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Heart Of The Dragon (Dubbed Version) VHS
Also available in a dubbed-in-English edition.

The Heart Of The Dragon(1985) VHS
In this mix of astonishing martial arts action, drama and comedy, Jackie Chan plays a cop who wishes to leave his home in Hong Kong, but decides to stay to care for mentally disabled brother Sammo Hung. When Hung gets involved with crooks, Chan goes to work to save him. Emily Chu co-stars. AKA: "First Mission." 89 min. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

Master With Cracked Fingers(1971) VHS
A teenage Jackie Chan, in his first starring role, plays a young man who witnesses the murder of his father and, after honing his martial arts abilities with help from a hermit, tries to hunt down the killer. The film was unreleased for several years, until extra scenes with a double were added, and this special edition includes two alternate endings to the "Chan-tastic" saga. AKA: "Cub Fighter from Canton," "Little Tiger of Canton," "Snake Fist Fighter." 90 min. Dubbed in English.

Rumble In Hong Kong(1972) VHS
Before "The Bronx," there was "Hong Kong," with Jackie Chan displaying his prowess in a (villainous!) supporting role. He's the bodyguard of a Hong Kong gangster who goes against a tough female cop in order to protect his boss. John Chang, Phoenix Chen also star. AKA: "Police Woman." 90 min. Dubbed in English.

Fist Of Anger(1973) VHS
An early supporting turn by Jackie Chan highlights this action-packed martial arts thriller about members of a Chinese theater troupe during the Japanese occupation who use their skills to fight against their oppressors. AKA: "Eagle Shadow Fist," "Not Scared to Die." 80 min. Dubbed in English.

Hand Of Death(1975) VHS
The only time Jackie Chan worked with legendary Hong Kong director John Woo was this actioner about a young Shaolin fighter (Dorian "Flash Legs" Tan) sent to bring down a turncoat student (James Tien) who is now a corrupt warrior. Tan and Chan join forces to battle Tien's minions, among them Sammo Hung as a crooked sheriff. Look for Woo's cameo as a scholar. AKA: "Strike of Death." 95 min. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

New Fist Of Fury(1976) VHS
In reality a sequel to Bruce Lee's "The Chinese Connection," this was the first film released to star Jackie Chan. As a pickpocket in occupied China during World War II, Chan seeks revenge when his girlfriend's martial arts school is destroyed by the Japanese. With "Chinese Connection" co-stars Nora Miao, Lo Wei. 119 min. Dubbed in English.

To Kill With Intrigue(1977) VHS
After his family is slaughtered, Jackie Chan seeks revenge and gets it from an unlikely source--a warrior queen who was responsible for the deaths, but falls in love with Chan and helps him train to become an unstoppable martial artist. With Chu Feng. AKA: "Jackie Chan Connection." 107 min.

Spiritual Kung Fu(1978) VHS
Jackie Chan is taught long-forgotten martial arts techniques by five ghostly guardians released from a crashed meteorite (!), and when he cuts loose against his foes, it's clear they don't have a "ghost" of a chance. With James Tien. AKA: "Karate Bomber." Dubbed in English.

Dragon Fist(1978) VHS
No one's ever accused Jackie Chan of having "draggin' fists," and he proves why in this tale of a fighter out to avenge his master's murder. When Chan finds the repentant killer--who cut off a leg out of remorse--the two team up to defeat an evil warlord. James Tien, Nora Miao also star. 94 min. Dubbed in English.

Snake And Crane Arts Of Shaolin(1978) VHS
As this early period effort shows, Jackie Chan wasn't always the likable kung fu rascal fans have come to know and love. Here he's Hsu Yiu Fong, a ruthless warrior accused of killing a group of Shaolin masters and stealing their book detailing the top-secret "snake and crane" fighting techniques. Is Jackie really a villain, or is one of the martial arts clan leaders pursuing him the real guilty party? With Kam Kan, Nora Miao.

In Eagle Shadow Fist(1978) VHS
A trio of heroes-for-hire (Jackie Chan, Bruce Leung, James Tien) agrees to escort a young woman and her seriously ill brother through a countryside filled with such dangers as malevolent monks and an evil king in this kung-fu costume actioner. AKA: "Eye of the Dragon," "Magnificent Bodyguards." 90 min.

Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu(1978) VHS
The humor that is a hallmark of Jackie Chan's cinematic work first appeared in this light-hearted costume actioner, in which Chan is a member of an elite bodyguard corps charged with safely delivering priceless jade. After they are waylaid by a group of ruthless robbers, Chan springs into action to battle the thieves. 96 min.

