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William Holden
William Holden
William Holden
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William Holden
William Holden
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The Bridge On The River Kwai (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

I Love Lucy: The Classics: L.A. At Last/The Fashion Show VHS
When the Ricardos and the Mertzes reach "L.A. at Last," stargazer Lucy gets up close and personal with movie star William Holden. Then, a celebrity "Fashion Show" has a strange, red-headed new model. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

The Wild Bunch (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

William Holden: The Golden Boy VHS
William Holden's movie career and personal life were marked by his unpredictability and by the need to top himself whenever he could. The star of "Golden Boy," "Stalag 17," "The Bridge on the River Kwai" and "The Wild Bunch" is feted through clips and comments from Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers and Sidney Lumet. 60 min.

On The Road With Bing Crosby & Bob Hope VHS
A rare treat for Hope/Crosby fans, this collection of vintage short subjects includes the original theatrical trailer for "Road to Morocco" (1942); the fellas helping GIs readjust to civilian life in "The Road to Home" (1945); Hope entertaining the troops in "Command Performance" (1943); the all-star specials "The Fifth Freedom" (1951), with Bob and Bing joining Perry Como and Arthur Godfrey, and "You Can Change the World" (1954), which also features Jack Benny, William Holden and Loretta Young; and "The Road to Peace" (1949), with Bing and Ann Blyth. 88 min. total.

Wings Of War, Vol. 1 VHS
A triad of shorts dealing with the killer skies of WW II. An 8th Air Force bombing run is tracked in ``Mission Accomplished,'' Ronald Reagan advises on ``Recognition of the Jap Zero,'' and William Holden looks at ``The Reconnaissance Pilot.'' 55 min. total.

Arizona(1940) VHS
Sprawling sagebrush saga set in 1860 and starring Jean Arthur as the first female resident of the city of Tucson, a no-nonsense woman who backs down from no man. She falls for drifter William Holden, who offers his help when some black hats try to destroy the freight line she's trying to start. Warren William, Porter Hall co-star. 121 min.

Our Town(1940) VHS
Touching film version of Thorton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize-winning play that explores the love, humor and pain of life in the typical American small town, Grovers Corners, before World War II. Marvelous cast includes William Holden, Frank Craven, Martha Scott and Thomas Mitchell. 86 min.

Variety Girl(1947) VHS
Practically the entire talent roster of Paramount Pictures lent their services to this all-star musical, made to benefit the Variety Club children's charity. Two young women with dreams of stardom come to Hollywood and work their way onto the studio's lot, running into such stars as Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Ray Milland, Alan Ladd, Barbara Stanwyck, Paulette Godard, Dorothy Lamour, Burt Lancaster, William Holden, Pearl Bailey, Sunny Tufts (Sonny Tufts?) and even Cecil B. DeMille. 93 min.

The Man From Colorado(1948) VHS
Glenn Ford gives a stormy performance as a Colorado judge transformed by the Civil War into a raving sadist, and William Holden is an army friend trying to protect the town from his violence. Ellen Drew and Edgar Buchanan co-star. 98 min.

Miss Grant Takes Richmond(1949) VHS
Secretary Lucille Ball is hired by William Holden to run his real estate office. Trouble is, she doesn't know the business is a front for Holden's gambling operation and gets the bookie involved in a housing program. Fast-paced Runyonesque treat also stars James Gleason, Janis Carter. 87 min.

Born Yesterday(1950) VHS
Judy Holliday won an Academy Award for repeating her Broadway role as the streetwise but uncultured girl of junk magnate Broderick Crawford, who hires writer William Holden to give her some "class." George Cukor directed this "Pygmalion"-like comedy. 103 min.

Sunset Blvd.(1950) VHS
Classic Hollywood drama about a reclusive former silent movie queen who takes on a young writer as her lover. Billy Wilder directed this fascinating tale, filled with crackerjack dialogue, seediness and a special "film noir" feel. Gloria Swanson, William Holden, Erich Von Stroheim, Jack Webb, Cecil B. DeMille. 110 min.

Force Of Arms(1951) VHS
After he falls in love with a beautiful WAC during the fierce Battle of San Pietro, sergeant William Holden rejoins his unit and sees his friends die in battle. Feeling responsible for the tragedy, Holden must make a difficult decision: settle down or return to fight. Nancy Olson, Frank Lovejoy and Gene Evans co-star in this compelling drama helmed by Michael Curtiz. 99 min.

