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Hangmen(1987) VHS
Just what is the reason that a band of renegade CIA assassins wants a teenage boy dead, and how can his ex-Green Beret dad save him in time? With Richard Washburn, Doug Thomas and Jake LaMotta; look for Sandra Bullock in her film debut. 88 min.

A Fool And His Money(1988) VHS
A hot-shot ad executive who just lost his job thinks he's found a quick road to riches with a questionable product, but will his greed cost him the woman he loves? Comedic look at romance, finance and other weighty topics stars Jonathan Penner and Sandra Bullock, with cameos by Tama Janowitz, Jerzy Kosinski, and George Plimpton as "God." 84 min.

Who Shot Pat?(1992) VHS
Set in 1957, this nostalgic comedy-drama focuses on the adventures of a group of seniors at a Brooklyn vocational high school. Trouble erupts when a gunshot wounds one of the teens, and the rest of the group wants to find out who shot him. David Knight, Kevin Otto and Sandra Bullock star. 102 min.

Love Potion #9(1993) VHS
A hilarious romantic farce based on the classic pop song, as a pair of nerdish scientists fall in love after taking the title elixir, then take off on a wild adventure to recover it after it's swiped. Tate Donovan, Sandra Bullock and Dale Midkiff star. 97 min.

The Vanishing(1993) VHS
In this reworking of the 1988 Dutch thriller, Kiefer Sutherland plays a young man obsessed with finding his girlfriend, who disappeared years earlier at a highway rest area. A mild-mannered chemistry teacher (Jeff Bridges) who claims to have kidnapped her may hold the answers, but learning them could cost Sutherland his life. With Nancy Travis, Sandra Bullock. 110 min.

The Thing Called Love(1993) VHS
The competitive world of the country music business in Nashville is the setting for this romantic drama focusing on four hopefuls who become friends while searching for their big break. There's Miranda (Samantha Mathis) from New York; Connecticut cowboy Kyle (Dermot Mulroney); Southern belle Linda Lue (Sandra Bullock); and a cocky Texan named James (River Phoenix); directed by Peter Bogdanovich. 116 min.

Demolition Man (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1993) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

Demolition Man(1993) VHS
In the late 1990s, maverick L.A. cop Sylvester Stallone and crazed super-criminal Wesley Snipes are put in suspended animation by the state, but when Snipes is revived and escapes into the non-violent, politically correct society of 2032, the authorities have to thaw out Stallone in order to stop his old nemesis. Sandra Bullock, Nigel Hawthorne and Denis Leary co-star in this witty sci-fi actioner. 115 min.

Wrestling Ernest Hemingway(1993) VHS
Two Florida retirees--a shy Cuban barber (Robert Duvall) and a craggy Irish sea captain (Richard Harris)--share secrets and swap colorful stories as they become unlikely friends in this sweet-natured comedy about life's golden years. Shirley MacLaine is Harris' landlady, who has a fondness for her tenant. 123 min.

Fire On The Amazon(1993) VHS
Notorious for Sandra Bullock's spunky nude scene, this Roger Corman production stars Craig Sheffer as an adventurous photojournalist who teams with activist Bullock to save the South American rain forest from a reckless lumber company. The much-discussed scene features the two leads in a wild tussle after drinking a drug-spiked potion. AKA: "Lost Paradise." Unrated version; 81 min.

When The Party's Over(1993) VHS
A group of sophisticated "twentysomethings" living together in an exclusive section of Los Angeles look at life as one big party, rarely paying attention to serious problems. But what happens when the party's over? The answer is pondered in this insightful, sexy seriocomedy with Rae Dawn Chong, Fisher Stevens, Sandra Bullock and Elizabeth Berridge. 114 min.

Speed(1994) VHS
Electrifying action thriller starring Keanu Reeves as a member of the Los Angeles SWAT team who must rescue the passengers on a bus booby-trapped by deranged bomb expert Dennis Hopper--if the vehicle goes under 50 mph, it explodes! Sandra Bullock is the courageous commuter in charge of driving. With Jeff Daniels, Joe Morton and an amazing array of wild stunts. 115 min.

The Net(1995) VHS
Sleek suspenser with Sandra Bullock as a lonely computer wizard whose Mexican vacation turns dangerous when she meets a British hacker in search of a disc that offers access to secret government files. Back in the U.S., Bullock discovers that her identity has been "deleted" as she is pursued by both police and the disc's mysterious designers. With Jeremy Northam, Dennis Miller and Diane Baker. 114 min.

While You Were Sleeping(1995) VHS
Lively romantic comedy showcasing the affable Sandra Bullock as a Chicago transit worker who saves the life of a slick lawyer she's smitten with after he falls near an oncoming train. While he's hospitalized in a coma, Bullock is assumed to be the lawyer's fiancee by his eccentric family, but the arrival of a handsome older brother complicates matters. With Bill Pullman, Peter Gallagher. 103 min.

The Net (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1995) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

In Love And War(1996) VHS
Based on the real-life WWI exploits of author Ernest Hemingway, director Richard Attenborough's sensitive drama stars Chris O'Donnell as the teenaged Hemingway, whose reckless heroics as a front-line ambulance driver land him in the hospital. There he is cared for and falls in love with American nurse Sandra Bullock, who would later serve as the inspiration for his "A Farewell to Arms." 113 min.

