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Clint Eastwood: Out Of The Shadows VHS
He's torn up the wild West, patrolled the mean streets of San Francisco, and even gone into outer space. Follow the on-screen and off-screen life of Oscar-winning film icon Clint Eastwood in this retrospective documentary filled with film clips, archival material and interviews. Clint's "Unforgiven" co-star Morgan Freeman narrates. 87 min.

I Spy, Vol. 1 VHS
Robert Culp and Bill Cosby travelled around the globe as American espionage agents in this Emmy-winning series that ran on NBC from 1965 to 1968. In this volume Culp is infected with a deadly bacteria and has only 24 hours to receive an antidote in "Bet Me a Dollar." Next, the pair must protect a retired agent from a vengeful enemy in "Happy Birthday Everyone," guest starring Gene Hackman and Jim Backus. 100 min.

Hawaii(1966) VHS
Lush and atmospheric epic based on the James A. Michener novel chronicling the efforts of missionaries to bring "civilization" to the islanders in the 1820s. Stellar cast includes Julie Andrews, Max Von Sydow, Richard Harris, Gene Hackman, Jocelyn Lagarde, Carroll O'Connor. Newly restored version; 188 min.

Bonnie And Clyde(1967) VHS
"They're young, they're in love, they rob banks!" Arthur Penn's dramatic (if not totally accurate) depiction of the famed '30s criminal pair ushered in a new era in screen realism. Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, Michael J. Pollard, Gene Hackman and Best Supporting Actress Oscar-winner Estelle Parsons star; look for Gene Wilder. Includes original trailer; 111 min.

First To Fight(1967) VHS
Filmed at the height of the Vietnam War, this action-filled World War II drama stars Chad Everett as the tough, decorated Marine whose plans to settle down with his wife are derailed when he gets a patriotic urge and returns to the service. Fighting in the Pacific under tough sergeant Gene Hackman, Everett gets an opportunity to prove his heroism. With Dean Jagger. 98 min.

Marooned(1969) VHS
Science-fiction drama about a three-man team of American astronauts who are stranded in orbit 200 miles above the Earth when their ship's engines fail, and the desperate global race to rescue them. Gregory Peck, Gene Hackman, David Janssen and James Franciscus star. 134 min.

Downhill Racer(1969) VHS
Dazzling ski scenes spark this compelling character study of an egotistical small town skier (Robert Redford) who receives a chance for fame in the Olympics, only to discover the glory to be all too fleeting. Co-stars Gene Hackman, Camilla Sparv; Michael Ritchie's directorial debut. 102 min.

Riot(1969) VHS
A prison uprising and hostage-taking incident serves as camouflage for a daring escape plan in this gripping "big house" thriller from producer William Castle. Gene Hackman plays the mastermind of the siege, and Jim Brown is an inmate reluctantly drawn into the breakout. 97 min.

The French Connection(1971) VHS
Five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Director and Actor, were copped by William Friedkin's fast-moving, fact-based cop drama. Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider are the New York detectives who reluctantly work with federal agents to crack a multi-million-dollar heroin ring. The harrowing car chase scene is a film classic. With Fernando Rey, Tony Lo Bianco. 104 min.

The Poseidon Adventure(1972) VHS
Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Carol Lynley, Jack Albertson and the buoyant Shelley Winters head the all-star cast in Irwin Allen's highly-charged drama of a capsized ocean liner and the efforts of a group of survivors to escape. 117 min.

Scarecrow(1973) VHS
Gene Hackman and Al Pacino play two eccentric drifters whose idea of success is owning a car wash in Pittsburgh. Their relationship forms the core of this bittersweet serio-comedy. Ann Wedgeworth, Eileen Brennan co-star. 112 min.

Young Frankenstein(1974) VHS
Mel Brooks' hilarious parody of the Universal horror films stars Gene Wilder as mad doctor Frederick Frankenstein (pronounced "Fron-ken-steen"), Marty Feldman as hunchback aide Ygor (pronounced "eye-gor"), and Peter Boyle as the zipper-necked creature. With Teri Garr, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman. Special video edition includes outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage. 104 min.

