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Whiteboyz(1999) VHS
Hip-talking rapper Flip dreams of busting out of the Chicago ghetto and making it big in the urban music scene. Getting there might be a problem, though, because he's a white farmboy from rural Iowa! Follow Flip and his "homiez'" odyssey to live out their MTV-inspired hip-hop fantasies in this phat farce co-written by star Danny Hoch and director Mark Lewin ("Slam"); featuring cameos by Fat Joe, Slick Rick, Doug E. Doug and Snoop Dogg. 88 min.

Coyote Ugly(2000) VHS
Twenty-year-old Piper Perabo leaves father John Goodman and her New Jersey home and heads to Manhattan with dreams of making it as a songwriter. After her music is rejected, Perabo takes a job at a rowdy East Village bar called Coyote Ugly, where she's befriended by no-nonsense owner Maria Bello and counter-dancing bartenders Tyra Banks, Izabella Miko and Bridget Moynahan while being drawn to Australian customer Adam Garcia. Slick mix of "Cocktail" and "Flashdance" also features LeAnn Rimes as herself. 101 min.

The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle(2000) VHS
The classic Jay Ward cartoon series becomes a witty mix of live-action and animation, as the retired moose and squirrel heroes leave their Frostbite Falls confines to stop real-life villains Boris and Natasha from hypnotizing U.S. TV watchers into electing their Fearless Leader president. Jason Alexander, Rene Russo, Robert De Niro, Piper Perabo, Janeane Garofalo and Jonathan Winters star; June Foray and Keith Scott provide the titular voices. 92 min.

Lost And Delirious [DVD](2001) DVD
Canadian filmmaker Lea Pool's sensitive and erotic coming-of-age drama details the experiences of teenager Mischa Barton, who is sent to live at a posh girls' boarding school after her mother dies. Rooming with rich Jessica Pare and rebellious Piper Perabo, Barton starts to share in her new friends' zest for living, but her discovery of their lesbian relationship threatens to destroy all three girls' lives. Jackie Burroughs also stars. 100 min.

Lost And Delirious(2001) VHS
Coyote Ugly [DVD](2000) DVD
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