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Roger Moore
Spy Tek VHS
The technology of espionage and spies is revealed in this series hosted by Roger Moore, who takes you on a fascinating journey through a covert underworld. Episodes include "Spy vs. Spy," which focuses on the Cold War battles between enemy agents; "The Real 007," a look at CIA agent Aldrich Ames, who sold secrets to the Russians; and "The Deadly Game," about historic spy technology. 150 min. on two tapes.

Father Of The Bride (Color Version) VHS
You know the bride was dressed in white. Now check out Dad and the rest of the party in this techno-tinted tale.

Live And Let Die (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Moonraker (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

For Your Eyes Only (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Maverick: The Bundle From Britain VHS
The title "bundle" turns out to be long-lost Maverick cousin Beauregard (Roger Moore), a Civil War veteran who's returned from England.

Audrey Hepburn: Remembered VHS
This salute to one of Hollywood's most beloved actresses features clips from "Roman Holiday," "Sabrina," "Funny Face," "My Fair Lady," "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and others, as well as a look at Hepburn's tireless work for UNICEF and interviews with Gregory Peck, Billy Wilder, Henry Mancini and Stanley Donen. 66 min.

Michael Caine: Breaking The Mold VHS
The actor reflects on his life and films in this invigorating documentary that offers an intimate look at one of the world's most popular performers. Clips from "Educating Rita," "Alfie," "Sleuth" and "Hannah and Her Sisters" are showcased, along with recollections from Dyan Cannon, Roger Moore, Julie Waters and others. 60 min.

Roger Moore: A Matter Of Class VHS
The son of a London policeman, Roger Moore would go on to symbolize sophisticated British crimefighters, first on TV as the Saint, then through seven big-screen outings as James Bond. See how he worked to avoid being "just another handsome face" in this video biography that features comments from Michael Caine, Gregory Peck and Maud Adams and clips from Moore's TV and film work. 52 min.

The True Story Of Frankenstein VHS
Mary Shelley created a monster in 1818, and writers, actors and filmmakers haven't been able to get enough of it ever since. The history of the creature on and off the screen includes clips from Thomas Edison's 1910 filmization to Kenneth Branagh's 1994 treatment, plus interviews with Robert De Niro, Mel Brooks, Roger Corman and others. Hosted by Roger Moore; narrated by Eli Wallach. 100 min.

Double Wedding(1937) VHS
Frantic screwball story with William Powell as a Bohemian painter and Myrna Loy as a workaholic dress shop owner who spar over Loy's younger sister's life choices. Loy wants her hitched to a conservative snob; Powell thinks she should ditch the marriage idea and become an actress. Florence Rice, John Beal and Edgar Kennedy co-star. 87 min.

Of Human Hearts(1938) VHS
Civil War-era drama starring James Stewart as the son of strict rural minister Walter Huston. Defying his father's wishes and with help from his mother, Stewart studies medicine in the East and serves as a Union Army physician, ignoring his family until his mother tries to contact him through President Lincoln. John Carradine, Beulah Bondi also star. 100 min.

The Shadow(1940) VHS
Radio's mysterious, black-clad hero proves that "the weed of crime bears bitter fruit" in this thrill-packed Columbia serial. A criminal mastermind known only as the Black Tiger is sabotaging rail lines and factories across America, and scientist Lamont Cranston must become his shadowy alter ego to uncover the fiend and halt his schemes. Victor Jory, Veda Ann Borg, J. Paul Jones star. 15 episodes; 286 min.

Shadow Of The Thin Man(1941) VHS
When murder occurs among the ``horsey set,'' husband and wife sleuths Nick and Nora Charles spend a day at the races to track down the killer. Fourth ``Thin Man'' entry also stars Barry Nelson, Donna Reed. 97 min.

Panama Hattie(1942) VHS
Ann Sothern is the sassy saloon keeper whose Central American bar is a haven for fighting sailors, romancing couples, and sinister spies in this filming of the Cole Porter Broadway musical. Dan Dailey, Red Skelton, Virginia O'Brien, Lena Horne also star; songs include "It Was Just One of Those Things," "I've Still Got My Health," "The Son of a Gun Who Picks on Uncle Sam." 79 min.

The Fuller Brush Man(1948) VHS
Red Skelton is the world's most inept door-to-door salesman in this screwball comedy in which his soft-sell technique gets him involved in romance and a murder. Co-stars Janet Blair, Adele Jergens. 93 min.

State Of The Union(1948) VHS
Based on a hit Broadway play, this insightful Frank Capra film stars Spencer Tracy as a would-be presidential candidate and Katharine Hepburn as his estranged wife, who agrees to pose as a loving spouse for the campaign. Hepburn comes to care again for Tracy and tries to stop him from abandoning his deals for the sake of politics. With Adolphe Menjou, Angela Lansbury, Van Johnson. 124 min.

