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Big Trouble in Little China
Big Trouble in Little China
28 in x 41 in
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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Sex And The City: The Complete First Season Boxed Set VHS
All 12 episodes from season one--including "Sex and the City," "Models and Mortals," "Valley of the Twentysomethings," "The Monogamists," "Three's a Crowd," "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" and more--are collected in a three-tape boxed set. 6 hrs. total.

Rosebud(1975) VHS
Action-crammed political thriller from Otto Preminger about a group of international beauties on a luxury yacht who are kidnapped by PLO terrorists, and a secret agent and an Israeli operative who team to rescue them. Peter O'Toole, Cliff Gorman, Peter Lawford, Richard Attenborough, Isabelle Huppert, Kim Cattrall and former New York City mayor John Lindsay star. 126 min.

Deadly Harvest(1976) VHS
In a future world where food is a commodity bought with human blood, a farmer cries for vengeance when his family is murdered by a roving band of scavengers. Thrilling sci-fi drama stars Clint Walker, Nehemiah Persoff, Kim Cattrall. 86 min.

The Bastard(1978) VHS
Epic presentation of John Jakes' American Bicentennial saga stars Andrew Stevens as the illegitimate son of an English nobleman who journeys through England, France and Revolutionary America to gain his rightful inheritance. Kim Cattrall, Buddy Ebsen, Lorne Greene, William Shatner and Tom Bosley also star. 189 min.

The Rebels(1979) VHS
The Kent Family Chronicles of John Jakes continue in this sequel to "The Bastard," as Philip Kent (Andrew Stevens) fights for American independence while at last confronting his father, the Duke of Kentland, face-to-face. Don Johnson, Doug McClure, Richard Basehart, Kim Cattrall and Tanya Tucker star. 180 min.

Scruples(1980) VHS
Judith Krantz's best-selling novel about the glitzy and seductive world of fashion is turned into a tale of temptation, ambition and treachery in this hit mini-series. Lindsay Wagner, Barry Bostwick, Kim Cattrall, Connie Stevens, Marie-France Pisier and Gene Tierney star. 278 min.

Tribute(1980) VHS
Jack Lemmon shines as a terminally ill press agent who must come to terms with his life and his estranged son in this touching seriocomedy. Robby Benson, Lee Remick, Colleen Dewhurst, Kim Cattrall also star. 121 min.

Porky's(1982) VHS
Gut-busting comedy about youthful shenanigans in 1950s Florida that follows a group of hormone-driven high school buddies to a rowdy bar named Porky's and through one wacky experience after another. Surprise box office hit stars Roger Wilson, Kim Cattrall, Scott Colomby, Dan Monahan; directed by Bob Clark. 99 min.

Police Academy (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1984) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

Police Academy(1984) VHS
An outrageously funny look at the group of misfits who sign up for police academy--where cops are so inept, crime's gotta pay! A riotous beat you won't want to miss! Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, Bubba Smith, George Gaynes, Michael Winslow; directed by Hugh Wilson ("The First Wives Club"). 96 min.

City Limits(1985) VHS
All-star apocalypse epic about the battle between rival bikers following a plague that has wiped out most of civilization. Darrell Larson, Kim Cattrall, Rae Dawn Chong, James Earl Jones and Robby Benson star. 90 min.

Big Trouble In Little China(1986) VHS
Furiously offbeat, lightning-paced adventure by John Carpenter, blending action, horror, comedy and martial arts, about a ragtag group of heroes out to rescue a kidnapped girl from a 2,000-year-old magician in San Francisco's Chinatown. Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, James Hong and Dennis Dun star. 99 min.

Mannequin(1987) VHS
Engaging fantasy/comedy starring Andrew McCarthy as a Philadelphia department store window dresser who gets a shock when the fetching figurine he's dressing comes to life as comely Kim Cattrall. With Estelle Getty, James Spader, Meshach Taylor. 89 min.

Masquerade(1988) VHS
The plot twists come fast and furious in this intense, passion-filled thriller about a young heiress (Meg Tilly) who is romanced by a man (Rob Lowe) whose designs may be more on her money than on her. With John Glover, Kim Cattrall, Dana Delany. 91 min.

