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Hey Folks, It's Intermission Time!, Vol. 3 VHS
It's another collection of intermission specialties that are sure to get you all nostalgic, this time with the accent on "spook show" come-ons from Southern ghoul master Donn Davison and a nifty group of celebrity endorsements with John Wayne, Tyrone Power, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper and others. And let's not forget the yummy pitches for those scrumptious snacks!

Flirtation Walk(1934) VHS
Musical-romance with Dick Powell as an army officer stationed in Hawaii who gets involved with Ruby Keeler, the general's engaged daughter. In order to avoid a scandal, the pair break up, but meet again years later when Powell's a West Point officer producing the annual play that turns out to star Keeler. With Pat O'Brien; songs include "I See Two Lovers" and the title tune. 98 min.

Northern Frontier(1935) VHS
In this Northwest Mounties adventure, tumbleweed hero Kermit Maynard disguises himself as a black hat in order to infiltrate a gang of counterfeiters. Eleanor Hunt and Walter Brennan also star in this stunt-filled spectacular. 56 min.

Lloyd's Of London(1936) VHS
The famed British insurance firm provides the background for this sweeping (albeit loosely based on fact) historical saga starring Tyrone Power as a young man in early 19th-century England who becomes a leading Lloyd's employee and helps save the company during the Napoleonic Wars. With Madeleine Carroll, George Sanders, C. Aubrey Smith, Freddie Bartholomew.

Thin Ice(1937) VHS
A Swiss hotel's ski instructor shares her time on the slopes with a handsome ski enthusiast reporter whom she later discovers is a prince. Romance blossoms, much to the chagrin of diplomats who don't want the prince to wed a commoner. Sonja Henie excels in the film's several skating scenes; Tyrone Power, Arthur Treacher and Joan Davis co-star. 78 min.

Alexander's Ragtime Band(1938) VHS
Terrific tuner follows society boy Tyrone Power, who decides to play ragtime instead of classical music and forms his own group. While he struggles, singer/girlfriend Alice Faye opts for a Broadway stint and marriage to pianist Don Ameche. Years later, after World War I, Power and Faye tearfully reunite. Ethel Merman co-stars; "Now It Can Be Told" and "My Walking Stick" are among the more than two dozen Irving Berlin songs featured. 106 min.

In Old Chicago(1938) VHS
A sprawling epic that mixes fiction and fact to tell the story of life in 19th-century Chicago. The focus is on the O'Leary family: roguish son Tyrone Power, attorney brother Don Ameche and laundress mother Alice Brady, whose cow starts the devastating fire of 1871. Alice Faye co-stars, along with some of the most spectacular fire footage ever filmed. 95 min.

Marie Antoinette(1938) VHS
Sumptuous costume drama about the last French queen, her palace intrigues, tragic love and execution by the Paris mob. Norma Shearer stars, with Tyrone Power as Count Axel de Fersen, John Barrymore and Robert Morley as Louis XV and XVI, and Gladys George as Madame Du Barry. 160 min.

Second Fiddle(1939) VHS
Minnesota schoolteacher Sonja Henie is tapped for Hollywood stardom by studio press agent Tyrone Power. Power creates a staged romance between Henie and co-star Rudy Vallee, but when she learns the love letters she's been receiving were fake, she heads back home, with true admirer Power following her. The Irving Berlin score includes "Back to Back," "I Poured My Heart Into Song." 86 min.

The Rains Came(1939) VHS
Indian aristocrat Tyrone Power returns to his home province after studying medicine in America to help the needy and sick, and becomes romantically involved with married English socialite Myrna Loy. The couple finds their love and courage tested when an earthquake and flood devastate the area and a subsequent malaria epidemic threatens all. George Brent, Nigel Bruce co-star. 103 min.

Rose Of Washington Square(1939) VHS
Set in 1920s New York, this bouncy musical loosely based on the life of Fanny Brice, stars Alice Faye as the songstress who continually tries to keep con artist boyfriend Tyrone Power out of prison while her career as a Ziegfeld Girl takes off. Al Jolson, who plays the couple's friend, sings such songs as "My Mammy" and "California, Here I Come." Other tunes include "I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak." 86 min.

Jesse James(1939) VHS
A slightly fictionalized (and romanticized) retelling of the lives of outlaw brothers Jesse (Tyrone Power) and Frank (Henry Fonda) James, the circumstances that drove them to crime and the violent end to Jesse's life. Classic Western entertainment; co-stars Randolph Scott, Nancy Kelly. 105 min.

Johnny Apollo(1940) VHS
When his banker father is jailed for embezzlement, embittered Tyrone Power leaves his old life behind him to start a new existence as gangster Johnny Apollo. Taut crime melodrama, directed by Henry Hathaway, also stars Dorothy Lamour, Lloyd Nolan, Edward Arnold. 93 min.

The Mark Of Zorro(1940) VHS
The classic romantic swashbuckler stars dashing Tyrone Power as the son of a powerful nobleman in 1820s California who returns home from Europe to find his father has been replaced by evil despots. In order to defeat them, Power dons the black-masked disguise of Zorro and takes on his enemies in a series of rousing swordfights. Linda Darnell, Eugene Pallette and Basil Rathbone also star. 93 min.

Brigham Young-- Frontiersman(1940) VHS
A fascinating mix of historical and inspirational drama, depicting the hardships faced by Mormon settlers as they left their Illinois home in the 1840s and set out across the prairie to Utah's Great Salt Lake Basin. Dean Jagger stars as Church leader Young, with Mary Astor as his wife, Vincent Price as Mormon founder Joseph Smith, and Tyrone Power and Linda Darnell as a pioneer couple. 113 min.

