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Magnum, P.I.: A Sense Of Debt VHS
A down-and-out boxer gets involved in fixing bouts in this thrilling episode that features guest star Shannen Doherty as the fighter's daughter.

Heathers (Letterboxed Collector's Edition) VHS
Special remastered collector's edition includes the original theatrical trailer and a "making of" featurette. 119 min. total.

The Secret Of NIMH(1982) VHS
An animated, fascinating family favorite about a widowed mouse who seeks the help of some mysterious, intelligent rats to save her family. Featuring the vocal talents of Peter Strauss, Dom DeLuise and Hermione Baddeley; listen for the voice of Shannen Doherty as Teresa. 83 min.

Night Shift(1982) VHS
Ron Howard's rollicking comedy hit stars Henry Winkler as a straight-arrow city morgue worker whose staid worklife is hilariously disrupted with the arrival of off-the-wall assistant Michael Keaton (his film debut), who uses their workplace to launch a call girl service. Shelley Long co-stars as a hooker with a heart of gold; look for a young Kevin Costner. 105 min.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun(1985) VHS
Sarah Jessica Parker has just one dance! And with the help of her friends and boyfriend, she gets to fulfill every girl's dream: she gets to dance on DTV! Full of laughs, fun and wacky, zany kids who just want to have fun! Also stars Helen Hunt, Lee Montgomery and Shannen Doherty. 87 min.

Heathers(1989) VHS
"The Breakfast Club" meets "Blue Velvet" in an outrageously dark comedy of high school cliques and teen angst. Winona Ryder is the reluctant member of a popular quartet of girls who, with the help of outsider Christian Slater, accidentally kills the lead "Heather," setting off a rash of suicides by status-conscious teens looking for posthumous popularity. Co-stars Shannen Doherty. 102 min.

Freeze Frame(1992) VHS
Shannen Doherty stars in this high-tech thriller as a high school TV reporter who befriends a cool classmate and the campus nerd in order to capture a biotech company's illegal workings on video. Charles Haid, Robyn Douglass co-star. 78 min.

Beverly Hills, 90210: The Graduation(1993) VHS
The final days of school for seniors at West Beverly Hills High elicits all sorts of excitement and memories for Brenda, David, Dylan, Kelly, Andrea and the rest of the "90210" crew. Shannen Doherty, Luke Perry, Jason Priestley and Jennie Garth star and are featured in a special bonus interview segment. 114 min.

Jailbreakers(1994) VHS
William Friedkin's entry in the "Rebel Highway" series based on '50s AIP B-movies follows a pretty high school cheerleader who gets intimate with a leather-clad biker. After a wild night on the town, the biker swipes some jewelry and winds up in prison. But bars aren't enough to keep him away from his honey, so he stages a daring escape. Shannen Doherty, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Adrien Brody, Vince Edwards and Charles Napier star. 76 min.

Almost Dead(1994) VHS
When psychiatrist Shannon Doherty believes she's encountered the spirit of her late mother, who killed herself four years earlier, she returns to her hometown and learns that the search for the truth can be deadly. Spellbinding suspenser also stars Costas Mandylor.

Mallrats(1995) VHS
"Clerks" director Kevin Smith moves from the mini-mart to the mall, where slackers Jeremy London and Jason Lee go to forget their romantic woes. But the shoppers' paradise offers little respite, as they encounter a taping of a TV show called "Truth or Date," Marvel Comics guru Stan Lee, the inimitable Jay and Silent Bob, and their ex-girlfriends. With Shannon Doherty, Claire Forlani. 96 min.

Nowhere(1997) VHS
The concluding chapter in director Gregg Araki's ambisexually anarchic "Teen Apocalypse" trilogy, this stylish dark comedy follows a group of restless L.A. "Gen-Xers" looking for fun, sex, love, and meaning to their lives (not necessarily in that order). All this, plus an alien encounter! James Duval, Rachel True, Ryan Phillippe star, with appearances by Christina Applegate, Shannen Doherty, Heather Graham, and John Ritter as a TV evangelist. 82 min.

The Ticket(1997) VHS
A winning lottery ticket looks to be the answer to the dreams of a pilot and his estranged family, but when their plane crashes in the wilderness while they're on the way to claim their money, it becomes clear that someone is after them and wants the any price. Action-packed thriller stars Shannen Doherty, James Marshall. 88 min.

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back(2001) VHS
Kevin Smith closes the book--literally--on his slacker reprobates with this fifth entry in his misnamed "New Jersey Trilogy." When convenience store hangabouts Jay and Bob (see "Clerks") learn a film is being made with their comic book alter egos Bluntman and Chronic (see "Chasing Amy") and without any payment to them, the doped-out duo undertake a cross-country odyssey (see "Dogma") to sabotage the production (see "Mallrats"). Filled with cameos and in-jokes, the riotous road comedy stars Ben Affleck, Shannon Elizabeth, Will Ferrell, Jason Mewes, Chris Rock and Smith. 104 min.

The Secret Of NIMH [DVD](1982) DVD
Girls Just Want To Have Fun [DVD](1984) DVD
Jailbreakers [DVD](1994) DVD
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back [DVD](2001) DVD
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