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Antonio Banderas
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Ghost Of Zorro(1959) VHS
Screen frontier lawman Clayton Moore sports a different type of mask in this feature version of the 1949 Republic serial, playing the grandson of the original Zorro. Moore dons the black outfit to help a pretty telegraph company owner defend her business from outlaws. Pamela Blake, Eugene Roth, and George J. Lewis as Moccasin, Moore's faithful Indian ally, also star. 69 min.

Zorro Rides Again (Feature Version)(1959) VHS
The masked crusader rides into the 20th century, as Zorro (John Carroll) seeks vengeance for his uncle's murder and goes up against a gang of outlaws trying to seize control of a railroad, in this exciting adventure culled from the 1937 Republic serial. With Helen Christian, Noah Beery, Duncan Renaldo. 68 min.

3 Swords Of Zorro(1963) VHS
It's 1830 in Old California, and, wanting to keep swashbuckling a family business, the legendary Zorro teaches his son and daughter the fine points of the hero trade in this Italian/Spanish actioner. Guy Stockwell, Gloria Milland, Antonio Prieto star.

Zorro The Avenger(1963) VHS
Don Jose secretly masks himself as Zorro, the Mexican freedom fighter who tries to protect his people from the wrath of evil revolutionary bandits involved in the murder of a priest. Exciting swordplay and the charismatic Frank Latimore as the legendary hero add spark to this European production. With Marco Tulli. AKA: "Shadow of Zorro."

Zorro(1975) VHS
En garde! Alain Delon plays the valiant man in the black mask, who uses his slyness and expert swordsmanship to halt mean politicians and evil law enforcers. Lots of action, romance and spectacular riding. With Stanley Baker, Ottavia Piccolo and Moustache. 88 min.

Zorro (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

The Mask Of Zorro(1998) VHS
The spirit of Fairbanks, Power, Williams and Hamilton lives on in the guise of Antonio Banderas, the thief who dons a cape and mask when recruited by the aging Don Diego de la Vega (Anthony Hopkins) to adopt his alter-ego of Zorro and take on the evil Spanish governor of Alta California in 1841. Smashing swashbuckling scenes highlight this stylish adventure saga co-starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Stuart Wilson. 137 min.

The Mask Of Zorro (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

The Many Faces Of Zorro VHS
One of the movie and TV worlds' greatest heroes is given a 10-sword salute in this thrilling program about the screen history of the masked avenger. You'll see clips of famous Zorros from the past, including Guy Williams and Douglas Fairbanks, plus interviews with Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins from 1998's "The Mask of Zorro." 60 min.

Zorro Gift Set VHS
Here's a boxed collector's set that'll put the "Zs" in both your cheeks and some green in your pocket. Included are the 1936 Zorro thriller "The Bold Caballero," starring Bob Livingston, plus "Ghost of Zorro" and "Zorro Rides Again."

Zorro: The First Encounter VHS
Isabela sets out to learn the true identity of the masked hero in "To Catch a Fox," and Zorro must find a way to defeat "The Enforcer," a mechanically-enhanced bounty hunter.

Zorro: Beastly Battles VHS
Zorro must stop Captain Montecero from stealing gold from the Mayan Indians in "Sting of the Serpent God," then rescue an Indian boy from a magical spell that's turned him into a monster in "The Beast Within."

Zorro: Double Trouble VHS
Captain Montecero decides "Two Zorros Are Better Than One" when he has one of his men pose as the hero in an effort to trap the real Zorro. Next, an Indian mystic creates "The Anti-Zorro," a white-clad menace out to eliminate his counterpart.

Zorro: High Seas Hero VHS
Set sail with Zorro as he makes some bad buccaneers walk the plank in "The Pirates of San Pedro," then rescues his own father from a kidnapper in "A King's Ransom."

Zorro: Night Of Terror VHS
In a double feature in monstrous menaces, Zorro matches wits with a fabled bog creature in "Tar Pit Terror" and a resurrected Indian warrior in "Night of Tolchen."

Zorro Rides Again(1937) VHS
The masked crusader vows vengeance for the murder of his uncle, but the evil Marsden will stop at nothing to gain control of the railroads. John Carroll, Noah Beery and Helen Christian star. 12 chapters; 213 min.

Zorro's Fighting Legion(1939) VHS
In old Mexico, crooked mine officials hatch a gold-snatching scheme that involves duping natives into blocking gold shipments. Can the mysterious Zorro and his allies save the day? Reed Hadley, Sheila Darcy, C. Montague Shaw star. 12 chapters.

Zorro's Black Whip(1944) VHS
Serial queen Linda Stirling takes the title role(!) in this tale of a feisty newspaper girl who assumes her murdered brother's masked identity to fight outlaws opposed to statehood for the Idaho Territory. With George J. Lewis, John Merton. 12 episodes; 182 min.

Son Of Zorro(1947) VHS
A descendant of the masked avenger dons the costume of his ancestor to fight corrupt toll road officials(!) in the West after the Civil War. George Turner, Peggy Stewart, Roy Barcroft star. 13 episodes.

The Mark Of Zorro VHS
Also available in a version featuring Video Accu-Speed, a process which returns the film to its original running time and duplicates the speed at which the film was photographed. 142 min. Silent with music score.

The Mark Of Zorro(1920) VHS
The original! Douglas Fairbanks is the foppish Don Diego, who dons cape and mask to protect the peasants of Old California as the dashing "Zorro, the Fox." Noah Beery, Marguerite de la Motte also star in this, the standard-setter for all subsequent swashbuckler films. 90 min. Silent with music score.

The Mark Of Zorro(1940) VHS
The classic romantic swashbuckler stars dashing Tyrone Power as the son of a powerful nobleman in 1820s California who returns home from Europe to find his father has been replaced by evil despots. In order to defeat them, Power dons the black-masked disguise of Zorro and takes on his enemies in a series of rousing swordfights. Linda Darnell, Eugene Pallette and Basil Rathbone also star. 93 min.

The Mark Of Zorro [DVD](1920) DVD
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