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Sabrina The Teenage Witch(1996) VHS
The high school enchantress who was featured in Archie comics and cartoons comes to life in the fun-filled pilot to the hit TV series. Sixteen-year-old Sabrina discovers her magical heritage after she moves in with her two otherworldly aunts, but will she use her powers to help her find true love? Melissa Joan Hart, Sherry Miller and Charlene Fernetz star. 91 min.

The Right Connections(1997) VHS
Heartwarming hip-hop comedy about a group of siblings who, with the help of retired rap star MC Hammer and cab driver Melissa Joan Hart, enter a music contest in order to help their out-of-work mom through financial difficulties. With Meshach Taylor, Elizabeth Hart, Brian Hart and Alexandra Hart-Gilliams. 97 min.

Drive Me Crazy [DVD](1999) DVD
When high schooler Melissa Joan Hart abruptly finds herself without a date for the big centennial dance she's in charge of planning, she makes a deal with her next-door neighbor, scruffy rebel Adrian Grenier: he'll get a makeover and pose as her new beau, which will make his ex-girlfriend jealous. The plan works fine, until the pair wind up falling in love, in this romantic teen romp. With Stephen Collins, Susan May Pratt. 91 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English 5.1 and Dolby Surround, French; Subtitles: English, Spanish; music videos; DVD-ROM features; TV spots; theatrical trailer; scene access.

The Specials(2000) VHS
They're "America's seventh best superhero team," with a roll call that includes Amok, Minute Man, Mr. Smart, Ms. Indestructible, the Strobe and the Weevil. But on the eve of the long-awaited release of Specials action figures, internal tensions and a desire by some members to opt for "the big time" may tear the team apart. Rob Lowe, Thomas Haden Church, Paget Brewster and Jamie Kennedy star in this witty superhero spoof. 82 min.

Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker: The Original, Uncut Version [DVD](2000) DVD
Future masked manhunter Terry McGinnis faces his deadliest test ever when that maniacal Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker, reappears to stake his claim to Gotham City. And when his mayhem seriously injures Bruce Wayne, the new Batman must take on his most dangerous foe alone, in this feature-length animated saga. This special, uncut edition features scenes that may be too intense for younger children. 80 min.

Recess: School's Out [DVD](2001) DVD
It's the end of fourth grade for T.J., Gretchen, Mikey and the Third Street Elementary gang, but the adventure is just starting when they learn an ex-government education official is using the school for a scheme to change the weather and eliminate summer vacation! Watch as the kids rally to thwart his plans in this full-length animated tale based on the popular Saturday morning TV series. Voices by Dabney Coleman, Melissa Joan Hart, Pamela Segall and James Woods. 84 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby 5.1, Spanish; music videos; digital comic book; animation camp; game; DVD-ROM content; scene access.

Not Another Teen Movie [DVD](2001) DVD
Contemporary teen movies get skewered unmercifully in this outrageous spoof. The comedic cliches come fast and furious at John Hughes High School, where the "popular jock" bets a "cocky blonde guy" that he can turn the "pretty ugly girl" into the prom queen. Of course, there are also spiteful cheerleaders, sex-crazed foreign exchange students, token black dudes and other genre standards. Chris Evans, Eric Christian Olsen, Mia Kirschner and Jaime Pressly star. 90 min. Soundtrack: English; audio commentary; deleted scenes; bloopers; "making of" documentary.

Backflash [DVD](2001) DVD
Robert Patrick is a video store owner who is totally disgruntled--and Blockbuster didn't even open on the same block--and takes to the highway. While on the road, he picks up hitchhiker Jennifer Esposito, who enlists him in a plot to smuggle $2 million of stolen loot out of a bank. The further Patrick gets involved with the scheme, the weirder and more dangerous things become. With Colm Meaney, Melissa Joan Hart. AKA: "Backflash Blues." 90 min.

Drive Me Crazy(1999) VHS
Not Another Teen Movie(2001) VHS
Recess: School's Out(2001) VHS
Backflash(2001) VHS
Melissa Joan Hart
Melissa Joan Hart
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Melissa Joan Hart
Melissa Joan Hart
8 in x 10 in
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