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Sandra Dee Collection
Kids Commercials Of The Fifties And Sixties, Vol. IV VHS
Classic spots with the shopping cart passenger in mind include Hostess Cup Cakes, Chiparoons, Lucky Charms, Dick Van Dyke for Bosco, Sandra Dee for Coke, Vanilla Wafers, the Johnny 7 Helmet and One-Man Army Gun, Lorna Doones, Fig Newton and many others. 60 min.

The Lustre Creme Movie Star Collection, Vol. I VHS
Shampoo maker Lustre Creme peddled its soap with movie stars in the late `40s and mid-`50s in commercials that featured the lathered heads of Sandra Dee, Elizabeth Taylor, Shirley Jones, Jane Russell, Barbara Stanwyck, Esther Williams, Piper Laurie, Yvonne DeCarlo, Jeanne Crain and many others. 60 min.

Until They Sail(1957) VHS
Emotional drama set in WWII New Zealand follows the lives of four sisters whose men have gone to war. Jean Simmons, Joan Fontaine, Piper Laurie and Sandra Dee are the women dealing with loneliness, death and American soldiers (played by Paul Newman, Charles Drake and Wally Cassell). Directed by Robert Wise. 95 min.

The Reluctant Debutante(1958) VHS
Sparkling comedy stars Rex Harrison and Kay Kendall as a society couple who would like to see daughter Sandra Dee marry a husband from a wealthy, high class British family. Unfortunately, she's head over heels for an American musician with a less-than-sterling reputation. John Saxon and Angela Lansbury also star in Vincente Minnelli's sophisticated gem. 94 min.

A Summer Place(1959) VHS
Classic soap opera set in a scenic New England town where teenagers and adults discover love and its many entanglements. Richard Egan and Dorothy McGuire are the former lovers who carry on an affair behind their spouses' backs, while Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue play their respective children, engaged in their own romance. With Arthur Kennedy, Constance Ford and that ever-hummable theme song. 130 min.

Imitation Of Life(1959) VHS
Producer Ross Hunter's lush remake of the 1934 meolodrama stars Lana Turner as an actress who puts her career ahead of daughter Sandra Dee. Juanita Moore plays Turner's black housekeeper, whose light-skinned daughter (Susan Kohner) leaves home to try and pass herself off as white. John Gavin, Robert Alda also star; Douglas Sirk directs. 124 min.

Gidget(1960) VHS
Favorite teen surf comedy stars Sandra Dee as the young beach bunny who must choose between surfer boyfriends Cliff Robertson and James Darren. Arthur O'Connell, Doug McClure and Yvonne Craig co-star. 95 min.

Portrait In Black(1960) VHS
Ross Hunter produced this stylish thriller featuring Lana Turner as a beauty married to shipping mogul Lloyd Nolan but in love with doctor Anthony Quinn. After the lovers kill Nolan, they receive a letter mentioning the murder and set out to find the writer at any cost. Sandra Dee, John Saxon, Richard Basehart and Anna May Wong co-star. 113 min.

Come September(1961) VHS
Colorful romantic comedy stars Rock Hudson as an American businessman who arrives early for his annual September stay at his Italian villa and is shocked to find that the caretaker has been renting it out to vacationers, among them sexy Gina Lollobrigida. With Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin, Walter Slezak; look for a young Joel Grey. 114 min.

Tammy And The Doctor(1963) VHS
Look who's here...Sandra Dee, as the effervescent Tammy. This time around, she's off to L.A. to become a nurse, and she turns the hospital upside-down with laughter! Peter Fonda (in his film debut), Beulah Bondi, Macdonald Carey co-star. 88 min.

The Dunwich Horror(1970) VHS
From the pen of H.P. Lovecraft comes this classic tale of suspense and terror. A young girl becomes a pawn in a deadly game of sorcery and a heritage of blood is unleashed. Sandra Dee, Dean Stockwell and, in his last film, Ed Begley, Sr. star. 87 min.

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