Blood And Sand(1941) VHS
Tyrone Power inherits the role made famous by Rudolph Valentino, playing the son of a famous matador who finds fame, fortune and happiness following in his father's footsteps, only to have it taken away when a society girl averts his attention from the ring and his longtime sweetheart. Rita Hayworth, Linda Darnell, Anthony Quinn and Laird Cregar also star. 124 min.

A Yank In The RAF(1941) VHS
Wartime flag-waving excitement with Tyrone Power as a brash American pilot who joins the British Royal Air Force. While romancing nightclub entertainer Betty Grable, he uses his aerial skills and all-American enthusiasm to battle the Nazis in the skies over France. With Reginald Gardiner, John Sutton, and some authentic WWII film footage. 98 min.

Son Of Fury(1942) VHS
An exciting swashbuckler set in the early 19th century and starring Tyrone Power as the illegitimate son of a British nobleman who is forced into servitude by his mean uncle. Power escapes to a Polynesian island where he finds fame and love with a native girl, and eventually returns to England to claim his inheritance. Gene Tierney, George Sanders and Frances Farmer also star. 98 min.

The Black Swan(1942) VHS
Grand seafaring saga stars Tyrone Power as a pirate who, along with his captain, Henry Morgan (Laird Cregar), reforms and moves to Jamaica in order to free the island from attacks by fellow freebooters George Sanders and Anthony Quinn. Maureen O'Hara is Power's love interest in this Oscar-winning swashbuckler. 85 min.

Crash Dive(1943) VHS
Rah-rah, action-packed war drama featuring Tyrone Power as an ace PT boat skipper during World War II whose assignment to a submarine commanded by Dana Andrews leads to gutsy victories against the Nazis in the North Atlantic and romance with Andrews' schoolteacher fiancee (Anne Baxter). With James Gleason and Henry Morgan. 105 min.

The Razor's Edge(1946) VHS
The first film version of Somerset Maugham's novel features Tyrone Power as the WWI veteran who turns his back on his materialistic, upper-class friends and embarks on a global search for the meaning of life. Gene Tierney, Clifton Webb, Best Supporting Actress Oscar-winner Anne Baxter, and Herbert Marshall as Maugham co-star. 146 min.

Captain From Castile(1947) VHS
The Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire is the backdrop for this lush costume drama starring Tyrone Power as a 16th-century Castilian nobleman who helps his family escape persecution by the Inquisition and then joins Cortez's army on its journey to Mexico. With Jean Peters, John Sutton, Lee J. Cobb and Cesar Romero as Cortez.

Rawhide(1951) VHS
The 1935 gangster film "Show Them No Mercy" was transformed into a Western setting for this suspenseful tale of four people at a stagecoach station who are taken hostage by a gang of robbers. Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward, Hugh Marlowe, Dean Jagger, and Edgar Buchanan star. 86 min.

Pony Soldier(1952) VHS
Heroic Mountie Tyrone Power is charged with persuading a renegade band of Cree Indians who left the reservation and raided a wagon train to return to Canada. Complicating matters are determined chief Cameron Mitchell and the two hostages taken from the raid: pretty Penny Edwards and shifty ex-con Robert Horton. 82 min.

The Long Gray Line(1955) VHS
John Ford helmed this moving true-life story that plays like a West Point-flavored "Goodbye, Mr. Chips." Tyrone Power stars as Marty Maher, an Irish immigrant who comes to the Point as a kitchen worker and becomes an athletic director and father figure to 50 years of cadets. Maureen O'Hara plays Power's wife; with Ward Bond, Donald Crisp, Robert Francis. 138 min.

The Eddy Duchin Story(1956) VHS
Tyrone Power stars as the pianist/bandleader who was the talk of '30s New York cafe society but whose personal life was marred by tragedy. Glossy, song-filled biodrama also features Kim Novak, James Whitmore, and the keyboard work of Carmen Cavallaro. Songs include "What Is This Thing Called Love?," "Till We Meet Again." 123 min.

Witness For The Prosecution(1957) VHS
Superior, sublimely entertaining treatment of Agatha Christie's play stars Charles Laughton as an elderly London barrister who ignores his physician's orders and defends a drifter accused of killing a wealthy widow. Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich and Elsa Lanchester also star in this Billy Wilder classic that's sure to keep you guessing to the end. 116 min.

Braveheart (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Dream Street(1921) VHS
Set in London's sordid Limehouse district, this morality play from D.W. Griffith features Carol Dempster as a music hall dancer who eventually finds happiness in the arms of a street tough. Co-stars Ralph Graves, Charles Emmett Mack. Silent with music score.

Braveheart(1925) VHS
The bitter feud between Native Americans and whites over fishing rights in the Northwest serves as the backdrop for this unusual silent drama. Braveheart, an Indian youth studying law at an Eastern college, contends with "the Salmon King," a nasty white businessman who's monopolizing the winter food supply of Braveheart's people. Rod LaRoque, Lillian Rich, Tyrone Power, Sr. star. 50 min. Silent with music score.

The Big Trail(1930) VHS
Sprawling frontier epic of the first wagon trail to head West across the Oregon Trail, led by wilderness scout John Wayne (his first starring role). Stunning outdoor photography and a thrilling Indian battle are highlights; with Tyrone Power, Sr., Ward Bond, Marguerite Churchill. Raoul Walsh directs. 110 min.

A Yank In The RAF [DVD](1941) DVD
The Long Gray Line [DVD](1955) DVD
Witness For The Prosecution [DVD](1957) DVD
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