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They Came To Cordura(1959) VHS
Tough frontier drama that looks at the nature of heroism stars Gary Cooper as a soldier accused of cowardice in 1916, charged with finding five Medal of Honor candidates and bringing them to a military outpost. With Rita Hayworth, Van Heflin, Tab Hunter. 123 min.

Mysterious Island [DVD](1961) DVD
Jules Verne's novel about escaped Civil War prisoners who find themselves on an island populated by giant crabs and bees, prehistoric birds, and an enigmatic ally is brought to startling life, thanks to Ray Harryhausen's effects. Michael Craig, Herbert Lom star. 100 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby mono; featurette; "making of" documentary; photo gallery; theatrical trailer.

Cat Ballou(1965) VHS
Rip-roarin' Western comedy with Jane Fonda as the shy schoolmarm-turned-outlaw who avenges her father's death with the aid of drunken ex-gunslinger Lee Marvin. With Dwayne Hickman, Michael Callan, and the musical narration of Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye. 97 min.

Frasier, The Loveable Lion(1973) VHS
He's 95 years old in human years, but this frisky feline is still siring cubs. And if that isn't enough, he's using telepathy to share the secret of his prowess with his keeper! Roaringly outrageous comedy stars Michael Callan, Lori Saunders. 97 min.

Lepke(1975) VHS
Tony Curtis is chilling as Louis "Lepke" Buchalter in this rigorous portrayal of the ruthless gangster's rise from his youth in Manhattan's Lower East Side to his command of "Murder, Inc.," the notorious assassination bureau that served the needs of other underworld figures. Co-stars Anjanette Comer, Michael Callan, Milton Berle. 98 min.

The Cat And The Canary(1979) VHS
Chic sex auteur Radley Metzger ("The Lickerish Quartet") reworks the classic thriller with stylish results. Honor Blackman, Michael Callan, Olivia Hussey, Edward Fox, Wendy Hiller, Carol Lynley and Wilfrid Hyde-White are among those trying to dodge a killer in an old mansion on a rainy night. 98 min.

Scruples(1980) VHS
Judith Krantz's best-selling novel about the glitzy and seductive world of fashion is turned into a tale of temptation, ambition and treachery in this hit mini-series. Lindsay Wagner, Barry Bostwick, Kim Cattrall, Connie Stevens, Marie-France Pisier and Gene Tierney star. 278 min.

Leprechaun 3(1995) VHS
The nasty little critter with the green hat goes wild in Las Vegas after discovering his magical gold shilling is missing. It seems that a down-on-his-luck college student has found it in a pawn shop and the Irish monstrosity is willing to kill to get the coin back. "Glitter City" becomes the "Emerald Isle of Death" in this outing. Warwick Davis stars. 93 min.

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