The Return Of The Musketeers(1989) VHS
En garde! Twenty years after they swaskbuckled their way to glory, D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers return to stop the unscrupulous daughter of Milady De Winter and the conniving Cardinal Mazarin in this action-filled, comic adventure. Michael York, Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain, Frank Finlay, Kim Cattrall and Christopher Lee star; directed by Richard Lester. 103 min.

Good Night, Michelangelo(1989) VHS
A heartwarming comedy in the manner of ``Avalon,'' this look at the American Dream follows a family of Italian immigrants, their friends, and a pair of boarders as seen through the eyes of the youngest family member, an 8-year-old boy. Giancarlo Giannini, Kim Cattrall, Daniel Desanto star. 91 min. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: Shapiro Glickenhaus Home Video. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: B.

The Bonfire Of The Vanities (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1990) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

The Bonfire Of The Vanities(1990) VHS
Tom Hanks, Melanie Griffith and Bruce Willis star in the controversial adaptation of Tom Wolfe's acerbic novel. A successful Wall Street trader finds his charmed life turned into a shambles when he accidentally runs over a black youth while driving with his mistress in a tough Bronx neighborhood. With Morgan Freeman, Kim Cattrall; Brian De Palma directs. 126 min.

Honeymoon Academy(1990) VHS
Sparkling comedy/adventure about a newlywed couple where the wife has one little secret...she's a spy! Hubby Robert Hays learns the truth on their honeymoon, when bride Kim Cattrall is hotly pursued by enemy agents, thieves and other mysterious types. With Leigh Taylor-Young, Charles Rocket and Christopher Lee. 94 min. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: HBO Video. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: B.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country(1991) VHS
Detente comes to outer space, as the Enterprise is assigned to escort a Klingon Ambassador to a peace session with the Federation. But when the Klingon ship is attacked, Kirk and McCoy are charged with murder and Spock must find out who is risking the start of interplanetary war. Christopher Plummer, David Warner, Kim Cattrall co-star. 110 min.

Miracle In The Wilderness(1991) VHS
Spirited adventure stars Kris Kristofferson as a former gunslinger who is taken hostage by an Indian tribe along with his wife and child. The Indian chief seeks revenge for the death of his son, whom Kristofferson killed in self-defense, and it's up to the former gunman's wife to dissuade the Indians by telling them the story of Christmas. Kim Cattrall co-stars. 88 min.

Split Second(1992) VHS
An action-packed sci-fier starring Rutger Hauer as a tough cop going up against a deadly, vicious monstrosity terrorizing the streets in 2008. When the creature kills his partner and kidnaps his girlfriend, Hauer brings out the big guns to stop it. With Kim Cattrall, Neil Duncan and Michael J. Pollard as the Rat Catcher. 90 min.

Double Vision(1992) VHS
Kim Cattrall plays a medical student investigating the disappearance of her identical twin in London. To discover what happened to her sister, she assumes her identity and is quickly drawn into the kinky lifestyle she lived. Based on a story by Mary Higgins Clark; with Christopher Lee, Gale Hansen. 92 min.

Wild Palms(1993) VHS
Producer Oliver Stone's much-talked-about miniseries is set in early 21st-century Los Angeles, where attorney Jim Belushi joins a media group headed by sinister politician Robert Loggia, who wants to revolutionize TV through the use of "virtual reality." Soon, Belushi and his family are flung into a nightmarish world filled with strange visions and dangerous conspiracies. Dana Delany, Angie Dickinson, Kim Cattrall also star. 284 min. on two tapes.

Running Delilah(1993) VHS
After being killed in action, a beautiful secret agent is resurrected in a lab and turned into a cyborg operative. Along with her boyfriend, she searches for the arms dealer who killed her. Kim Cattrall, Billy Zane and Diana Rigg star in this sci-fi thriller. 85 min.

Breaking Point(1994) VHS
Retired Seattle cop Gary Busey finds himself fighting for more than just his life when a demented killer whom he tried to catch before at the cost of his sanity and marriage resurfaces in this ultra-intense psychological thriller. Kim Cattrall, Darlanne Fluegel also star. 95 min.

The Heidi Chronicles(1995) VHS
Jamie Lee Curtis plays the title role, a young woman searching for her place in the world through the social upheavals of the '60s, '70s and '80s, in this marvelous seriocomedy, scripted by Wendy Wasserstein from her own Tony- and Pulitzer Prize-winning play. With Tom Hulce, Kim Cattrall. 94 min.