The Conversation(1974) VHS
Francis Ford Coppola's intense study of Harry Caul (Gene Hackman), a surveillance expert who tapes a conversation shared by a young couple in San Francisco's Union Square. As Caul comes to believe the recording may lead to their deaths, he begins to question his profession and his own sense of privacy. John Cazale, Allen Garfield, Frederic Forrest, Cindy Williams, Teri Garr, Harrison Ford and Robert Duvall also star in this stunning Watergate Era effort. Includes an 8-minute "Close-Up on 'The Conversation'" featurette. 113 min.

Zandy's Bride(1974) VHS
A domestic drama in Western guise, this gorgeously photographed film is set in California's Big Sur Mountains, where cold-hearted rancher Gene Hackman sends for mail-order wife Liv Ullmann from Sweden and treats her like a servant, until she rebels. Eileen Heckart and Harry Dean Stanton also star; directed by Jan Troell ("The Emigrants"). AKA: "For Better, For Worse." 97 min.

Bite The Bullet(1975) VHS
Rousing Western adventure about a grueling 600-mile horse race at the turn of the century. Colorful performances by Gene Hackman, Jan-Michael Vincent, Candice Bergen and Ben Johnson and non-stop action highlight this sagebrush saga. 131 min.

Night Moves(1975) VHS
Gene Hackman is a football player-turned-detective, hired to locate a teenage runaway, who uncovers a bizarre web of smuggling, deception, and murder. Intriguing thriller by Arthur Penn also features Jennifer Warren, Susan Clark, and early appearances by Melanie Griffith and James Woods. 100 min.

Superman(1978) VHS
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman! Christopher Reeve is Clark Kent/Superman, going up against notorious criminal Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman). Margot Kidder is Lois Lane. You'll believe a man can fly! Marlon Brando, Valerie Perrine, Ned Beatty co-star. Special edition includes unseen footage, a behind-the-scenes documentary, and two theatrical trailers. 151 min.

Reds(1981) VHS
Warren Beatty starred in, directed and wrote this epic drama about American journalist John Reed, who ventured to Russia and recorded the 1917 Revolution in his book "Ten Days That Shook the World." Exciting, romantic, with superb acting from Diane Keaton, Maureen Stapleton, Jack Nicholson. 200 min.

Superman II(1981) VHS
The Man of Steel is back, Metropolis is in trouble as three super-villains threaten destruction, and Lois Lane marries Clark Kent, only to find him a super-husband. A fun-filled ride! Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman star. 127 min.

Uncommon Valor(1983) VHS
Gene Hackman, Robert Stack, Patrick Swayze and boxing star Randal "Tex" Cobb star in this action-packed drama about a special team sent to post-war Vietnam to rescue U.S. soldiers declared Missing in Action. 105 min.

Under Fire(1983) VHS
Nick Nolte, Gene Hackman and Joanna Cassidy are three American journalists in war-ravaged Nicaragua in 1979, struggling to maintain their objectivity amidst political upheaval. Based-on-fact drama co-stars Ed Harris, Jean-Louis Trintignant. 123 min.

Hoosiers(1986) VHS
An eloquently understated drama starring Gene Hackman as a former top college basketball coach who finds redemption when he takes over the reins of a small Indiana high school team. The talented supporting cast includes Barbara Hershey as a teacher, and Dennis Hopper as a "town drunk" who assists Hackman. 114 min.

Power(1986) VHS
Richard Gere is the brash young political consultant who can get it for you...for a price. Director Sidney Lumet takes a dramatic look at the high-stakes world of D.C. wheeling and dealing, where the greatest passion is Power. Gene Hackman, Julie Christie, Denzel Washington and Kate Capshaw co-star. 111 min.

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace(1987) VHS
Christopher Reeve soars again as the Man of Steel, vowing to end the global arms race by ``stealing'' the world's missiles and hurling them into space. Evil Lex Luthor, however, has other plans, including an atomic antagonist named Nuclear Man. High-flying thrills and action with Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, Jon Cryer, Mariel Hemingway. 90 min.

No Way Out(1987) VHS
Naval officer Kevin Costner has a brief affair with beautiful, mysterious Sean Young, but when she is murdered he learns that she was the mistress of Defense Secretary Gene Hackman. What's more, Costner must investigate the death, knowing that "evidence" will make him the main suspect. Hit suspense film highlighted by a memorable limousine ride. 114 min.