A Southern Yankee(1948) VHS
Bellhop Red Skelton becomes a reluctant spy behind Confederate lines, and finds time to romance Southern belle Arlene Dahl, in this hilarious Civil War comedy. Includes the classic scene of Red walking in the midst of a battlefield with a blue-gray uniform (one of several gags supplied by an uncredited Buster Keaton). With Brian Donlevy, John Ireland. 90 min.

Homecoming(1948) VHS
Wartime romantic drama stars Clark Gable as an uncaring New York doctor whose life changes dramatically when he joins the Medical Corps during World War II and gets involved with his young assistant (Lana Turner). With Anne Baxter, John Hodiak and Ray Collins. 113 min.

Luxury Liner(1948) VHS
Spirited seafaring musical-comedy from MGM starring Jane Powell as a young woman who wants to play matchmaker for her father, luxury liner captain George Brent. The lucky woman for Dad is a widowed passenger, played by Frances Gifford. With Lauritz Melchior and Xavier Cugat; tunes include "I've Got You Under My Skin" and "Yes We Have No Bananas." 98 min.

Francis(1949) VHS
While on a mission behind enemy lines in Burma, G.I. Donald O'Connor is rescued by a talking mule named Francis. O'Connor's claim that his four-legged pal speaks lands him in a padded cell before the pair are recognized for their heroic deeds. Debut entry in the "Francis" series co-stars Patricia Medina, with Chill Wills supplying Francis' voice; look quickly for Tony Curtis. 91 min.

East Side, West Side(1949) VHS
Glossy tale of the trials and tribulations of New York socialites, featuring Ava Gardner as a model who returns home to rock the boat of married couple Barbara Stanwyck and James Mason, with the boat getting even shakier when Stanwyck falls for war hero Van Heflin. Cyd Charisse, Gale Sondergaard and Nancy Davis also star in this superior soaper. 108 min.

Father Of The Bride(1950) VHS
Light-hearted comedy stars Spencer Tracy as the titular papa, coping with one emergency after another as daughter Elizabeth Taylor prepares to walk down the aisle. Sentimental gem, directed by Vincente Minnelli, also stars Joan Bennett, Don Taylor, Russ Tamblyn, Billie Burke. 92 min.

Key To The City(1950) VHS
Lively romantic farce with Clark Gable and Loretta Young as small-town mayors who meet at a convention in San Francisco and, through a series of comical misunderstandings, face scandal and jailtime. The two beat the rap, fall in love, and team to take on an unscrupulous politician trying to unseat Gable. With Frank Morgan, James Gleason and Raymond Burr. 101 min.

Monkey Business(1952) VHS
Howard Hawks' "fountain of youth" comedy stars Cary Grant as a scientist whose rejuvenation serum causes chaos for himself and everyone around him. With Ginger Rogers, Charles Coburn and Marilyn Monroe in an early role. 97 min.

Stars And Stripes Forever(1952) VHS
Lively, tuneful biography of march master John Philip Sousa, starring Clifton Webb as the former Marine Corps band leader who started his own concert band and wrote some of America's most beloved patriotic songs. Robert Wagner, Debra Paget, Ruth Hussey co-star. 89 min.

Pickup On South Street(1953) VHS
Sam Fuller's classic crime thriller stars Richard Widmark as a New York pickpocket whose latest heist carried an unexpected bonus--microfilm stolen by Communist spies--that puts him on the run from government agents as well as the spy ring. Gritty melodrama also stars Richard Kiley, Jean Peters, Thelma Ritter. 80 min.

The Clown(1953) VHS
Taking a tip from "The Champ," Red Skelton portrays a down-and-out comic looking for love and acceptance from his young son in this sentimental comedy/drama. With Tim Considine, Jane Greer; look quickly for Charles Bronson. 92 min.

Dangerous When Wet(1953) VHS
Small-town girl Esther Williams tries to become famous by swimming the English Channel. Real-life husband Fernando Lamas is her love interest, and the supporting cast (Jack Carson, Charlotte Greenwood, Tom and Jerry) is top-notch in this song-filled, splashy gem. 95 min.

The Last Time I Saw Paris(1954) VHS
Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson star in F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic romance. Post-WWII Europe is the setting for this tearjerking human drama of love and obsession. Donna Reed, Walter Pidgeon and Eva Gabor co-star. 116 min.

