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Toshiro Mifune
1941 (Director's Cut) VHS
Also available in a restored version, as edited by Spielberg, in a theatrical, widescreen format. 146 min.

Grand Prix (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Samurai III: Duel At Ganryu Island VHS
Miyamoto squares off against his lifelong nemesis, Kojiro Sasaki, in a battle that will prove to be their final confrontation. Incredible swordplay marks this conclusion to the Miyamoto saga. 102 min.

The Drunken Angel(1948) VHS
Moving Akira Kurosawa drama, set in the lower-class section of a Japanese city, stars Toshiro Mifune as a dedicated doctor who tries to improve the lives of those around him. 102 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Quiet Duel(1949) VHS
In Akira Kurosawa's stark drama, Toshiro Mifune is a young, virgin doctor working in a small hospital who contracts syphilis from a patient. Troubled by his conscience, Mifune decides to secretly treat himself and not marry the woman he had planned to. With Takashi Shimura. 95 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Stray Dog(1949) VHS
On the streets of postwar Tokyo, a rookie police detective searches for his missing gun. Gritty Akira Kurosawa drama blends American "film noir" stylings with a look at the moral vacuum that formed in Japan following World War II. Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Ko Kimura star. 122 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Scandal(1950) VHS
Painter Toshiro Mifune sues a magazine for printing a scandalous story that links him to a popular singer, then hires a lawyer of questionable motives to represent him. Akira Kurosawa's drama is filled with irony and wry commentary on Japan's acceptance of American culture. With Yoshiko Yamaguchi. 104 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Rashomon(1950) VHS
A rape and murder in medieval Japan are recounted in four flashback sequences, as seen through the eyes of the three people involved and a witness to the incident. Each version differs from the others, leaving viewers to draw their own conclusions on what actually transpired. Akira Kurosawa's breakthrough drama stars Toshiro Mifune, Machiko Kyo. 88 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

The Idiot (Hakuchi)(1951) VHS
Akira Kurosawa transposes Dostoyevsky's classic from Russia to Japan as he tells the story of an epileptic soldier and a wealthy businessman who vie for the love of a beautiful woman. Their obsessions lead to murder in this stark, brilliantly acted film featuring Toshiro Mifune and Masayuki Mori. 166 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Life Of Oharu(1952) VHS
Dramatic look at one woman's harsh life in Japan's feudal society by director Kenji Mizoguchi. After shaming her family by loving a peasant and forced to become a concubine, she sinks deeper and deeper, until she ends up an aging prostitute. Kinuyo Tanaka, Toshiro Mifune star. 136 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

The Seven Samurai(1954) VHS
One of the greatest action epics ever, Akira Kurosawa's masterwork is set in 16th-century Japan, where a small village hires a group of professional warriors to protect itself from roving bandits. Fabulous battle scenes are mixed with characters filled with emotion and humanity. Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura star. 208 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

I Live In Fear(1955) VHS
Compelling Akira Kurosawa drama, and one of the first Japanese efforts to deal with the atomic bomb, stars Toshiro Mifune as an industrialist whose fear of a nuclear war and attempts to move his family to a "safe" country drive him to madness and financial ruin. With Eiko Miyoshi. AKA: "The Record of a Living Being." 105 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto [DVD](1955) DVD
The then-callow warrior falls in with the wrong side in a civil war and tastes defeat instead of glory. Only the love of a village girl and the ministrations of a priest stand between Miyamoto and deterioration. Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Film. 92 min. Standard; Soundtrack: Japanese mono; Subtitles: English; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Samurai II: Duel At Ichijoji Temple [DVD](1955) DVD
Bolstered by renewed self-worth, Miyamoto turns to rigorous discipline to hone his fighting skills. He is put to the test by his own deadly training, as well as eager swordsmen looking to build their reputations, and must forsake his love to follow a warrior's path. 102 min. Standard; Soundtrack: Japanese mono; Subtitles: English; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Samurai III: Duel At Ganryu Island [DVD](1956) DVD
Miyamoto squares off against his lifelong nemesis, Kojiro Sasaki, in a battle that will prove to be their final confrontation. Incredible swordplay marks this conclusion to the Miyamoto saga. 102 min. Standard; Soundtrack: Japanese mono; Subtitles: English theatrical trailer; scene access.

