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The Ten Commandments (40th Anniversary Collector's Edition) VHS
One of the greatest movie spectaculars of all time is commemorated in this deluxe edition. A restored, letterboxed print of the DeMille classic--with the soundtrack rechanneled in Dolby Stereo and featuring theatrical interlude music--is offered, along with the original and re-release trailers. 245 min.

The Ten Commandments (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Buck Rogers: Return Of The Fighting 69th VHS
A band of "over the hill" space jockeys aid Buck in defeating a gang of star villains.

Ramar Of The Jungle/ The White Avengers VHS
Two-fisted medicine man Jon Hall protects an African village from "Evil Strangers" in an episode of the popular "Ramar" series. Next, cowboy brother duo Billy and Bob White team up with "world's smartest dogs" Timber and Lobo in the Old West as "The White Avengers." 60 min.

Sundown(1941) VHS
Thrilling WWII espionage tale stars Gene Tierney as an Arab trader's beautiful adopted daughter who agrees to help British forces in Africa by spying on the Nazis. "Dangerous! Intriguing! Fascinating!" With Bruce Cabot, George Sanders. 91 min.

Star Spangled Rhythm(1942) VHS
A parade of Hollywood's biggest stars were enlisted for this tuneful comedy starring Eddie Bracken as a sailor who brings his pals to Paramount Studios to meet his father, a guard and one-time cowboy star now posing as a movie honcho. Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton, Bob Hope, Alan Ladd, Mary Martin, Dick Powell and Victor Moore lead the cast; songs include "Hit the Road to Dreamland." 100 min.

Bride Of The Gorilla(1951) VHS
Jungle action and voodoo terror in the African tropics, as doctor Raymond Burr marries beautiful Barbara Payton, only to find himself the victim of a man-beast's curse. Co-stars Lon Chaney, Jr. 65 min.

Demetrius And The Gladiators(1954) VHS
The story of Christian persecution in ancient Rome begun in ``The Robe'' continues here, as arena fighter Victor Mature pits his newfound faith against the might of demented emperor Caligula. Also stars Susan Hayward, Jay Robinson, Debra Paget, Michael Rennie, William Marshall and Ernest Borgnine. 101 min.

The Ten Commandments(1956) VHS
Grand-scale epic from Cecil B. DeMille (his final film) stars Charlton Heston as Moses, chosen by God to lead his fellow Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. The flight from Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, and Moses' receiving of the Commandments are highlights. Co-stars Edward G. Robinson, Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter and a cast of thousands. 220 min.

Pork Chop Hill(1959) VHS
In the final days of the Korean War, an American battalion fights to maintain a strategic position. Compelling war drama by Lewis Milestone (``All Quiet on the Western Front'') stars Gregory Peck, Rip Torn, Woody Strode, George Peppard and Robert Blake. 97 min.

The Last Voyage(1960) VHS
An exciting precursor to "The Poseidon Adventure," this drama stars Robert Stack and Dorothy Malone as a married couple who encounter an unending series of disasters when explosions rock the ocean liner they're on. George Sanders, Edmond O' Brien and Woody Strode co-star. 87 min.

Sergeant Rutledge(1960) VHS
Groundbreaking Western from director John Ford focuses on black cavalryman Woody Strode, standing trial for murdering his white commanding officer and raping and killing the man's daughter. The innocent Strode fears that the jury's prejudice will affect the trial, but he finally gets a chance to prove his heroism during an Indian attack. With Jeffrey Hunter, Constance Towers. 118 min.

Two Rode Together(1961) VHS
A cynical lawman (James Stewart) and a hard-bitten Cavalry officer (Richard Widmark) join forces to rescue a captive settler party from hostile Indians in this John Ford western adventure. With Shirley Jones, Linda Cristal, Andy Devine. 109 min.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance(1962) VHS
John Ford's epic western stars James Stewart as a U.S. senator who returns to his old home after 25 years for the funeral of old friend John Wayne. When asked about Wayne by a reporter, Stewart tells of the story of his friendship with Wayne and how he saved his life from sadistic outlaw Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin). Vera Miles, Edmond O'Brien, Andy Devine and Woody Strode also star in this classic. 122 min.

