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Olivier Gruner
Angel Town [DVD](1990) DVD
A smashing action yarn starring new martial arts sensation Oliver Gruner. When gangs terrorize the neighborhood near his L.A. apartment, a student who happens to be a kickboxing champ brings his own brand of street justice to the dangerous situation. Theresa Saldana and Frank Aragon co-star. 102 min. Standard; Soundtracks: English stereo, Spanish; Subtitles: English; production notes; biographies; theatrical trailer; scene access.

The Fighter(1994) VHS
Kickboxing in the Old West? You bet! Olivier Gruner stars as an army officer who uses his fists and feet to tame a Texas frontier town and corral the schemes of a ruthless land baron in this action-packed sagebrusher. With Marc Singer, Ian Ziering, Ashley Laurence, R. Lee Ermey. 93 min.

Automatic(1995) VHS
Fast and furious futuristic actioner involving a renegade cyborg who teams with a beautiful human woman when they're both linked to a murder. Heading the search to find them is the nasty head of a robotics company. Olivier Gruner, Daphne Ashbrook, John Glover star in this cyber-thriller. 90 min.

Mercenary(1997) VHS
In this power-packed actioner, Olivier Gruner plays the lethal mercenary hired to find the culprits behind the killing of a wealthy businessman. The danger-filled search leads Gruner to the Iraqi headquarters of a Russian terrorist. John Ritter and Martin Kove also star. 97 min.

T.N.T.(1997) VHS
Olivier Gruner is a mercenary working for a government-sponsored agency known as the Organization who suspects his employers have questionable motives. After some dangerous missions, Gruner--now dubbed "Yankee"--tries to settle down, but his past in covert operations just can't be erased. With Randy Travis, Rebecca Staab and Eric Roberts. 87 min.

Mars [DVD](1997) DVD
Kickboxing champ Olivier Gruner plays the brother of a policeman murdered while working on a much-desired fuel station on Mars in the year 2056. Was his brother corrupt? Who killed him? Gruner tries to find out in this action-packed science fictioner that co-stars Shari Belafonte. 91 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English stereo; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Velocity Trap(1998) VHS
Remember those B-Westerns where a stagecoach gold shipment was threatened by bandits lying in wait in a dangerous canyon, and only one lawman could stop them? Well, now it's the year 2150, and interplanetary police officer Olivier Gruner must escort a ship transporting $40 billion through the treacherous Velocity Run, unaware that space pirates are waiting to hijack it. Bruce Weitz, Alicia Coppola also star. 89 min.

Mercenary 2: Thick And Thin(1999) VHS
While in Latin America, businessman Robert Townsend is kidnapped by a group of commandos working for a military leader. A female associate of the businessman hires a group of mercenaries to retrieve him in this action-packed tale. With Nicolas Turturro, Olivier Gruner and Claudia Christian. 101 min.

Crackerjack 3(1999) VHS
CIA covert operations director Bo Svenson is looking forward to his imminent retirement. It's not going to be that easy, though, because his replacement is part of a plot to destroy the global economy, so retirement takes a back seat as Svenson and some "old school" friends fight to stop their "hi-tech" adversaries from throwing the world into chaos. Olivier Gruner, Leo Rossi co-star. 97 min.

Interceptor Force(1999) VHS
A mercenary squad is sent into Mexico to investigate the crash of a U.S. Air Force jet squadron, only to encounter an alien creature capable of changing its shape and assuming the identity of anyone it comes in contact with, in this sci-fi actioner. Olivier Gruner, Ernie Hudson, Glenn Plummer star. 91 min.

The White Pony [DVD](1999) DVD
In this children's adventure saga that mixes fantasy and wildlife elements, a 12-year-old girl with a dream of owning a pony encounters a magical leprechaun, her evil cousin and a fairy tale princess while seeking that special pony on her uncle's farm. Carly and Natalie Anderson, Olivier Gruner, Warwick Davis star. 86 min.

The Circuit [DVD](1999) DVD
Olivier Gruner, kickboxing expert supreme, will blow you away as a martial arts master who walks away from an underground kickboxing circuit undefeated. When gangsters nab his brother, however, Olivier proves he's a real marathon man, entering the ring once more to knock out the circuit. Bryan Genesse, Billy Drago, Gail Harris also star. 90 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: Spanish; theatrical trailer; scene access; interactive menus.

Extreme Honor(2001) VHS
Dan Anderson is a Navy S.E.A.L. who is disgraced by his fellow officers and forced to retire after they accuse him of treason. However, when his son's cancer threatens to claim his life unless he gets treatment, Anderson must play a billionaire's game and come out of retirement, where he is again pitted against those responsible for his downfall. Michael Ironside and Michael Madsen co-star.

T.N.T. [DVD](1997) DVD
Extreme Honor [DVD](2001) DVD
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