Jackie Chan's 36 Crazy Fists(1979) VHS
Chan served as stunt coordinator--and also appears in special behind-the-scenes footage--in this incredible martial arts drama about a young orphan who is taught the ways of Kung Fu by an ancient monk and uses them against his father's killer. Liu Cha Yung, Ku Feng star. AKA: "Bloodpact," "The Master and the Boxer." 90 min. Dubbed in English.

The Legend Of Drunken Master(2000) VHS
Released six years earlier in Hong Kong as "Drunken Master II," Jackie Chan stars as a young master of a punch-drunk martial arts style who takes on a crooked businessmen illegally selling Imperial Chinese treasures. The film's knockout fights take place under a train, in a busy marketplace, and in an iron foundry (where Chan lands on a bed of hot coals!). With Ti Lung, Johnny Lo, and Anita Mui as Jackie's mah-jongg crazy stepmother. 102 min. Dubbed in English.

The Fearless Hyena(1979) VHS
When young Jackie Chan sees his grandfather murdered by karate criminals, he vows vengeance. Years later, Chan uses a unique martial arts style called "Emotional Kung Fu," where he uses his body movements for laughing and crying to defeat his adversary. This explosive costume actioner marked Chan's debut as director/star. 97 min. Dubbed in English.

The Fearless Hyena, Part II(1980) VHS
Jackie Chan returns--sort of--in this sequel that features Chan in unseen footage and outtakes from the first "Fearless Hyena," along with new scenes with a disguised double, to tell the story of Jackie and his brother battling to find their father's killer. 96 min. Dubbed in English.

The Young Master(1980) VHS
When his foster brother gets mixed up with a shady martial arts school's activities and becomes wanted by the law, Jackie Chan tries to help him out and winds up having to clear his own name as well. With Wei Pei, Yuen Biao. 102 min. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

The Young Master (Dubbed Version) VHS
Also available in a dubbed-in-English edition. 90 min.

Project A(1983) VHS
Amazing amalgamation of action, stunts and comedy, with Jackie Chan (who also directed) as a naval officer in early 1900s Hong Kong who teams with cop Yuen Biao and shady sailor Sammo Hung to tackle ruthless pirates on the South China Sea. Highlights include a wild bicycle chase and Jackie hanging from a clock a la Harold Lloyd. 105 min. Dubbed in English.

Project A, Part II(1987) VHS
Jackie Chan returns as the honest cop battling ornery crooks in turn-of-the-century Hong Kong in this incredible actioner filled with wild stunts and slapstick humor. Look for Chan's tribute to Buster Keaton and an incredible cat-and-mouse chase in an apartment. With Maggie Cheung. 101 min. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

Project A, Part II (Dubbed Version) VHS
Also available in a dubbed-in-English edition.

Winners And Sinners(1983) VHS
Knockout crime story with Jackie Chan as an ex-con who forms a cleaning business with four other former crooks looking to go straight. While working in a building, they run into a group of counterfeiters, and when fake printing plates are discovered in their van, the authorities and gangsters begin their chase. With Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao. AKA: "Five Lucky Stars." 102 min. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

Winners And Sinners (Dubbed Version) VHS
Also available in a dubbed-in-English edition.

Wheels On Meals(1983) VHS
A Jackie Chan spectacular with Jackie and Yuen Biao as fast-food cooks working out of a van in Barcelona, Spain. Their involvement with a pickpocketing prostitute who turns out to be a missing heiress sends them and private eye Sammo Hung (who also directed) into some truly outrageous martial arts brawls. With Lola Forner, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Herb Edelman. 107 min. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

Wheels On Meals (Dubbed Version)(1983) VHS
Also available in a dubbed-in-English edition.

Fantasy Mission Force(1984) VHS
A truly off-the-wall WWII actioner (with an abundance of loopy anachronisms), with Jackie Chan as part of an elite commando team sent to rescue a group of Allied generals kidnapped by the Japanese. Along the way the force must battle leopard-skinned Amazons, a haunted house full of ghosts, and other bizarre foes. With Brigitte Lin, Jimmy Wang Yu. 90 min. Dubbed in English.

Police Story(1985) VHS
First installment in the hit thriller series starring Jackie Chan as a dedicated Hong Kong cop finds him trying to convince crime kingpin's secretary Brigitte Lin to testify against her boss. Chan is framed for murder and sought by his fellow officers as the action escalates, climaxing with an unbelievable shopping mall showdown. With Maggie Cheung, Bill Tung; directed by Chan. AKA: "Jackie Chan's Police Force." Dubbed in English.

Police Story 2(1988) VHS
Demoted to patrolman status after his antics in the first film, police officer Jackie Chan finds himself and long-suffering girlfriend Maggie Cheung the targets of crime boss Bill Tung's revenge. Meanwhile, Chan must also defuse a gang of bomb-happy extortionists' plans to blow up downtown Hong Kong in this (literally) explosive sequel. 99 min. Dubbed in English.

