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Jeff Wincott
Happy Birthday, Gemini(1980) VHS
Inspired by Albert Innaurato's play, this film takes a bittersweet, often comical look at the sexual crisis faced by a Harvard-educated young man from South Philly who realizes that he's in love with his fiancee's brother. Madeline Kahn, Rita Moreno and Robert Viharo star. 107 min.

The Boy In Blue(1986) VHS
Nicolas Cage is 19th-century Canadian rowing champion Ned Hanlan. Hanlan, a former Ontario bootlegger, meets with success at the Philadelphia Centennial Regatta and failure after being banned from American competition. Also stars Christopher Plummer and David Naughton. 97 min.

Martial Law 2: Undercover(1992) VHS
Martial arts maestros Cynthia Rothrock and Jeff Wincott play members of an elite police squad investigating a colleague's death. They uncover a high-level call-girl ring and a crime kingpin protected by fighting experts, and Rothrock goes undercover to discover their connection to the killing. With Billy Drago. 92 min.

Martial Outlaw(1993) VHS
A Drug Enforcement Agency operative tracks a drug-dealing former KGB agent from Moscow to Los Angeles and soon discovers his brother, a hot-shot cop involved in the case, may be playing both sides of the fence. The two must combat a group of Soviet martial arts experts to finish the case. Jeff Wincott and Gary Hudson star. 89 min.

Open Fire(1994) VHS
When a mercenary group takes over a city, one man launches a...well, a one-man assault...that turns the streets into a battlefield in this explosive actioner. Jeff Wincott, Mimi Craven star. 93 min.

The Killing Man [DVD](1994) DVD
When a top mob assassin-for-hire is double-crossed by his employers, a top-secret government agency gives him a second chance to use his deadly skills. But whose side is in the right, and which will the "killing man" choose? Jeff Wincott, Michael Ironside, Terri Hawkes star. 100 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English PCM stereo; trivia; scene access.

The Donor(1995) VHS
A film stuntman wakes up after meeting a mysterious stranger to find out he was drugged, operated on, and is missing an organ. Attempting to track down the people responsible puts him in a deadly fight against the illegal trade in human body parts. Jeff Wincott, Michelle Johnson star. 94 min.

Street Law(1995) VHS
A brilliant trial lawyer goes into debt with loan sharks to save his firm, but when he loses everything, he calls on his ex-con friend to help him. For his part of the deal, the lawyer must compete in a deadly, illegal martial arts contest. Jeff Wincott and Paco Christian Prieto star in this wild actioner. 98 min.

When The Bullet Hits The Bone(1996) VHS
An emergency doctor disgusted with the horror he sees every day in the hospital decides to take matters into his own hands in this explosive actioner. He believes drugs are the cause of most of the evils he encounters, and soon discovers a government conspiracy involving narcotics and corruption. Jeff Wincott and Michelle Johnson star. 88 min.

Universal Soldier II: Brothers In Arms(1998) VHS
Smashing follow-up to the 1992 sci-fi actioner stars Matt Battaglia as the man turned into a high-tech killing machine by a clandestine military group. With the help of beautiful journalist Chandra West, Battaglia fights to expose the operation and, if possible, reclaim his humanity. Jeff Wincott and Gary Busey also star. 93 min.

Future Fear(1998) VHS
In this futuristic adventure yarn, a scientist and his wife find a way of stopping a deadly flesh-eating virus by combining human DNA with other species. Standing in the way of their saving the human race is a diabolical government official who planted the disease as a form of genetic cleansing. Jeff Wincott, Maria Ford and Stacy Keach star. 82 min.

Battle Queen 2020(1999) VHS
A group of power-hungry tyrants rule Earth in the wake of mankind's virtual destruction by asteroids. Eventually, one woman realizes that she must utilize her position as a concubine to the maniacal leaders in order to overthrow them and lead her people to freedom in the face of extremely difficult conditions. Julie Strain stars. 80 min.

Paper Bullets(1999) VHS
A tough cop on the verge of a breakdown finds that he must trust an alluring and mysterious stranger so that he can exact revenge on the Chinese mobsters who are devastating the city and who have kidnapped his son and murdered his friends. Ernie Hudson, James Russo, Jeff Wincott and William McNamara star. 95 min.

The Killing Man(1994) VHS
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