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Tales From The Crypt: Came The Dawn VHS
Jealous lover Brooke Shields axes anyone who touches her man (Perry King) in "Came the Dawn." Also, sleazy reporter Steven Weber tries to find a cannibal preying on homeless people in "Mournin' Mess"; and a young woman gets involved with a mobster--much to his older gal pal's annoyance--in "Till Death Do We Part," with John Stamos and Eileen Brennan. 78 min.

Alice In Wonderland(1985) VHS
Lewis Carroll's classic fantasy receives a spectacular rendition from producer Irwin Allen, with songs by Steve Allen. Follow the young Alice (Natalie Gregory) as she meets the likes of the March Hare (Roddy McDowall), the Cheshire Cat (Telly Savalas), the Duchess (Martha Raye), a dancing Caterpillar (Sammy Davis, Jr.) and the White Rabbit (Red Buttons). 90 min.

Alice Through The Looking Glass(1985) VHS
The further adventures of Alice are chronicled in this music-filled extravaganza in which Carroll's child heroine encounters the Mock Turtle (Ringo Starr), Tiger Lily (Sally Struthers), Tweedledum and Tweedledee (Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme), the Walrus (Karl Malden) and others. 90 min.

Born To Ride (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1991) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

Born To Ride(1991) VHS
Macho man John Stamos stars as a motorcycle-riding rebel who leads a group of young cyclists in a daring raid on the Nazis during World War II. John Stockwell, Teri Polo also star in this rousing, revving action film. 88 min.

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John Stamos