Throne Of Blood(1957) VHS
Akira Kurosawa transforms "Macbeth" into an outstanding samurai saga starring Toshiro Mifune as the tragic ruler fated by the forewarnings of three witches. Also stars Isuzu Yamada, Takashi Shimura. 105 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

The Lower Depths(1957) VHS
Adapted from a play by Maxim Gorky, Akira Kurosawa's dark seriocomedy follows the adventures of a boarding home's odd residents, especially the love triangle that develops between the landlady, her sister, and a thieving boarder. Toshiro Mifune, Isuzu Yamada star. 125 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

The Hidden Fortress(1958) VHS
One of the main inspirations for "Star Wars," this Kurosawa epic is set in feudal Japan, where wily general Toshiro Mifune must escort a deposed princess and her clan's fortune through enemy territory, with some unwilling help from two bungling thieves. 139 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

The Bad Sleep Well(1960) VHS
Reflecting his fondness for American crime films and motifs, this Akira Kurosawa drama stars Toshiro Mifune as a young construction company executive who blames the company for his father's death and marries his boss's lame daughter in order to insinuate himself and expose their corrupt business practices. Based on a story by Ed McBain; with Masayuki Mori, Takashi Shimura. 151 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Yojimbo(1961) VHS
Toshiro Mifune stars as the war-weary samurai who is caught in the middle of a feud between rival factions in a village. One of Kurosawa's greatest films is also a sly commentary on action movies in general and helped inspire "A Fistful of Dollars." 110 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Sanjuro(1962) VHS
Akira Kurosawa's sequel to "Yojimbo" features Toshiro Mifune as a lonely samurai warrior who joins forces with some young fighters to stop corruption and end the reign of terror of a wicked warlord. Humor, incredible swordplay and Mifune's mighty performance are among the highlights of this epic. 96 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

High And Low(1963) VHS
Industrialist Toshiro Mifune hunts the kidnapper of his chauffeur's son in this drama from Akira Kurosawa. At once a fine detective story and brilliant allegory on the nature of class differences, as represented by the businessman, his servant and the kidnappers. Based on a story by Ed McBain. 142 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Chushingura(1963) VHS
Hiroshi Inagaki's sweeping epic is based on a samurai legend and follows the bitter rivalry between a powerful feudal lord and a young nobleman. The nobleman eventually commits hara-kiri, but his loyal warriors seek revenge. Filmed earlier as "The 47 Ronin," the saga stars Toshiro Mifune, Yuzo Kayama, Koshiro Matsumoto and Tatsuya Mihashi. 207 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Samurai Assassin(1965) VHS
In what is considered by many to be the greatest samurai film of all time, the legendary Toshiro Mifune stars as a masterless swordsman who joins a plot to assassinate an advisor of the emperor in order to gain favor and become a samurai. Based on an actual event during the Edo period of the mid-19th century. Directed by Kihachi Okamoto. AKA: "Samurai." 122 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Red Beard(1965) VHS
In early 19th-century Japan, Red Beard (Toshiro Mifune) is the head of a shoestring public health clinic who tries to turn his new assistant, a greedy and unrealistic young intern, into a real doctor. This striking film from Akira Kurosawa also stars Yuzo Kayama. 185 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Grand Prix(1966) VHS
Incredible racing sequences highlight this lightning-fast drama about the on- and off-track rivalries of the Grand Prix drivers. James Garner, Yves Montand, Eva Marie Saint, Toshiro Mifune star; John Frankenheimer directs. 171 min.

Samurai Rebellion(1967) VHS
Set in 18th-century Japan, this compelling mix of action and drama from director Masaki Kobayashi ("Harikiri") stars Toshiro Mifune as a warrior torn between duty and family when the local ruler demands that Mifune's daughter-in-law, a former mistress to the overlord, be returned to him. With Takeshi Kata, Yoko Tsukasa. AKA: "Rebellion." 121 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Sword Of Doom(1967) VHS
Powerful and violent story of a young man (Tatsuya Nakadai) who adopts the way of the samurai as a means to gain vengeance. Toshiro Mifune is magnificent as the teacher who readies the youngster for his ultimate battle. Kihachi Okamoto directs. 120 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Hell In The Pacific(1968) VHS
Gripping WWII drama stars Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune as American and Japanese soldiers who find themselves stranded on a small Pacific island. Their hatred turns to a grudging respect, but the reality of war brings them back to conflict. John Boorman directs. 103 min.

