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Bold Journey: The Tarzan Adventures VHS
Here are two episodes of the documentary series from the 1950s which ran on ABC and featured then-current screen Tarzan Gordon Scott. Incredible photography highlights "The Cartoon King in Africa" and "Kenya." 50 min.

Tarzan And The Trappers(1958) VHS
Enforcing the jungle's code of justice, Tarzan (Gordon Scott) tries to impede the actions of greedy trappers capturing animals for zoos and save a noble chieftain ("Scatman" Crothers) along the way. Also stars Eve Brent. 71 min.

Mask Of The Musketeers(1960) VHS
With five Tarzan pictures behind him, Gordon Scott swung with the Italian film crowd for several years, appearing in this swashbuckler about a masked bandit and a trio of swordsmen who save a French princess. Co-stars Flamenco dancer Jose Greco.

Romulus And Remus(1961) VHS
Musclemen Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott are the siblings raised by wolves whose adventures led to the building of Rome. The brothers fight side by side until they discover they share affections for the daughter of the King of the Sabines. With Virna Lisi. AKA: "Duel of the Titans."

Samson And The Seven Miracles Of The World(1963) VHS
Former Tarzan Gordon Scott straps on the sandals to play the famed muscleman, who gets clobbered by a huge bell and stirs up an earthquake after being buried alive in order to save a princess from the evil, saucy Tartars. Yoko Tani, Gabrielle Antonini co-star. AKA: "Goliath and the Golden City," "Maciste at the Court of the Great Khan." 80 min.

The Beast Of Babylon Against The Son Of Hercules(1963) VHS
Former "Tarzan" Gordon Scott takes the strongman costume to become Hercules, who goes up against an evil king causing trouble for the population of Assyria. Michael Lane, Moira Orfel also star. AKA: "Hero of Babylon." 98 min.

Gladiator Of Rome(1963) VHS
Usurpers of the Roman throne imprison the rightful princess and her childhood friend in the dungeons for 14 years. Gaining awesome strength over time, muscleman Gordon Scott frees them and strives to regain the royal birthright. AKA: "Battle of the Gladiators." 100 min.

Hero Of Rome(1963) VHS
American bodybuilder Gordon Scott does battle with streams of barbarian scavengers for the honor of the Eternal City. Lithe and lissome Gabriella Pallotta co-stars.

The Tyrant Of Lydia Against The Son Of Hercules(1963) VHS
Hercules' bulging baby boy journeys to the valley of the Hermus river and tattoos the evil king of Lydia with his bare fists. Muscleman Gordon Scott and Massimo Serato star in this mythic Italian adventure.

Hercules Against Moloch(1963) VHS
Prince Glauco of Mycene prepares to rid his father's kingdom of evildoers by wearing the name and loincloth of the hero Hercules (somehow "The Mighty Glauco" just didn't have the same ring). Gordon Scott stars. AKA: "Conquest of Mycene." 98 min.

Coriolanus, Hero Without A Country(1964) VHS
Former Tarzan Gordon Scott leads the Plebians against the evil Roman senate in this gladiator spectacular boasting muscular heroics and expert battle scenes. Alberto Lupo and Lilla Brignone also star. AKA: "Thunder of Battle."

Buffalo Bill, Hero Of The West(1964) VHS
Gladiator movie great Gordon Scott plays "Buffalo Bill" Cody, the Western hero sent by President Grant to stop the gun-running between white smugglers and a fierce Sioux warrior. Cody discovers that an Indian-hating Cavalry commander may have a part in the dealings. This early spaghetti sagebrusher also stars Roldano Lupi and Catherine Ribeiro. Dubbed in English.

Hercules And The Princess Of Troy(1965) VHS
Made in English as the pilot for a proposed Hercules TV series, this handsome adventure stars Gordon Scott as the heroic demigod, pitted against a giant sea serpent come to snack on its monthly sacrificial virgin. 50 min.

The Tramplers(1966) VHS
A son who split with his father during the Civil War returns home, only to find the family still divided and heading towards a violent resolution. Western drama stars Joseph Cotten, Gordon Scott, James Mitchum. AKA: "Showdown." 105 min.

The Lion Of St. Mark(1967) VHS
Gordon Scott, star of countless gladiator and swashbuckler enterprises, plays a suave aristocrat, forced by law into letting mercenaries defend Venice from ruthless pirates. When the brigands disrupt his engagement party, Scott adopts the name "Lion of St. Mark," joins friends in tackling the invaders, and falls in love with a pirate queen. Gianna Maria Canale also stars.

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