Stalag 17(1953) VHS
Billy Wilder's acerbic, harrowing blend of comedy and drama, depicting the life of Allied POWs in a German prison camp. William Holden, Otto Preminger, Robert Strauss, Peter Graves and Harvey Lembeck star. 120 min.

Forever Female(1953) VHS
Aspiring playwright William Holden pens what he thinks will be a hit play, but when fading star Ginger Rogers wants the college-age leading lady role he must rework the script to accommodate her, and a pretty, younger actress is also vying for the part. Paul Douglas, Pat Crowley and George Reeves co-star in a witty comedy in the "All About Eve" vein. 93 min.

Escape From Fort Bravo(1953) VHS
Arresting Western saga starring William Holden as a Union officer who oversees a stockade for Confederate prisoners in Arizona during the Civil War. When a beautiful visitor (Eleanor Parker) arrives at the fort, Holden falls in love with her, not knowing that she's a spy for the South. John Forsythe also stars. 98 min.

The Moon Is Blue(1953) VHS
The film that caused a ruckus by using words like "mistress," "seduce" and "virgin" in its dialogue is a lively farce that stars William Holden as a New York architect whose attempts at romancing "professional virgin" Maggie McNamara are thwarted by the arrival of his ex-fiancee and her lecherous father. David Niven, Dawn Addams also star; Otto Preminger directs. 95 min.

The Country Girl(1954) VHS
Grace Kelly won an Oscar for her heartfelt performance as the strong-willed wife of an alcoholic stage actor (Bing Crosby) who's trying to launch a comeback under the guidance of a devoted director (William Holden). Director George Seaton also won an Academy Award for his adaptation of Clifford Odets' play. Anthony Ross, Gene Reynolds co-star. 104 min.

The Bridges At Toko-Ri(1954) VHS
Breathtaking, Oscar-winning aerial footage highlights this dramatic adaptation of James Michener's Korean War thriller. William Holden is a WWII pilot called back into service and charged with leading a dangerous bomber mission to destroy key North Korean-held bridges. Also stars Fredric March, Grace Kelly, Mickey Rooney. 103 min.

Sabrina(1954) VHS
Billy Wilder helmed and co-scripted this spry romantic comedy. Audrey Hepburn is the shy chauffeur's daughter who becomes a stunning beauty, and William Holden and Humphrey Bogart are the socialite brothers who at first ignore, then are entranced by Hepburn. 112 min.

Executive Suite(1954) VHS
The ruthless power struggle that erupts when a major manufacturing firm's president dies is the focus of this gripping boardroom drama. Barbara Stanwyck is the company's chief shareholder, and Fredric March, William Holden, Walter Pidgeon, Paul Douglas and Louis Calhern are the executives jockeying for position. With Shelley Winters, June Allyson, Nina Foch. 104 min.

Picnic(1955) VHS
Superb adaptation of William Inge's play stars William Holden as a drifter who visits college friend Cliff Robertson in a small Kansas town and becomes involved with his fiancee (Kim Novak). Academy Award-winning drama also stars Rosalind Russell, Arthur O'Connell, Susan Strasberg. 115 min.

Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing(1955) VHS
A four-handkerchief weepie classic starring William Holden as a married American newspaperman in Hong Kong who falls wildly in love with Eurasian physician Jennifer Jones. The two find problems as Holden attempts to get a divorce from his wife and Jones faces prejudice from her family and co-workers. Will love conquer all? Features Thorin Thatcher and an unforgettable theme song. 102 min.

The Bridge On The River Kwai(1957) VHS
David Lean's Oscar-winning wartime adventure epic stars Alec Guinness as a British officer in a Japanese POW camp, charged by his captors with overseeing the prisoners' construction of a railroad bridge, but escaped soldier William Holden returns to blow it up. With Sessue Hayakawa, Jack Hawkins and "The Colonel Bogey March." 162 min.

The Horse Soldiers(1959) VHS
For his only Civil War feature, director John Ford crafted a stirring true story of a Union cavalry raid into Confederate territory. Colonel John Wayne and doctor William Holden are the antagonistic leads of the mission; Constance Towers, Stan Jones, Hoot Gibson also star. 115 min.

The World Of Suzie Wong(1960) VHS
Exotic Hong Kong is the setting for this classic melodrama of the love affair between American painter William Holden and bar girl Nancy Kwan. Co-stars Michael Wilding, Sylvia Syms, Laurence Naismith. 129 min.

