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Dante's Peak (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Tomorrow Never Dies (Limited Collector's Edition) VHS
Available for a limited time only, this deluxe boxed set includes, along with the movie, the behind-the-scenes documentary "Highly Classified: The World of 007," a copy of the shooting script, and a collectible photo set.

Mars Attacks! (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

The Mirror Crack'd(1980) VHS
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple (Angela Lansbury) investigates a murder on the set of a movie filming in her previously quiet little village, and finds a castful of bickering suspects. The marvelous supporting cast includes Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, Kim Novak and Tony Curtis. 105 min.

The Manions Of America(1981) VHS
Epic drama, created by daytime TV guru Agnes Nixon, traces 40 years in the lives of an Irish immigrant family and how their passions and dreams are fulfilled in 19th-century America. Pierce Brosnan, Kate Mulgrew, David Soul, Linda Purl and Anthony Quayle star. 284 min. on three tapes. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

The Manions Of America(1981) VHS
Epic drama, created by daytime TV guru Agnes Nixon, traces 40 years in the lives of an Irish immigrant family and how their passions and dreams are fulfilled in 19th-century America. Pierce Brosnan, Kate Mulgrew, David Soul, Linda Purl and Anthony Quayle star. 284 min. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

Taffin(1987) VHS
Dashing Pierce Brosnan stars as a gun for hire who comes to the aid of a small Irish town when they're harassed by a ruthless magnate into accepting a deadly chemical dump. Exciting actioner also stars Alison Doody. 96 min.

The Fourth Protocol(1987) VHS
Top-notch suspense thriller from the pen of Frederick Forsyth (``Day of the Jackal''), with Pierce Brosnan as a KGB agent out to blow up an English town with a miniature atom bomb and Michael Caine as the British Intelligence officer who must stop him. With Ned Beatty, Joanna Cassidy. 100 min.

The Heist(1989) VHS
Released from jail for a crime he didn't commit, racetrack security expert Pierce Brosnan is ready to implement his plan for revenge on the man who framed him. Thrilling caper drama also stars Tom Skerritt, Wendy Hughes. 97 min.

Around The World In 80 Days(1989) VHS
Pierce Brosnan stars as Phileas Fogg, who wagers he can circumnavigate the globe in 80 days, in this acclaimed mini-series adaptation of the Jules Verne novel. The all-star cast also includes Eric Idle, Julia Nickson, Peter Ustinov, Robert Wagner and Jill St. John. 270 min.

Happy Birthday, Bugs!(1990) VHS
Here's a 50th birthday salute to the world's most ``wascally wabbit,'' featuring clips of Bugs' greatest bits and guest appearances from a host of stars, including Milton Berle, Bill Cosby, John Goodman, Martin Mull, Fred Savage and William Shatner. Bugs is joined by pals Porky Pig, Daffy Duck and other classic Warner Bros. characters. 47 min.

Mister Johnson(1991) VHS
Set in Nigeria in 1923, this fascinating drama from Bruce Beresford ("Driving Miss Daisy") focuses on a black clerk working for British officials who fantasizes about having a more cultured (i.e., white) lifestyle. Soon, he begins stealing from his employer, a Civil Service Officer, which leads to a series of unfortunate complications. Pierce Brosnan, Edward Woodward and Maynard Eziashi star. 102 min.

Live Wire(1992) VHS
An ace FBI bomb expert, troubled by his wife's open affair with the U.S. senator he's been hired to protect, is put into the most dangerous situation of his life when he must find and detonate a powerful explosive disguised as water. Pierce Brosnan, Ron Silver, Ben Cross and Lisa Eilbacher star in this action-packed thriller. Unrated version; 87 min.

The Lawnmower Man(1992) VHS
Amazing special effects highlight this high-tech thriller that explores the frontier of the human mind. A scientist experimenting in "virtual reality" uses a retarded gardener as a guinea pig, only to have his latter-day Frankenstein monster turn on him. Jeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan, Jenny Wright star. Unrated, director's-cut version features scenes not shown in theatres; 142 min.

