to settle the score while the violence escalates. When Domoto kills the partner of police detective Richard Fox, the lawman will prove that he's crazy for vengeance. Exciting martial arts tale stars Gary Daniels, Kiyoshi Nakajo, Cuba Gooding, Sr. AKA: "Gedo." 98 min.

Epicenter [DVD](2000) DVD
After stealing the specs for a new stealth fighter, a computer expert (Gary Daniels) is busted by a beautiful FBI agent (Traci Lords) before he can sell them to the Russians. Now, on their way to L.A., the two must contend with a devastating earthquake and Russian terrorists who are hot on their trail. Jeff Fahey co-stars. 96 min.

City Hunter(1992) VHS
Fist Of The North Star(1996) VHS
Hawk's Vengeance(1996) VHS
Spoiler(1998) VHS
Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol(1999) VHS
Fatal Blade(2000) VHS
Epicenter(2000) VHS
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