Full Moon In Blue Water(1988) VHS
Thoughtful, engrossing, comedy/drama stars Gene Hackman as the dissipated owner of a decaying Texas gin mill who's keeping a lonely vigil for a wife no one believes will return. Teri Garr, Burgess Meredith co-star. 94 min. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

Another Woman(1988) VHS
Another thoughtful foray from Woody Allen, concerning an aloof, workaholic college professor (Gena Rowlands) thrown by a quirk of fate into a revealing relationship with a desperately unhappy mother-to-be (Mia Farrow). With Gene Hackman, Martha Plimpton, Sandy Dennis, John Houseman. 81 min.

Mississippi Burning(1988) VHS
Controversy and acclaim surrounded Alan Parker's fact-based look at the turbulent American South of the early '60s. The murder of three civil rights workers in a small Mississippi town brings disparate FBI agents Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe to investigate, but the bigotry-spawned violence continues. Frances McDormand, Brad Dourif also star. 127 min.

The Package(1989) VHS
A tightly wrapped bundle of red herrings and baffling guises, starring Gene Hackman as an American security expert called on to stop an assassination at an international disarmament conference. Intricate thriller co-stars Joanna Cassidy, Tommy Lee Jones and John Heard. 107 min.

Loose Cannons(1990) VHS
As if detective Gene Hackman didn't have enough problems with a case that involves gangland murders, European politics and a pornographic film starring Adolf Hitler, his unbalanced new partner, forensics expert Dan Aykroyd, keeps changing from one TV/movie character to another. Wild action-comedy from Bob Clark ("Porky's") co-stars Ronny Cox, Dom DeLuise. 93 min.

Postcards From The Edge(1990) VHS
Based on the best-selling roman a clef novel by Carrie Fisher (who also wrote the screenplay), this wickedly funny seriocomedy stars Meryl Streep as an actress on the rebound from drug addiction and forced by her studio to be "supervised" by her antagonistic, boozy mother (Shirley MacLaine). Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman also star. 101 min.

Narrow Margin(1990) VHS
Climb on board for the most suspenseful ride of your life in this hit thriller. Anne Archer stars as the woman who witnesses a mob murder and, accompanied by FBI agent Gene Hackman, returns via train to testify. The trip becomes a desperate fight to stay alive when they're pursued by two hit men. Slick remake of a 1952 film co-stars M. Emmet Walsh, James B. Sikking. 99 min.

Class Action(1991) VHS
Compelling courtroom drama and familial conflict mix as liberal lawyer Gene Hackman squares off against embittered, up-and-coming attorney daughter Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in a controversial case involving a negligent auto company. Donald Moffat and Larry Fishburne co-star in this forceful story highlighted by powerhouse performances. 109 min.

Company Business(1991) VHS
First-rate end-of-the-Cold War espionage yarn with Gene Hackman as a former CIA agent who is called back to action to escort former Soviet operative Mikhail Baryshnikov and $2 million to Berlin for a spy swap. Little do they know, they're both targets for assassination by the KGB and the CIA. Written and directed by Nicholas Meyer ("Star Trek VI"). 99 min.

Unforgiven(1992) VHS
Four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Director and Supporting Actor, went to director/star Clint Eastwood's superb revisionist western about a gunslinger-turned-rancher who joins his old partner and a young sharpshooter to capture a pair of cowhands responsible for mutilating a prostitute. With Gene Hackman as a cruel sheriff, Richard Harris, Morgan Freeman and Frances Fisher. 131 min.

Geronimo: An American Legend(1993) VHS
Sprawling, action-packed epic focusing on Apache leader Geronimo (Wes Studi) and his fierce battle against the U.S. government and its policy of forcefully sequestering Indians on reservations. Jason Patric co-stars as Cavalry officer Charles Gatewood, caught between his official duty and his respect for his rival; with Gene Hackman, Robert Duvall and Matt Damon. 115 min.

The Firm(1993) VHS
Riveting filmization of John Grisham's best-seller stars Tom Cruise as an ambitious young lawyer recruited by a posh Memphis law firm. Soon, Cruise and wife Jeanne Tripplehorn suspect shady maneuvers by his employers and uncover blackmail and ties to organized crime. With Gene Hackman, Holly Hunter, Gary Busey and Ed Harris; directed by Sydney Pollack. 154 min.