Diane(1955) VHS
Lavish costume drama set in 16th-century France in which Lana Turner plays Diane de Poitiers, the prostitute who served as Prince Henry II's tutor (and later mistress) and whose influence nearly destroyed Queen Catherine De Medici's power. Pedro Armendariz, Roger Moore and Marisa Pavan also star in this historical romance. 110 min.

The King's Thief(1955) VHS
There's espionage and swashbuckling in the court of England's King Charles II in this lavish adventure starring David Niven as the evil Duke of Brampton, who plans to use his influence to dupe the king out of the Crown Jewels. Edmund Purdom, George Sanders, Ann Blyth and Roger Moore also star. 78 min.

Interrupted Melody(1955) VHS
Sensitive biography of Australian opera singer Marjorie Lawrence, who made a courageous comeback after polio struck her at the height of her career. The cast includes Oscar-nominated Eleanor Parker as Lawrence and Glenn Ford as the physician who helps and later marries her. Eileen Farrell dubbed Parker's voice for the opera sequences; Roger Moore co-stars. 106 min.

The Miracle(1959) VHS
When a Spanish nun decides to leave the convent to pursue the handsome soldier she has fallen in love with during the Napoleonic Wars, a statue of the Virgin Mary comes miraculously to life to take her place. Carroll Baker, Roger Moore, Walter Slezak, Vittorio Gassman star in this lavish, controversial drama. 120 min.

The Fiction Makers(1967) VHS
Hired to protect a beautiful best-selling authoress, sophisticated supersleuth Simon Templar (Roger Moore) and his charge must match wits with a deadly criminal genius out to use the writer's imagination to plan his next multimillion-dollar caper. Thrilling feature-length "Saint" saga, culled from episodes of the TV series, also stars Sylvia Syms, Kenneth J. Warren. 104 min.

Mission: Monte Carlo(1971) VHS
The dazzling gaming capital is also home to an international business conspiracy, and secret agents Tony Curtis and Roger Moore must play a game where the stakes are life and death. Susan George and Laurence Nesmith are also featured in this featured taken from two episodes of the hit TV series "The Persuaders." 96 min.

Live And Let Die(1973) VHS
Roger Moore makes his 007 debut, out to smash the plans of Caribbean crime kingpin Yaphet Kotto to take over the U.S. by flooding it with heroin. Wild boat chases, voodoo priests, Jane Seymour as the tarot-dealing love interest and Paul McCartney's title tune highlight this Bond classic. With Geoffrey Holder, Julius Harris. 121 min.

Gold(1974) VHS
Twenty-four-carat adventure saga set in a South African gold mine with Roger Moore as the foreman who learns of a plot to flood the mine, thus raising the world gold price, and fights to save the mine and the workers inside it. Susannah York, Ray Milland, John Gielgud also star. 118 min.

The Man With The Golden Gun(1975) VHS
James Bond (Roger Moore) may have met his ultimate foe in diabolical master assassin Scaramanga, played to evil perfection by Christopher Lee, in this 007 thriller. With Britt Ekland, Maud Adams, Herve Villechaize. 125 min.

The Spy Who Loved Me(1977) VHS
East meets West, and loves it, when Agent 007 (Roger Moore) teams up with a gorgeous KGB spy (Barbara Bach) to stop a millionaire terrorist from abducting submarines from the superpowers. Spectacular underwater footage, beautiful women, and the first appearance of "Jaws" (Richard Kiel). 125 min.

Escape To Athena(1979) VHS
A team of Allied POWs in Greece breaks out of a German prison camp and joins forces with Greek resistance fighters to save ancient art treasures from the Nazis. All-star war thriller features Telly Savalas, Roger Moore, David Niven, Elliott Gould, Claudia Cardinale, Stefanie Powers, William Holden and Sonny Bono (that's right, operator, Sonny Bono!). 122 min. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

Moonraker(1979) VHS
The sky's no longer the limit for 007 when Roger Moore, as James Bond, blasts into orbit to bring down an obsessed tycoon with his own space station and a plan for global domination. With Michael Lonsdale, Lois Chiles as Holly Goodhead, and Richard Kiel as "Jaws." 126 min.

ffolkes(1980) VHS
Roger Moore is ffolkes, a misogynistic, cat-loving millionaire who moonlights as a counterterrorist. When extortionist Anthony Perkins threatens to blow up North Sea oil platforms, the British government hires ffolkes to save the day. Witty adventure yarn that takes a few digs at the "007" genre co-stars James Mason. 99 min.

The Sea Wolves(1980) VHS
An edge-of-your-seat WWII caper film, with Roger Moore, Gregory Peck and David Niven as the leaders of a British volunteer regiment in India trying to blow up German ships docked there. With Trevor Howard, Patrick Macnee. 120 min.