Detonator(1993) VHS
A renegade Russian general hijacks a nuclear bomb and sends it toward Iraq on a hijacked train. The situation threatens the world's peace, and only secret agents Pierce Brosnan and Alexandra Paul can halt the dangerous proceedings. Ted Levine, Christopher Lee and Patrick Stewart also star; based on Alistair MacLean's "Death Train." 98 min.

Mrs. Doubtfire(1993) VHS
Family life gets to be a drag, literally, for divorced dad Robin Williams. He's denied custody of his children and decides to impersonate an elderly Englishwoman when estranged wife Sally Field advertises for a nanny. As Mrs. Doubtfire, Williams gets to be with his kids while spoiling Field's new romance. Hit gender-bending farce also stars Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Fierstein. 125 min.

The Broken Chain(1993) VHS
True-life adventure saga set during the Revolutionary War and focusing on two Iroquois brothers who stage a brave fight to keep their land from being taken over by settlers. Eric Schweig, Wes Studi, Pierce Brosnan and Graham Greene star. 93 min.

Love Affair(1994) VHS
The third filming of the classic cinematic romance (fourth, if you count "Sleepless in Seattle") stars Warren Beatty and Annette Bening as two people who meet by chance while vacationing and fall in love. Unsure of what to do next, they separate and vow to meet in three months' appointment that one will have trouble keeping. With Pierce Brosnan, Garry Shandling, and a memorable supporting turn by Katharine Hepburn as Beatty's aunt. 108 min.

Detonator II: Night Watch(1995) VHS
Alistair MacLean's "Night Watch" is the basis for this sequel to the popular actioner. Pierce Brosnan is a UN special agent who uncovers a North Korean weapon that can destroy global communications systems. There's shoot-outs, chases and stunts galore; with Alexandra Paul, William Devane. 99 min.

Goldeneye(1995) VHS
The face may be different, but the action, stunts and style are reminiscent of classic 007 outings in Pierce Brosnan's initiation into the James Bond fold. Bond battles Russian mobsters as he tracks down the villains using "leftover" Soviet satellite weapons in a scheme to rob the world's banks. With Sean Bean, Izabella Scorupco, and Famke Janssen as sexy assassin Xenia Onatopp. 130 min.

The Mirror Has Two Faces(1996) VHS
Based on a 1958 French film, director/star Barbra Streisand's warm and revealing romantic comedy follows Babs' frumpy Columbia professor on an odyssey from ugly duckling to glamorous sophisticate, all to kindle passion in her "platonic marriage" to fellow academician Jeff Bridges. With Pierce Brosnan, Mimi Rogers and Lauren Bacall. 127 min.

Robinson Crusoe(1996) VHS
Pierce Brosnan stars in the title role of Daniel Defoe's literary castaway. As the sole survivor of a shipwreck, Brosnan spends years in isolation on his island home before befriending the native he names Friday. William Takaku, Lysette Anthony and Ian Hart also star in this classic adventure saga. 105 min.

Mars Attacks!(1996) VHS
No one on Earth, from the President of the United States to singer Tom Jones, is safe when an armada of flying saucers arrives and skeletal, bulbous-headed beings from Mars launch an all-out war, blasting the U.S. Congress, destroying world landmarks, and having a good laugh in the process. Director Tim Burton's wickedly funny sci-fi romp, based on the infamous '60s trading cards, features an all-star cast, including Jack Nicholson in a dual role, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, Glenn Close, Michael J. Fox, Lukas Haas, Sarah Jessica Parker and Martin Short. 106 min.

Dante's Peak(1997) VHS
A tranquil town in the Pacific Northwest becomes a Hell on Earth when the long-dormant volcano that gave the community its name becomes active again and erupts, unleashing showers of hot ash and deadly rivers of molten lava, in this (literally) explosive action hit. Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, Elizabeth Hoffman star. Special video edition includes 15 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage. 109 min.

