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Lorenzo Lamas
Lorenzo Lamas
Lorenzo Lamas
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The Joy Of Natural Childbirth VHS
An exciting, informative hour on natural childbirth, with discussions, a look at the Lamaze Method and an actual birth sequence. Lorenzo Lamas, Jane Seymour, Kenny Rogers and Cindy Williams are featured. 60 min.

Take Down(1979) VHS
Edward Herrmann is a high school English teacher cornered into coaching the hapless wrestling team and recruiting an uninterested student (Lorenzo Lamas) for the squad. Lighthearted drama co-stars Kathleen Lloyd, Stephen Furst and Kevin Hooks. 86 min.

SnakeEater [DVD](1989) DVD
A tough city cop dispenses his own final brand of justice to the brutal backwoods clan responsible for his family's murder. Explosive action tale that plays like "Next of Kin" reversed stars Lorenzo Lamas, Ron Palillo and NFL great Larry Csonka. 89 min.

SnakeEater II: The Drug Buster [DVD](1990) DVD
Ex-commando-turned-big-city cop Lorenzo Lamas is back to dispense his own hard brand of justice to a drug ring that's killed its clients with poisoned merchandise. Hard-hitting action tale co-stars Michele Scarabelli and Larry B. Scott as Speedboat. 93 min.

Night Of The Warrior [DVD](1991) DVD
Photographer Lorenzo Lamas pays off a loan to a sleazy fight promoter by entering a brutal martial arts tournament, but when he refuses to fight a Thai kickboxing champ, the promoter kidnaps his girlfriend and frames him for murder. Time to get even. All-out actioner co-stars Kathleen Kinmont, Arlene Dahl and Anthony Geary. 96 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English stereo; scene access.

SnakeEater III...His Law [DVD](1992) DVD
The action never stops as Jack Kelly, aka "SnakeEater," sets out to avenge the savage beating of a young woman by a group of bikers. It's all-out war, as SnakeEater attempts to even the score! Lorenzo Lamas, Holly Chester and wrestler "Bam Bam" Bigelow star. 109 min.

Renegade(1993) VHS
The feature-length pilot to the hit syndicated TV series stars Lorenzo Lamas as Reno Raines, an ex-cop framed for murder who becomes a motorcycle-riding hero-on-the run. Can Reno rescue his long-lost brother from a brutal "training camp" for participants in illegal fights run by an ex-Marine? Kathleen Kinmont, Martin Kove, Charles Napier co-star. 96 min.

Bounty Tracker(1993) VHS
A team of assassins led by a criminal mastermind holds Los Angeles at bay. After unsuccessful attempts to stop them, the LAPD calls on a renegade bounty hunter with incredible martial arts expertise to halt the culprits. Lorenzo Lamas, Matthias Hues and Cyndi Pass star in this cinematic powderkeg. 90 min.

Bad Blood(1994) VHS
When his estranged brother is marked for death by a ruthless drug kingpin, Lorenzo Lamas goes into action, putting their problematical past behind. This all-out action assault also stars John P. Ryan, Kimberly Kates. 90 min.

Gladiator Cop: The Swordsman II(1994) VHS
Ex-detective Lorenzo Lamas is lured into a deadly game against a man who was executed 2,000 years ago. Both are after a sword once used by Alexander the Great that has been swiped by thugs using it in lethal underground sword-fighting duels. Nicholas Pasco and James Hong also star. 92 min.

Blood For Blood(1995) VHS
A quiet policeman who has become a lethal human weapon draws upon his power to battle a Yakuza warlord when his family is put in danger. Lorenzo Lamas, James Lew and Mako star in this wild, kickboxing-filled thriller. 93 min.

Mask Of Death(1997) VHS
After his wife is brutally murdered by mobsters, policeman Lorenzo Lamas seeks revenge by undergoing plastic surgery and infiltrating the crooks' world. With help from superior Billy Dee Williams and ex-partner Rae Dawn Chong, Lamas makes the bad guys look not-so-"mahvelous." 89 min.

The Rage(1998) VHS
Brilliant, psychopathic serial murderer Gary Busey leads a gang of assassins on a brutal cross-country killing spree against political and military leaders, and only FBI agent Lorenzo Lamas can stop them, in this tale filled with action and suspense. Roy Scheider, David Carradine and Kristen Cloke also star. 95 min.

Terminal Justice: Cybertech P.D.(1998) VHS
Lorenzo Lamas stars in this futuristic adventure thriller as a man bent on destroying a powerful virtual reality criminal empire that is manufacturing cloned sex slaves. Chris Sarandon, Kari Salin, Peter Coyote co-star. 95 min.

Good Cop, Bad Cop(1998) VHS
Lorenzo Lamas looks and acts "mahvelous" as a retired cop called on for one more tough assignment: stop a drug dealer working out of Chaparro, Mexico. But Lamas gets more than he bargained for when he finds the drug dealer calling on a deadly ancient power for help. Lobo Sebastian and Catherine Lazo also star. 102 min.

The Muse(1999) VHS
Fearful that he's losing his creativity, screenwriter Albert Brooks seeks help from successful fellow scribe Jeff Bridges. His secret turns out to be gorgeous Sharon Stone, who claims to be one of the Nine Muses of Greek mythology and will provide inspiration to Brooks in exchange for "little gifts" like Tiffany jewelry and a posh hotel suite. Sharp and funny Hollywood satire, directed and co-written by Brooks, also stars Andie MacDowell; cameos by James Cameron, Martin Scorsese and others. 97 min.

Undercurrent(1999) VHS
Lorenzo Lamas plays a former cop who heads to Puerto Rico, where he's set to oversee the operations at his former partner's nightclub. After Lamas is blackmailed into having an affair with a mobster's beautiful wife, his life is placed in danger. Frank Vincent and Brenda Strong also star in this action-saturated story. 99 min.

The Immortal(2000) VHS
Seeking revenge after his wife is slain and his daughter kidnapped by demons, 16th-century warrior Lorenzo Lamas and aide Steve Braun are granted immortality and charged with battling the demon hordes and returning them to the underworld. Follow their quest in this feature-length pilot to the hit TV series. April Telek, Dominic Keating also star. 85 min.

Good Cop, Bad Cop [DVD](1998) DVD
The Immortal [DVD](2000) DVD
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