The Counterfeit Traitor(1962) VHS
Classic spy thriller stars William Holden as a Swedish oil trader who conducts business with the Nazis during World War II, which places him on the Allied enemies list. But he's given a chance to redeem himself after he spies on German refineries for British Intelligence. Lilli Palmer, Hugh Griffith co-star in this intense, true story. 140 min.

Paris--When It Sizzles(1964) VHS
Audrey Hepburn and William Holden sizzle, too, in this breezy romantic bon bon, as a screenwriter and his secretary act out film situations in an attempt to get over his writer's block. Co-stars Noel Coward and a cameo by Marlene Dietrich. 110 min.

The Seventh Dawn(1964) VHS
An adventure story with political intrigue showcasing William Holden as a former guerrilla leader living in Malaysia, where he's caught in the middle of a struggle between British authorities and a former associate attempting to convert the country to Communism. Susannah York, Capucine and Tetsuro Tamba star. 123 min.

Alvarez Kelly(1966) VHS
A climactic stampede sequence sparks this Civil War western with William Holden as a mercenary adventurer hired to drive cattle from Mexico to Union forces in Virginia, only to be waylaid en route by sadistic Confederate officer Richard Widmark. With Patrick O'Neal, Janice Rule. 109 min.

The Devil's Brigade(1968) VHS
William Holden is a tough, level-headed lieutenant colonel assigned to form a crack unit of fighting men out of a band of misfit American soldiers and a well-trained Canadian unit before they are to face the Nazis on the European battlefield. Action-packed war epic based on fact co-stars Carroll O'Connor, Vince Edwards, Cliff Robertson. 130 min.

The Wild Bunch(1969) VHS
The restored 1995 director's cut version of Sam Peckinpah's controversial sagebrush classic. In the Southwest of 1913, a gang of outlaws is coerced by a Mexican general into robbing a U.S. Army gun shipment, a move that has fatal consequences. William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Warren Oates, Edmond O'Brien and Robert Ryan star in this masterpiece, known for its bloody and balletic action scenes. Special edition includes "The Wild Bunch: An Album in Montage" documentary and an introduction by Borgnine. 179 min. total.

Wild Rovers(1971) VHS
William Holden turns in one of the most sterling performances of his career as an aging cowpoke who teams with Ryan O'Neal to knock over a bank. Will they succeed in their break for the border? Karl Malden, Rachel Roberts, Tom Skerritt, Joe Don Baker co-star; Blake Edwards directs. 109 min.

The Towering Inferno(1974) VHS
The grand opening gala for the world's tallest skyscraper becomes a fiery hell when a massive blaze traps the guests on the top floors. Producer Irwin Allen's Oscar-winning thriller boasts an all-star cast that includes Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Jennifer Jones and Fred Astaire. 165 min.

Network(1976) VHS
Scathing satire of the business of television mixes emotional drama with a far-out peek at future programming. Peter Finch won an Oscar as prophet-like figure Howard Beale; other Oscars went to writer Paddy Chayefsky, Beatrice Straight and Faye Dunaway. William Holden, Robert Duvall co-star. 120 min.

Damien: Omen II(1978) VHS
Damien, that little boy who's "cute as the Devil" in every sense of the phrase, is growing up and preparing to take on the world in this continuation of the horrifying series. William Holden and Lee Grant star as the adoptive parents who realize the truth...but is it too late? 107 min.

When Time Ran Out(1980) VHS
An all-star epic of disaster and survival which finds a volcano and a tidal wave threatening a lush tropical island. Paul Newman, Jacqueline Bisset, William Holden and Ernest Borgnine star in this Irwin Allen production. 144 min.

The Earthling(1980) VHS
William Holden is a terminally ill survivalist in the Australian Outback who teaches a lonely orphan boy (Ricky Schroder) the necessary skills to survive in the wilderness. 96 min.

S.O.B.(1981) VHS
Blake Edwards' hilarious lampoon of the Hollywood studio stars Richard Mulligan as a beleaguered director whose latest film, a $30 million flop, has a chance of being saved if he can turn it into a soft-core teaser and convince the film's star (Julie Andrews) to bare her breasts. Co-stars William Holden, Robert Loggia and Robert Preston. 121 min.

The Bridge On The River Kwai (Limited Edition) [DVD] DVD
Born Yesterday [DVD](1950) DVD
Picnic [DVD](1955) DVD
Alvarez Kelly [DVD](1966) DVD
The Devil's Brigade [DVD](1968) DVD
The Wild Bunch: Original Director's Cut [DVD](1969) DVD
Network [DVD](1976) DVD
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