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George Lazenby
Emmanuelle's Revenge VHS
Emmanuelle transforms herself into Anna, a woman whose carnality knows no bounds as she enjoys sex with members of both sexes, and Shalome, a model who loves teasing--then discarding--men.

Espionage In Tangiers(1966) VHS
An entry in the James Bond imitator cycle, this thriller tells of a secret agent out to snag a dangerous molecular ray-gun that can disintegrate cars and fireplaces(!?). Luis Davilla stars as the suave agent involved in espionage proceedings of this European offering. Look out, George Lazenby!

On Her Majesty's Secret Service(1969) VHS
George Lazenby takes over the role as James Bond, Secret Agent 007, in this thrill-a-minute extravaganza. Bond courts contessa Diana Rigg, gets involved in several hair-raising snowbound chases, and matches wits with arch-nemesis Blofeld, played diabolically by Telly Savalas. 140 min.

Kentucky Fried Movie(1977) VHS
Hilarious compilation of skits spoofing disaster and kung fu films, preview trailers, TV commercials and news shows, and anything else in range, courtesy of scripters David and Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams ("Airplane!") and director John Landis ("Animal House"). Cameos by Bill Bixby, Henry Gibson, Donald Sutherland. 90 min.

Saint Jack(1979) VHS
Ben Gazzara turns in a masterful performance as an American pimp in '70s Singapore who furnishes prostitutes to foreigners. When he discovers that his prosperous service is being stepped on by local businessmen, Gazzara winds up involved in a blackmail scheme with an American mobster. Atmospheric character study directed by Peter Bogdanovich also stars Denholm Elliott, Joss Ackland. 112 min.

The Return Of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.(1983) VHS
Robert Vaughn's Napoleon Solo and David McCallum's Ilya Kuryakin return to the spy world with this TV film that finds them trying to thwart THRUSH's plans to detonate a nuclear bomb on a U.S. city unless they receive $350 million. Patrick Macnee, Anthony Zerbe and Gayle Hunnicutt also star. 96 min.

Eyes Of The Beholder(1992) VHS
It's bloodlust, not beauty, that can be seen in the eyes of the psycho killer who prepares a deadly game of vengeance against four people in this spine-chilling suspenser in the "Silence of the Lambs" vein. Joanna Pacula, Matt McCoy, George Lazenby, Charles Napier and Lenny Von Dohlen star. 89 min. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

Gettysburg(1993) VHS
The bloody, three-day Civil War battle that took place in July of 1863 and saw 53,000 lives lost is depicted in spectacular style in this epic film marked by incredible fighting sequences and a memorable cast that includes Tom Berenger, Martin Sheen, Stephen Lang, Jeff Daniels and Richard Jordan. Based on the acclaimed book "The Killer Angels." 254 min.

Fatally Yours(1995) VHS
A gangland reincarnation thriller filled with sexy sequences, this unique thriller tells of a real estate agent who is mysteriously drawn to a dilapidated building. He purchases the property and soon resumes writing a crime novel he once started. Soon, the agent is visited by ghosts of 1920s gangsters. Rick Rossovich, Annie Fitzgerald, George Lazenby and Roddy McDowall star. 90 min.

4 Dogs Playing Poker(1999) VHS
When four amateur thieves fail to procure a valuable artifact for a corrupt art dealer (Forest Whitaker), he gives them a week to come up with a million dollars or they will be killed. As a solution, the desperate friends all take out life insurance policies on themselves and then draw cards to decide who will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Tim Curry, Balthazar Getty and Olivia Williams co-star. 98 min.

The James Bond Story [DVD](1999) DVD
This is a treat no 007 fan should miss, a gadget- and girl-laden gathering of film clips, interviews and rare footage chronicling the 37-year history of the movies' top superspy. From Connery in "Dr. No" to Brosnan in "The World Is Not Enough," every Bond thriller and actor is featured. 52 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby stereo; interactive menus; filmographies; scene access.

Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey(2000) VHS
This exciting film from Bruce Lee expert John Little concentrates on the half-hour's worth of previously unseen footage that Lee shot for the unfinished "Game of Death" before his demise. Little edits this material according to Lee's personal notes to create what would've been his version of the film's finale. Also included is a look at the master's life featuring interviews and Lee home movies. 100 min.

Gettysburg [DVD](1993) DVD
4 Dogs Playing Poker [DVD](1999) DVD
Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey [DVD](2000) DVD
George Lazenby
George Lazenby
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