Tomorrow Never Dies(1997) VHS
And neither do the adventures of superspy James Bond, as Pierce Brosnan's 007 finds himself going up against megalomaniacal media mogul Jonathan Pryce, who instigates a military incident between England and China as part of his scheme to dominate global communications. Hong Kong action queen Michelle Yeoh co-stars as a Chinese agent who becomes Brosnan's reluctant partner; with Teri Hatcher, Joe Don Baker. 117 min.

Quest For Camelot(1998) VHS
Lively animated saga with music details the adventures of Kayley, a knight's spunky daughter who teams with a two-headed dragon and a blind squire to retrieve the sword Excalibur from the evil Ruber in the England of King Arthur. Jessalyn Gilsig, Cary Elwes, Gary Oldman, Don Rickles, Pierce Brosnan and Eric Idle supply the voices; soundtrack by Celine Dion, LeAnn Rimes, Steve Perry. 86 min.

Grey Owl(1999) VHS
Audiences in North America and Europe in the 1930s filled halls to hear Archie Grey Owl, a Canadian Ojibway Indian, speak on conservation. What the listeners never knew until years later, however, was that "noble savage" Grey Owl was really an English trapper who came to Canada decades earlier. Pierce Brosnan and Annie Galipeau star in director Richard Attenborough's ("Gandhi") compelling, breathtaking biodrama. 118 min.

The Thomas Crown Affair(1999) VHS
In this stylish reworking of the 1968 favorite, Pierce Brosnan is Thomas Crown, a playboy art thief whose recent purloining of a $100 million Monet draws the attention of insurance investigator Rene Russo and detective Denis Leary. Once Russo figures Brosnan is the culprit, the two play a wicked cat-and-mouse game that leads to a heated romance. With Faye Dunaway, Ben Gazzara. 113 min.

The World Is Not Enough(1999) VHS
There's more than enough action, suspense, chases and sexy women, however, in this James Bond thriller. Charged with protecting a murdered oil tycoon's beautiful daughter, 007 (Pierce Brosnan) must stop a ruthless terrorist--left impervious to pain by a bullet lodged in his skull--who's stolen a Russian nuclear weapon as part of a plan to control the world's oil supply. With Robert Carlyle, Sophie Marceau, Denise Richards, Judi Dench and John Cleese as new gadget man "R." 128 min.

The Tailor Of Panama(2001) VHS
Sharply satiric spy tale, co-scripted by John le Carre from his novel and directed by John Boorman, stars Pierce Brosnan as a less-than-ethical English agent whose exploits land him in Latin American "exile." Befriending Panama City tailor and fellow British emigre Geoffrey Rush, Brosnan coaxes Rush into eavesdropping on his clientele and supplying him with "information" on subversive activities that Brosnan sends back to his superiors. Jamie Lee Curtis, Brendan Gleeson, Catherine McCormack also star. 109 min.

The Human Face(2001) VHS
Join host John Cleese for a four-part BBC series that studies the nuances of "The Human Face," from what defines beauty to the countless array of expressions used to communicate emotion, from biological, psychological, historical and cultural viewpoints. Special guests include Candice Bergen, Pierce Brosnan, Elizabeth Hurley and Michael Palin. 195 min. on two tapes. Standard; Soundtrack: English; production notes; photo gallery; additional footage.

Dante's Peak (Collector's Edition) [DVD] DVD
The Long Good Friday [DVD](1979) DVD
Nomads [DVD](1986) DVD
Around The World In 80 Days [DVD](1989) DVD
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Love Affair [DVD](1994) DVD
Mars Attacks! [DVD](1996) DVD
The Mirror Has Two Faces [DVD](1996) DVD
Robinson Crusoe [DVD](1996) DVD
Dante's Peak [DVD](1997) DVD
Quest For Camelot [DVD](1998) DVD
The James Bond Story [DVD](1999) DVD
Dolphins [DVD](2000) DVD
The Human Face (Two-Disc Set) [DVD](2001) DVD
The Tailor Of Panama [DVD](2001) DVD
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