Wyatt Earp(1994) VHS
The oft-filmed tale of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral gets a dramatic modernist spin from co-writer/director Lawrence Kasdan and star Kevin Costner. As farmer-turned-outlaw-turned-marshal, Costner's Earp comes to the frontier town of Tombstone and teams with his brothers and ally Doc Holliday in the fateful shootout with the Clanton gang. Dennis Quaid co-stars as Holliday; with Gene Hackman, Jeff Fahey, Michael Madsen. 191 min.

The Quick And The Dead(1995) VHS
Director Sam Raimi's off-the-wall, darkly funny sagebrush drama stars Sharon Stone as a lovely and lethal gunslinger who enters a frontier town's deadly quick-draw competition. Gene Hackman shines as the villain who controls both the contest and town and may have ties to Stone's past. With Leonardo DiCaprio, Lance Henriksen, Gary Sinise and Russell Crowe. 105 min.

Crimson Tide(1995) VHS
As renegade forces seize control of nuclear weapons in Russia, the submarine USS Alabama sails into dangerous waters. When communications with the Pentagon are lost, the situation gets even more tense, prompting a riveting face-off between egomaniacal captain Gene Hackman and officer Denzel Washington over whether the Alabama should launch its missiles against Russia. 116 min.

Get Shorty(1995) VHS
John Travolta is a slick loan shark from Miami whose search for a dry cleaner who took $300,000 in mob money leads him to Hollywood and debt-ridden "B" movie producer Gene Hackman. The two try to make a movie together while battling crooks, creeps and arrogant actors. Rene Russo, Danny DeVito, Dennis Farina, Delroy Lindo and Bette Midler co-star in this terrific Elmore Leonard story. 105 min.

Extreme Measures(1996) VHS
The death and subsequent disappearance of a homeless man from a New York hospital emergency room sends physician Hugh Grant on a search for the truth that will lead him into a far-reaching clandestine program whose discovery could cost him his life. Gripping suspense film also stars Gene Hackman, Sarah Jessica Parker, David Morse. 119 min.

The Chamber(1996) VHS
Young lawyer Chris O'Donnell, interested in learning the secrets of his family's tragic past as much as serving the cause of justice, takes up the case of his grandfather, death row inmate Gene Hackman, who was convicted in a racist bombing decades earlier. As Hackman's date with "the chamber" draws nearer, O'Donnell fights to uncover the truth behind the crime in this suspenseful adaptation of the John Grisham novel. With Faye Dunaway, Lela Rochon. 113 min.

Extreme Measures (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1996) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

The Birdcage(1996) VHS
Smash hit reworking of the classic French comedy "La Cage Aux Folles" stars Robin Williams and Nathan Lane as lovers who operate a Miami gay nightclub where Lane is the drag revue's star. When Williams' son from a long-ago tryst announces he's engaged to the daughter of ultra-conservative senator Gene Hackman, the pair must "straighten up" their act in order to get through a family dinner and save the planned wedding. With Dianne Wiest, Hank Azaria, Calista Flockhart. 118 min.

Absolute Power(1997) VHS
Top-notch political suspenser directed by and starring Clint Eastwood as a veteran burglar whose last job takes him to the home of the mistress of the President of the United States. After witnessing the woman's murder, Eastwood is caught between the cop investigating the case, nasty Secret Service agents and his own estranged daughter. With Gene Hackman, Laura Linney. 121 min.

Twilight(1998) VHS
Retired private investigator Paul Newman reluctantly agrees to assist his two movie star friends Susan Sarandon and Gene Hackman when they are blackmailed by someone from their past. However, as he gets entangled in a complicated and lethal murder plot, Newman's own past may come back to haunt him. Director Robert Benton's moody whodunit also stars James Garner, Reese Witherspoon. 96 min.

Antz(1998) VHS
Take an up-close look at the everyday ant-ics of an ant colony where a neurotic worker named Z (voiced by Woody Allen) sets out to, with the help of his soldier buddy Weaver (Sylvester Stallone), prove his individuality and win the love of Princess Bala (Sharon Stone). Dazzling computer animation and a witty look at insect life make this a treat for all ages. Other voices include Dan Aykroyd, Anne Bancroft, Gene Hackman, Jennifer Lopez. 83 min.