The Professionals(1966) VHS
Lusty, rousing tale about four soldiers of fortune (Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan, Woody Strode) in the 1917 West hired by a cattle baron to rescue his kidnapped wife from a Mexican bandit. With Jack Palance, Claudia Cardinale, Ralph Bellamy. 117 min.

Shalako(1968) VHS
Fast-paced frontier action stars Sean Connery as a wandering gunfighter who comes to the aid of a group of travelling European aristocrats when they're stranded in Apache country. Brigitte Bardot, Stephen Boyd, Woody Strode and Connery's "Goldfinger" co-star, Honor Blackman, also star. 113 min.

Once Upon A Time In The West(1969) VHS
Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, Claudia Cardinale and Jason Robards star in this epic Western of landowners at odds with a railroad, with Fonda in a chilling role as a hired killer. Co-written and directed by Sergio Leone; great score by Ennio Morricone. Complete, uncut version; 165 min.

Boot Hill(1969) VHS
The stars of the "Trinity" spaghetti westerns, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, teamed up for the first time here, as a pair of amiable saddle tramps riding across the plains and encountering gunfighters (who they try to avoid) and easy frontier women (who they don't). Woody Strode, Victor Buono also star. AKA: "Trinity Rides Again." 87 min.

Black Jesus(1971) VHS
Based in part on the true story of Zairian military leader-turned-dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, director Valerio Zurlini's compelling drama stars Woody Strode as an anti-colonial leader in a strife-torn African nation who is betrayed by a power-hungry follower. With Franco Citti, Jean Servais. 90 min.

The Deserter(1971) VHS
An all-star cast is featured in this action-packed western adventure, as a Cavalry officer on the run after shooting his commander is found and put in charge of a band of renegade soldiers. Their mission: take out an Apache stronghold across the Mexican border. Bekim Fehmiu, Chuck Connors, Richard Crenna, Ricardo Montalban and Slim Pickens star. 100 min. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: Paramount Pictures Corp. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: B.

The Gatling Gun(1972) VHS
The title weapon is the prize in a deadly three-way battle between the Cavalry, Apache warriors and renegade criminals in this thrilling frontier adventure. Guy Stockwell, Patrick Wayne, Woody Strode, John Carradine star. 90 min.

Black King Pin(1973) VHS
Luca Canali thought he could put one over on the mob by hijacking their $6,000,000 drug shipment. The mob isn't known for their sense of humor, though...and they send two hit men (Henry Silva and Woody Strode) to remind Luca of that fact. AKA: "Hit Men," "Hired to Kill," "The Italian Connection," "Manhunt." 90 min.

Winterhawk(1975) VHS
Native American adventure about Winterhawk, the legendary Blackfoot chief, who asks a group of white settlers to help his people dying of smallpox. He is tricked by two settlers, who kill two of his braves and, in retaliation, he kidnaps a white woman and her brother. Michael Dante, Leif Erickson, Dawn Wells, Woody Strode and Sacheen Littlefeather (Marlon Brando's Oscar night stand-in) star. 101 min.

Keoma(1976) VHS
This violent Spaghetti Western from Enzo Castellari features Franco Nero as a half-Indian gunslinger who decides to return to his childhood home. There, he learns that a villain has taken over the plague-ridden town and his three half-brothers are out to get him. Against the odds, Nero makes a desperate effort to save the town and himself. Woody Strode and Olga Karlatos co-star. AKA: "Desperado," "Django Rides Again," "The Violent Breed." 101 min.

Oil(1977) VHS
The struggle for power and wealth between an international oil cartel and an Arab state frames this action-packed tale about an oil fire raging in the Sahara desert. Stars Stuart Whitman, Ray Milland, Woody Strode. 95 min.