Two If By Sea(1996) VHS
Off-the-wall romantic romp starring Denis Leary as a thief who swipes a priceless Matisse painting and goes on the lam with adventurous cashier girlfriend Sandra Bullock. While hiding out in a snobby New England coastal town, the two squabble over their future and discover that there may be a real art thief in their midst. 96 min.

A Time To Kill(1996) VHS
The best-selling first novel by John Grisham becomes a powerful courtroom drama featuring Samuel L. Jackson as a Mississippi factory worker on trial for killing two racist attackers who raped his young daughter. After taking on the controversial case, white attorney Matthew McConaughey and idealistic law student Sandra Bullock find their lives in danger from the Ku Klux Klan. With Kevin Spacey, Oliver Platt and Donald Sutherland. 150 min.

Speed 2: Cruise Control(1997) VHS
A romantic Caribbean cruise for feisty Sandra Bullock and new beau Jason Patric becomes a voyage into danger when deranged computer whiz Willem Dafoe, an ex-employee of the cruise line, takes control of the boat as part of his extortion scheme in this thrill-a-minute action ride helmed by "Speed" director Jan DeBont. 125 min.

Hope Floats(1998) VHS
Winning romantic story featuring Sandra Bullock as a woman who discovers that her storybook marriage is kaput when she learns of her hubby's indiscretions on a TV talk show. Bullock heads back to her small Texas hometown with her daughter, makes amends with her parents and eventually falls for childhood friend Harry Connick, Jr. With Mae Whitman, Gena Rowlands. 114 min.

The Prince Of Egypt(1998) VHS
Marvelous animated telling of the Book of Exodus story of Moses, chronicling his Nile River journey as a baby, his adoption by Pharaoh, his heroic efforts to free the Israelites, the parting of the Red Sea and the delivery of the Ten Commandments. With voices by Val Kilmer, Patrick Stewart, Sandra Bullock, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steve Martin and Martin Short. Songs include the Oscar-winning "When You Believe."

Practical Magic (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1998) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

Practical Magic(1998) VHS
The bewitching duo of Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman shines in this comedic fantasy/romance, playing sisters who turn to the witchcraft their family's practiced for generations in order to overcome an ancient curse that's responsible for their stagnant love lives. Dianne Wiest, Stockard Channing and Aidan Quinn also star; directed by Griffin Dunne ("Addicted to Love"). 104 min.

Welcome To Hollywood(1998) VHS
Funny mockumentary on making it in Tinseltown features director Adam Rifkin as a filmmaker whose latest project is chronicling the rise to stardom of a young actor. His subject is Nick Decker (Tony Markes), a struggling thespian who has a series of mishaps, including stepping on a stingray during a "Baywatch" shoot. Features cameos by Sandra Bullock, Nicolas Cage, David Hasselhoff, John Travolta, and Angie Everhart as the celebrity girlfriend Nick recruits to help his career. 90 min.

Forces Of Nature(1999) VHS
With his New York-Savannah flight cancelled and two days to get to Georgia for his wedding, uptight book blurb writer Ben Affleck reluctantly accepts help from another stranded passenger, free spirit Sandra Bullock. Their wild odyssey by car, train and bus includes run-ins with the law, dancing in a nightclub, a hurricane and maybe romance in this winning comedy. Maura Tierney, Steve Zahn, Blythe Danner also star. 106 min.

Forces Of Nature (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1999) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

28 Days(2000) VHS
Sandra Bullock is a newspaper reporter who, while intoxicated, crashes a limousine on the day of sister Elizabeth Perkins' wedding. Bullock enters a rehab center where she attempts to fit in with the diverse group of patients--which is difficult when her boyfriend brings her booze and drugs during visits. With Diane Ladd, Viggo Mortensen and Steve Buscemi. 104 min.

Gun Shy(2000) VHS
Anxiety-ridden DEA agent Liam Neeson is eager to retire, but first must complete an undercover assignment in a money-laundering scheme involving a Wall Street hot shot, a Colombian drug cartel and an Italian mobster. Meanwhile, Neeson finds romance (and help for his stressed-out digestive tract) with holistic nurse Sandra Bullock in this offbeat action-comedy. With Oliver Platt, Mary McCormack. 102 min.

Miss Congeniality(2000) VHS
Laughs and suspense mix when tomboy FBI agent Sandra Bullock poses as Miss New Jersey in the Miss United States beauty contest in order to stop a terrorist from blowing up the pageant. Turning the ungainly and unfeminine Bullock into a believable contestant, even with help from glamour consultant Michael Caine, could be more difficult than catching the bomber! With Candice Bergen, Benjamin Bratt, Ernie Hudson and William Shatner as the show's host. 110 min.

Lisa Picard Is Famous(2001) VHS
A documentarian (Griffin Dunne) searching for the right subject for a film on celebrity in modern America turns his camera on struggling New York actress Lisa Picard (Laura Kirk), a veteran of TV commercials and low-budget films who is sure she's on the verge of stardom. Follow Lisa and best friend Tate (Nat DeWolf), a gay actor, on their comical quest for fame in this telling "mockumentary" directed by Dunne and co-written by Kirk and DeWolf. With cameos by Sandra Bullock, Carrie Fisher, Spike Lee, Charlie Sheen and others. 87 min.

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