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History Of The World Cup: 1966 To 1990 VHS
Twenty-four years of soccer highlights from the World Cup tournament are presented in this exciting program that features Geoff Hurst's hat trick in 1966, Pele leading the Brazilians in 1970, and such superstars as Kempes, Cruyff, Milla and others.80 min.

Sports Clinic: Soccer VHS
Hubert Vogelsinger, a top soccer coach, demonstrates the steps needed to make you a regular Pele. The most popular sport in the world can now be yours to master by using this tape. 75 min.

The Boys From Brazil VHS
The greatest action, players and plays in Brazilian soccer history are featured in this fast-paced tape. See highlights from Brazil's three World Cup squads, a salute to the legendary Pele, and more. 85 min.

Victory(1981) VHS
Stirring World War II drama centers on a German-sponsored soccer match between the Reich's top players and Allied prisoners. The game, at first the diversion for a planned escape, becomes a symbolic struggle that both sides want to any cost. Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine, Max Von Sydow and soccer great Pele star. 110 min.

Hot Shot [DVD](1987) DVD
An arrogant young American soccer player, after hitting bottom, seeks the advice of his lifelong idol (Pele), who gives him needed lessons in humility as well as in skill. 90 min.

Soccer Dog(1998) VHS
A young boy faces trouble from the soccer teammates in his new town until he befriends Lincoln, a dog on the run from the local dogcatcher. When a player gets injured, Lincoln steps in and quickly becomes the "Pele of Poochdom," inspiring other families to test their pets' sports expertise. James Marshall, Olivia D'Abo and Jeremy Foley star. 98 min.

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