Enemy Of The State(1998) VHS
Tightly-wound suspenser starring Will Smith as a labor lawyer who finds himself in the middle of a web of espionage when he accidentally comes into possession of a videotape featuring the assassination of a U.S. congressman. Gene Hackman is the communications expert who tries to help Smith in battling sinister, hi-tech special agents. With Jon Voight, Gabriel Byrne. 132 min.

Under Suspicion(2000) VHS
Powerhouse performances highlight this intense thriller featuring Gene Hackman as a prominent attorney working in Puerto Rico who is interrogated by local police captain Morgan Freeman about a series of grisly murders of local teenage girls. Startling revelations about both men emerge as the two engage in an elaborate, high-stakes cat-and-mouse game. Thomas Jane and Monica Bellucci also star in this reworking of the 1981 French film "Garde a Vue." 110 min.

The Replacements(2000) VHS
Rousing football farce, inspired by the 1987 NFL strike, in which washed-up coach Gene Hackman recruits a colorful assortment of has-been and never-were players to take to the gridiron for the pro Washington Sentinels during a labor walk-out. Keanu Reeves is the quarterback prone to losing the big game; Brooke Langton the cheerleader he falls for; and Jon Favreau, Orlando Jones and Rhys Ifans are among the players. With Pat Summerall, John Madden. 118 min.

Behind Enemy Lines(2001) VHS
Navy air navigator Owen Wilson gets his chance to prove his expertise by getting the call from admiral Gene Hackman to join fellow pilot Gabriel Macht for a Christmas Day mission. After their planes are shot down by two missiles, Wilson is left to fend for himself against a Bosnian sniper. And after radioing for help, Hackman's plan to rescue Wilson are held up by NATO politics. Joaquim de Almeida and David Keith also star in the rousing war adventure. 105 min.

The Mexican(2001) VHS
The title doesn't refer to a person, but to a priceless handgun that hapless small-time crook Brad Pitt is charged with bringing back to the U.S. from Mexico for his imprisoned mobster boss. But when Julia Roberts, Pitt's put-upon girlfriend, picks that moment to leave him and head to Las Vegas to restart her life, Pitt is stranded south of the border. Meanwhile, Roberts is abducted by hit man James Gandolfini, and the pair wind up counseling each other on relationship problems. With Bob Balaban, and Gene Hackman in an unbilled cameo. 123 min.

The Royal Tenenbaums(2001) VHS
Gene Hackman is Royal Tenenbaum, a once-prominent New York lawyer who fakes a terminal illness in order to reunite with estranged wife Anjelica Huston and his kids, former childhood prodigies Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow and Luke Wilson...and, perhaps, benefit financially in the process. But Hackman faces an uphill struggle since Huston is about to remarry tax lawyer Danny Glover and each child has developed major league neuroses over the years. Off-kilter dark comedy from Wes Anderson ("Rushmore") also stars Bill Murray, Seymour Cassel and Owen Wilson, who co-scripted with Anderson. 109 min.

Heartbreakers(2001) VHS
Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt are a mother/daughter con artist team who use their charms to trick money out of wealthy men in divorce settlements, after Weaver "catches" Hewitt seducing her new husband. Their plans to take down their latest mark, tobacco tycoon Gene Hackman, may be dashed, however, when Hewitt falls for local bartender Jason Lee. Ray Liotta co-stars. 122 min.

Heist(2001) VHS
In this clever caper film from writer-director David Mamet, Gene Hackman is a New England shipbuilder who doubles as an expert thief, who's looking to retire from crime with wife Rebecca Pidgeon. But when a Manhattan jewelry robbery goes awry, Hackman and his team (which includes Delroy Lindo and Ricky Jay) are forced by sleazy fence Danny DeVito into one more, very dangerous job: swipe a shipment of gold bars from a Swiss cargo plane, while DeVito's troublesome nephew (Sam Rockwell) serves as watchdog.

Heroes Of Iwo Jima(2001) VHS
This documentary, narrated by host Gene Hackman, revisits the intense 1945 Pacific battle in which over 4,000 American and 20,000 Japanese soldiers lost their lives. Along with interviews with military historians, you'll hear from Charles Lindberg, one of the soldiers who helped to raise the American flag atop Mt. Suribachi in Joe Rosenthal's now-famous photograph. 100 min.

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Heist [DVD](2001) DVD
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Gene Hackman
Gene Hackman
8 in x 10 in
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