Supercop(1996) VHS
Incorruptible (and apparently indestructible) Hong Kong detective Jackie Chan is back in this stateside release of his 1992 film "Police Story 3: Supercop," joining forces with no-nonsense Mainland Chinese Michelle Khan to infiltrate and shut down an international drug ring. Along with Khan's chasing a train on a motorcycle, the highlight is Chan hanging from a helicopter ladder over the streets of Kuala Lumpur. 91 min. Dubbed in English.

Jackie Chan's First Strike(1997) VHS
Jackie does James Bond in this globehopping action tale, first released as "Police Story IV: First Strike." The search for a stolen Russian nuclear warhead sends top Hong Kong cop Chan from a snowy hideout in the Ukraine to an Australian aquarium, and gives Jackie the chance for breathtaking stunts, fighting on skis, inside a ladder, and underwater. With Jackson Lou, Chen Chen Wu. 85 min. Dubbed in English.

Jackie Chan's First Strike (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Operation Condor 2: The Armour Of The Gods(1985) VHS
Retitled as a "prequel" for American release, this is the original "Raiders"-style action saga starring Jackie Chan as an adventurer who battles a mystic cult looking to swap his kidnapped ex-girlfriend for a priceless artifact he possesses. Among the film's amazing stunt scenes are Jackie's battle with a squad of stiletto-heeled Amazon warriors and a leap from a tree that nearly cost Chan his life! With Alan Tam, Rosamund Kwan. 86 min. Dubbed in English.

Operation Condor(1997) VHS
First released in 1991 as "Armour of God II: Operation Condor," this stunt-laden thriller finds Jackie Chan's globe-hopping treasure-hunter called on to locate a fortune in stolen Nazi gold hidden somewhere in the Sahara. Joined by three feisty female accomplices, Chan mixes it up with Arab assassins and a mercenary army and has a mind-blowing fight in a gigantic wind tunnel. Carol Cheng, Eva Cobo Garcia, Shoko Ikeda also star. 90 min. Dubbed in English.

My Lucky Stars(1985) VHS
Comic cops-and-robbers hijinks with lots of action, as Hong Kong cops Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao travel to Japan to track down a crooked ex-colleague who fled there with a fortune in stolen diamonds. When Biao is captured, Chan turns to an old orphanage pal (Sammo Hung, who also directed) and his "Lucky Stars," a band of hapless petty crooks, for help. 96 min. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

My Lucky Stars (Dubbed Version) VHS
Also available in a dubbed-in-English edition.

Dragons Forever(1988) VHS
Shady lawyer Jackie Chan is hired by a crooked businessman whose chemical factory is accused of polluting a neighboring fish hatchery. When Chan falls for the hatchery owner's cousin and discovers the factory is a front for drug smuggling, he teams with pals Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung (who also directed) to shut the operation down. With Dick Wei, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez. 88 min. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

Dragons Forever (Dubbed Version) VHS
Also available in a dubbed-in-English edition.

Miracles(1989) VHS
Jackie Chan in a martial arts remake of Frank Capra's "Pocketful of Miracles"? That's what you get in this wild action/comedy, with Chan as a country bumpkin in 1930s Hong Kong who rescues a dying crime boss and becomes head of his gang. While Chan tries to deal with a rival mob, he must also help a peddler, whose roses he thinks bring him luck, pass herself off to her daughter's fiance's family as a society woman. With Anita Mui, Richard Ng, Wu Ma. AKA: "Mr. Canton and Lady Rose." 106 min. Dubbed in English.

Jackie Chan Is The Prisoner (Dubbed Version) VHS
Jackie Chan's action-packed "Island of Fire" is also available in a dubbed-in-English edition. 96 min.

Island Of Fire(1990) VHS
Jackie Chan joins fellow Hong Kong stars Sammo Hung, Tony Leung and Andy Lau in a fierce actioner about a cop (Leung) who goes undercover in prison to investigate a murder. Inside, he's forced to kill a corrupt official and is sent to death row, but a secret offer arrives for Leung and fellow inmates Chan, Hung and Lau. Jimmy Wang Yu also stars. AKA: "Burning Island," "The Prisoner." In Cantonese with English subtitles.

Twin Dragons(1992) VHS
There's twice the action, twice the laughs, and twice the Jackie Chans in this comedy-thriller that has Chan playing identical twins separated at birth. The grown-up Jackies, a streetwise Hong Kong mechanic and martial arts whiz and a refined symphony conductor from New York, meet and wind up switching identities to outwit Asian gangsters. With Maggie Cheung, Nina Li; directed by Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam. 90 min. Dubbed in English.