Red Lion(1969) VHS
Stablehand Toshiro Mifune is asked by crooked government officials to impersonate a powerful military officer. Indending to return to his home village in glory, where Mifune realizes he had become a pawn of an evil magistrate bleeding the villagers dry for tax money he sets out to put things right. Shima Iwashita, Nobuko Otowa also star. 115 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Samurai Banners(1969) VHS
In 16th-century Japan, scheming warrior Toshiro Mifune rises to a position of influence in the house of a powerful warlord, but finds his loyalty tested when he and his lord fall for the same woman and a renegade priest raises an army and launches an attack. Yoshiko Samuka, Kinnosuke Nakamura also star. AKA: "Under the Banner of the Samurai." 166 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Incident At Blood Pass(1970) VHS
Toshiro Mifune reprises his role as the antihero samurai Yojimbo for the final time in this action-packed Japanese epic that has him teaming with doctor Shintaro Katsu (of "Zatoichi" fame) to hijack a Shogunate gold convoy. Of course, it doesn't go as planned. Directed by Inagaki Hiroshi. AKA: "Ambush." 118 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo(1970) VHS
It's the samurai showdown action fans have dreamed about, as blind swordsman Zatoichi (Shintaro Katsu), tired of his violent life, returns to his native village. In his absence, however, a corrupt warlord has taken over, and itinerant bodyguard Toshiro Mifune is charged with taking out Zatoichi. 116 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Midway(1976) VHS
Spectacular World War II drama of the events leading to the courageous battle of the Pacific. Breathtaking war footage and superb special effects, with a stellar cast, including Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, Glenn Ford and Robert Mitchum. 132 min.

1941(1979) VHS
Steven Spielberg's monumental comedy, based on a true incident, about the war panic that erupted in Southern California after a Japanese sub was spotted off the coast six days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Stars John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Ned Beatty, Nancy Allen, Robert Stack and many others; written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale ("Back to the Future"). 118 min.

Shogun(1980) VHS
Suspense, romance, politics and intrigue mix in this breathtaking, feature-length version of the popular mini-series about the battle for power in 17th-century Japan. Richard Chamberlain, Toshiro Mifune and Yoko Shimada star. 124 min.

Shogun: The Complete Mini-Series(1980) VHS
James Clavell's epic tale of discovery, love and the conflict of two worlds in 17th-century Japan is now available in a special four-cassette set, containing the complete landmark TV mini-series. Richard Chamberlain, Toshiro Mifune, Yoko Shimada, Michael Hordern, Frankie Sakai star; Orson Welles narrates. 545 min. on four tapes.

The Walking Major(1988) VHS
The inspirational story of Major Charles Allen, whose heroic exploits spanned three U.S. wars. A courageous battle commander, he became a legend for his annual 826-mile march to raise money for a Japanese orphanage. Dale Robertson, Frank Sinatra, Jr. and Toshiro Mifune star. 90 min.

Shadow Of The Wolf(1993) VHS
A spectacular adventure set in the Great White North, with Lou Diamond Phillips starring as a young hunter in an Eskimo tribe who is banished by his father, the clan's leader. Struggling to survive against the elements, he later returns to save his people. Toshiro Mifune, Donald Sutherland and Jennifer Tilly also star. 108 min.

Picture Bride(1995) VHS
Set in Hawaii in the early 1900s, this compassionate drama tells of a Japanese woman who moves there to marry a sugarcane worker she knows only through letters and a photo, only to find a much older man than she expected, along with horrible living conditions. The woman is then forced into making a difficult decision about her future. Youki Kudoh, Akira Takayama, Tomlyn Tomita and Toshiro Mifune star. 95 min.

Rashomon (Criterion Collection) [DVD](1950) DVD
The Seven Samurai (Criterion Collection) [DVD](1954) DVD
Yojimbo [DVD](1961) DVD
High And Low [DVD](1963) DVD
Midway [DVD](1976) DVD
1941 [DVD](1979) DVD
Shadow Of The Wolf [DVD](1993) DVD
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