Above Suspicion(1995) VHS
After a drug bust shooting leaves him paralyzed, cop Christopher Reeve begins to suspect his wife and fellow officer brother of having an affair in this riveting suspenser that mixes adultery, deception, and a million-dollar murder scheme. With Kim Cattrall, Joe Mantegna, Edward Kerr. 95 min.

Live Nude Girls(1995) VHS
A "bachelorette slumber party" for a group of female friends turns into a funny, emotional and moving evening as the women reveal long-held secrets and bare their souls on love, lust and friendship. Spicy comedy/drama stars Kim Cattrall, Olivia D'Abo, Dana Delany, Laila Robins, Cynthia Stevenson and Lora Zane. 92 min.

Where Truth Lies(1996) VHS
Harrowing psychological suspenser stars John Savage as a renowned psychiatrist who goes from doctor to patient when, against his will, he's sent to a strange institute where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred, and where someone wants him insane...or dead. With Kim Cattrall, Sam Jones, Malcolm McDowell. 92 min.

Unforgettable(1996) VHS
From thriller specialist John Dahl ("The Last Seduction") comes this gripping suspenser starring Ray Liotta as a medical examiner haunted by the mysterious murder of his wife--a death for which he was once considered the prime suspect. With help from scientist Linda Fiorentino, Liotta injects himself with a memory-transfer chemical that allows him to see his wife's final moments. 114 min.

Exception To The Rule(1997) VHS
A married gem dealer thinks his affair with a beautiful stranger was just a one-night stand, but the "other woman" has more on her mind than mere revenge, blackmailing the man into giving her a valuable shipment of diamonds and threatening his family and his life. Seductive thriller stars Kim Cattrall, Eric McCormack, Sean Young and William Devane. 98 min.

Sex And The City: The First Two Episodes(1998) VHS
Includes "Sex and the City" and "Models and Mortals." 60 min.

Baby Geniuses(1999) VHS
Deep in a top secret lab, nasty researchers Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloyd try to crack the language barrier that will enable them to understand the "babble" of babies, who are born with the knowledge of the universe. One of the test subjects escapes and sets out with his pint-size pals to stop their scheme. Lively family comedy also stars Kim Cattrall, Peter MacNichol and Dom DeLuise. 95 min.

36 Hours To Die(1999) VHS
Brewery owner Treat Williams is against the wall when a local mobster tries to extort money from him and ruin his business. Williams enlists the help of his wife for her expertise at finances and uncle for his brawn to beat the hood at his own game. Kim Cattrall, Saul Rubinek and Carroll O'Connor also star. 94 min.

Modern Vampires(1999) VHS
In this hip horror saga, a community of bloodsuckers living in L.A. finds their existence threatened when one of them, vampire seductress Natasha Gregson Wagner, gains notoriety as the "Hollywood Slasher." Leading ghoul Casper Van Dien tries to help her, while vampire hunter Rod Steiger and his gang-banging crew attempt to destroy the creatures. With Natasha Lyonne. 95 min.

15 Minutes(2001) VHS
In this darkly satiric crime thriller, Robert De Niro is a maverick New York detective who joins forces with arson investigator Edward Burns. Their quarry: a pair of Eastern European psychos who are capturing their depraved crime spree on a camcorder, hoping to sell the footage to the thrill-seeking media for $1 million. Kelsey Grammer, Melina Kanakaredes, Karel Roden and Oleg Taktarov also star. 121 min.

Crossroads(2002) VHS
Teen pop queen Britney Spears makes her starring screen debut in this lively road movie. After graduating from high school, former childhood pals Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning join Spears on an eventful cross-country trip to L.A.: Saldana to confront her hesitant fiance at college, Manning to try to become a singer, and Spears to find the mother who left her and her dad years earlier. Co-stars Anson Mount, Dan Aykroyd, Kim Cattrall, Richard Voll. 93 min.

Porky's [DVD](1981) DVD
Porky's (1982)/Porky's II: The Next Day [DVD](1983) DVD
Police Academy [DVD](1984) DVD
Mannequin [DVD](1987) DVD
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country [DVD](1991) DVD
Split Second [DVD](1992) DVD
Unforgettable [DVD](1996) DVD
15 Minutes [DVD](2001) DVD
Crossroads [DVD](2002) DVD
Crossroads (Double Sided)
Crossroads (Double Sided)
27 in x 40 in
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