For Your Eyes Only(1981) VHS
After "Moonraker," Agent 007 (Roger Moore) returned to terra firma for breathtaking adventures across Europe to retrieve the A.T.A.C. tracking system before it falls into Russian hands, while keeping time with a beautiful young woman (Carole Bouquet) who's out to avenge her parents' murders. Co-stars Topol, Lynn-Holly Johnson; title song performed by Sheena Easton. 128 min.

The Cannonball Run(1981) VHS
Burt Reynolds leads a pack of wacky racers across the country in this rip-roaring comedy that features zany stunts, loads of crashes, and stars galore. With Roger Moore, Farrah Fawcett, Dom DeLuise, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Jackie Chan and more. 95 min.

Octopussy(1983) VHS
Lightning-paced thriller stars Roger Moore as Ian Fleming's superspy, James Bond, this time out to thwart the nefarious efforts of a former Afghan prince and a Russian general to detonate an atomic bomb on an American air base in Berlin. Co-stars Maud Adams, Louis Jourdan, Kristina Wayborn and Steven Berkoff. 130 min.

A View To A Kill(1985) VHS
Has James Bond (Roger Moore) finally met his match in lean, mean female assassin Grace Jones? And if not, will 007 be able to stop high-tech villain Christopher Walken from starting an earthquake that will level California's Silicon Valley? Tanya Roberts co-stars in this action-packed tale that was Moore's series swan song. 131 min.

The Magic Snowman(1988) VHS
This charming story tells of a snowman that talks to the boy who built him and helps his family when a fishing drought threatens their livelihood, while later teaching the lad a valuable lesson when he tries to beat the local bully in a skating contest. Justin Fried stars, with Roger Moore as "The Voice." 85 min.

Bullseye!(1990) VHS
Fast-paced comedy-mystery romp stars the formidable duo of Michael Caine and Roger Moore as a pair of brilliant scientists (and their impostors) involved with double-crosses and mistaken identities. Sally Kirkland, John Cleese, Patsy Kensit and Jenny Seagrove also star. 95 min. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: B.

The Quest(1996) VHS
Making his directorial debut with this period actioner, Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a small-time thief in '20s New York who is shanghaied by gunrunners, sold into slavery, and forced to take part in a brutal martial arts competition with the world's toughest fighters. Roger Moore, James Remar, Janet Gunn also star. 95 min.

Spice World(1997) VHS
Britain's chart-topping all-girl quintet, The Spice Girls, makes the jump to screen stardom with a glitzy musical that could have been called "A Hard Day's Spice." Follow Sporty, Scary, Posh, Ginger and Baby Spice through a "typical" series of adventures--from an alien encounter and a best friend's going into labor to a media mogul out to squash "Girl Power"--as they prepare for a concert at London's Royal Albert Hall. With Richard E. Grant, and cameos by Roger Moore, Elton John, Elvis Costello. 93 min.

Spice World (Spanish Language Version)(1997) VHS
Dubbed in Spanish.

D.R.E.A.M. Team(1999) VHS
When a pair of evil terrorists unleashes a plan to use bombs filled with anthrax to dominate the world, the C.I.A. assigns three sexy female operatives to go undercover as models in Puerto Rico, where the bad guys are holed up, in order to take them down. Angie Everhart, Traci Bingham, Eva Halina, Martin Sheen and Traci Lords star. 81 min.

In The Footsteps Of The Holy Family: Boxed Set(2001) VHS
This documentary series dramatically re-creates the Gospel accounts of the lives of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, focusing on the pilgrimage from Bethlehem to Egypt. Filmed on location at historic sites in Israel, Egypt and Jordan, these stunning dramatizations of the Nativity, the visit of the Magi, the escape from King Herod and more skillfully bring to life the inspiring tale. 150 min. on three tapes.

The Enemy(2001) VHS
A scientist's son (Luke Perry) teams up with a sexy but tough CIA agent (Olivia d'Abo) when his father is abducted by terrorists who plan to use the deadly chemical weapon that Perry's dad created. The pair must discover an antidote to the weapon before vigilante agents step in. Roger Moore and Tom Conti co-star. 99 min.

Monkey Business [DVD](1952) DVD
The Last Time I Saw Paris [DVD](1954) DVD
The Man Who Haunted Himself [DVD](1970) DVD
Gold [DVD](1974) DVD
The Quest [DVD](1996) DVD
Spice World [DVD](1997) DVD
The James Bond Story [DVD](1999) DVD
D.R.E.A.M. Team [DVD](1999) DVD
In The Footsteps Of The Holy Family: Boxed Set [DVD](2001) DVD
The Enemy [DVD](2001) DVD
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