Cuba Crossing(1980) VHS
A band of expert spies and assassins are hired to put an end to a drug smuggling ring that has its headquarters in Castro's Cuba in this action-filled suspense thriller. Robert Vaughn, Stuart Whitman and Sybill Danning star. AKA: "Kill Castro!," "The Mercenaries," "Sweet Dirty Tony." 92 min.

Vigilante(1982) VHS
Intense urban action film stars Robert Forster as an ex-cop whose family is attacked by a street gang. When the courts let the hoods go free, a frustrated Forster joins with Fred Williamson's neighborhood vigilante group, dedicated to enforcing the law--their own way. With Rutanya Alda, Woody Strode, Joe Spinell. 89 min.

Invaders Of The Lost Gold(1982) VHS
Luscious Laura Gemser and sturdy Stuart Whitman star in this jungle adventure saga of a hidden treasure and the greed-driven people who will stop at nothing to find it. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: All American Video. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: B.

The Black Stallion Returns(1983) VHS
Beautifully filmed sequel to ``The Black Stallion'' follows the further adventures of the prize steed and its owner, young Kelly Reno. The stallion's original owner, an Arab sheik, wants to run the horse in an up-coming race. Teri Garr, Vincent Spano co-star. 104 min.

The Final Executioner(1983) VHS
In the wreckage of a post-nuclear Earth, the rich make sport out of hunting the radiation-diseased poor. One warrior learns a secret that can save his people in this slam-bang sci-fi action thriller. Harrison Muller, Woody Strode star. 95 min. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: MGM/UA Home Video. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: B.

The Cotton Club(1984) VHS
The Golden Age of Harlem lives on in director Francis Ford Coppola's stunning drama, a mix of jazz music, romance and gangsters. Richard Gere stars as a musician working at the famed '30s nightclub who gets mixed up with the mob, and Diane Lane is the boss's girl he falls for; with Gregory and Maurice Hines, Bob Hoskins and Fred Gwynne.

Jungle Warriors(1985) VHS
There's blazing action in the wilderness when an all-girl army fights for their lives against a South American drug kingpin. Sybil Danning, Woody Strode, Nina Van Pallandt star. 96 min.

Lust In The Dust(1985) VHS
When gold is discovered in the sleepy Western town of Chile Verde, a stampede of ruthless gunmen, wanton dance hall girls and laughter follows, in director Paul Bartel's sagebrush spoof. "Polyester" co-stars Tab Hunter and Divine are reunited, along with Lainie Kazan and Cesar Romero. 84 min.

Murder On The Bayou(1987) VHS
Superb drama focuses on the death of a racist sugar cane field worker in Louisiana. Upon investigating the murder, the sheriff finds 19 people who all claim to have committed the crime. Richard Widmark, Louis Gossett, Jr. and Holly Hunter star; directed by Volker Schlondorff ("The Tin Drum") and written by Charles Fuller ("A Soldier's Story"). AKA: "A Gathering of Old Men." 91 min. This tape is previously viewed. Manufacturer: Starmaker Entertainment Inc. Box condition: B. Tape appearance: B.

Spartacus (Special Edition) [DVD] DVD
The Ten Commandments [DVD](1956) DVD
Spartacus [DVD](1960) DVD
Shalako [DVD](1968) DVD
Black Jesus [DVD](1968) DVD
Boot Hill [DVD](1969) DVD
Vigilante [DVD](1982) DVD
Posse [DVD](1993) DVD
Rousing Western with an almost-all-black cast stars Mario Van Peebles (who also directed) as a charismatic gunslinger who leads a group of Spanish-American War castoffs on an action-packed mission to find the racists responsible for killing his father. Charles Lane, Stephen Baldwin, Tone Loc, Blair Underwood and Billy Zane also star. 113 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English stereo, French, Spanish; Subtitles: Spanish, French; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Once Upon A Time In The West(1969) VHS
Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, Claudia Cardinale and Jason Robards star in this epic Western of landowners at odds with a railroad, with Fonda in a chilling role as a hired killer. Co-written and directed by Sergio Leone; great score by Ennio Morricone. Complete, uncut version; 165 min.

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