City Hunter(1992) VHS
Hired by a newspaper publisher to find his missing daughter, private eye Jackie Chan locates her on board a cruise ship that's about to be seized by a group of crooks planning to hold the wealthy passengers for ransom. Based on a popular Japanese comic book, this light-hearted action tale features a wild video game sequence with Chan playing the characters from "Streetfighter II." With Joey Wong, Richard Norton, Gary Daniels, Chingmy Yau. 98 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

City Hunter (Dubbed Version) VHS
Also available in a dubbed-in-English edition.

Crime Story(1993) VHS
There's less emphasis on slapstick stunts and more on drama in this Jackie Chan thriller, based in part on a true story. Assigned to guard a wealthy Hong Kong builder from kidnapping threats, police inspector Chan must rescue the man from a mysterious group of abductors who may have connections within the police. With Kent Cheng. 104 min. Dubbed in English.

Rumble In The Bronx(1996) VHS
From its bustling harbor to its scenic mountains, the Bronx has never been as action-packed as when Jackie Chan arrives from Hong Kong to work in his uncle's grocery and winds up battling marauding street gangs, motorcycle-riding babes, ruthless gem thieves and even a menacing hovercraft! The hits, kicks and death-defying stunts (all done by Chan) come fast and furious in this thrill-a-minute hit. With Anita Mui, Bill Tung, Francoise Yip. 91 min. Dubbed in English.

Rumble In The Bronx (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Jackie Chan's Who Am I?(1997) VHS
All-out action assault with Jackie Chan as a CIA commando duped by his leader and left for dead while on a dangerous mission in Africa. After he's nursed back to health by a native tribe, an amnesiac Chan searches for clues to his true identity, but soon the bad guys are searching for Jackie as well. Stunt-filled adventure co-stars Michelle Ferre and Mirai Yamamoto. 108 min.

Mr. Nice Guy(1997) VHS
TV chef/martial arts expert Jackie Chan whips up a mess of trouble when he comes to the aid of a plucky TV reporter carrying a videotape that links an untouchable crime kingpin with a gang of street hoods. It's up to Jackie to save the newsgal, his show's producer and his girlfriend from the bad guys in this stunt-filled souffle directed by Sammo Hung. 87 min.

Rush Hour(1998) VHS
Jackie Chan is a maverick Hong Kong cop who teams with fast-talking L.A. detective Chris Tucker to track down the kidnapped 11-year-old daughter of a Chinese consul. This high-energy buddy comedy is filled with Chan's wild stunts, Tucker's motor-mouthed antics and all sorts of outrageous action. With Elizabeth Pena, Tom Wilkinson and Philip Baker Hall. 97 min.

Rush Hour (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Rush Hour 2(2001) VHS
Hong Kong inspector Jackie Chan and LAPD detective Chris Tucker are back, headed for a vacation in Hong Kong. Their leisure time is disrupted, however, when a bomb at the U.S. embassy kills two customs agents. No-nonsense Chan and party-happy Tucker investigate, and find danger and laughs as they try to crack an elaborate counterfeiting scheme. With John Lone, Zhang Ziyi and Alan King. 91 min.

Gorgeous(1999) VHS
Taken with the writer of a mysterious love note she finds in a bottle, Qi Shi travels from Taiwan to Hong Kong to find him, only to discover the sender is gay photographer Tony Leung. While staying with him, Qi meets and falls for businessman Jackie Chan, who already has his hands (and feet) full dealing with an unscrupulous rival's attacks. Chan's action scenes are balanced with breezy romantic comedy in this change-of-pace outing. 99 min. Dubbed in English.

Shanghai Noon(2000) VHS
Jackie Chan makes the Wild West even wilder in this rambunctious ride, playing an Imperial Guard in China's Forbidden City in the 1880s who comes to America with three other guards in search of kidnapped princess Lucy Liu. After being separated from his compadres, Jackie teams with smooth-talking outlaw Owen Wilson to battle the princess's captors. With Xander Berkeley, Roger Yuan. 110 min.

Invincible Fighter: The Jackie Chan Story VHS
Discover the real story of martial arts sensation Jackie Chan in this factual look at his life and career. Find out about Jackie's early days at Chinese opera school, his work as a film stuntman and his efforts to become Hong Kong's greatest star. Highlighted by rare footage and samples of Chan's amazing stuntwork. 80 min.

Extreme Chan Action Pack VHS
If you're a Chan fan, don't miss this amazing collection featuring Jackie in three of his finest action hits: "Jackie Chan's First Strike," "Mr. Nice Guy" and "Rumble in the Bronx."

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