TITLE :  Let's Get Skase
DIRECTOR :  Matthew George
STARRING : Lachy Hulme, Alex Dimitriades, Bill Kerr, Adam Haddrick, Torquil Neilson, Craig McLachlan, George Shevtsov, Nick Sheppard, Wayne Hassell, William Ten Eyck, Diane West.
* Join The Chase
* The world's most wanted man is about to find out how Australia settles a debt
Let's Get Skase
In the 80's & 90's Skase ruled Australia, no one could touch him & no one could stop him from stealing a fortune. When his time was up he just simply went to Spain. This film tells his story. "Christopher Skase was the most hated man in Australia & the most wanted man in the world." This is the opening narration of the film & our introduction to the man who fled Australia to Majorca to avoid prosecution after his Qintex business empire collapsed & he declared himself bankrupt. Made on a budget of  $3.5 million dollars & shot in Perth Western Australia, "Let's Get Skase" has particularly high production values for an Australian film. The cast is also very good. Lachy Hulme, looking like a 1970's Barry Gibb impersonator, stars as failed businessman Peter Dellasandro who convinces the Creditors Board of the collapsed Qintex business empire that he is the only man capable of kidnapping Skase & bringing him back to justice. Lachy Hulme also wrote the film with director Mathew George. Con man Dellasandro recruits a band of men, including Danny D'Amato (Alex Dimitriades) to help him with his mission. Singer/actor Craig McLachlan displays comedic ability as muscle bound Eric Carney host of the television show "The Debt Collector". McLachlan is Dellasandro's rival & has his own ideas about capturing Skase.

"Let's Get Skase" is a plesantly entertaining action comedy. The fun filled conclusion takes us to the Skase mansion in Spain, where we finally get to meet the man himself. Wayne Hassell who has an uncanny resemblance plays Skase. When we first see Skase he is in a wheel chair complete with oxygen mask. It is not long before he stands up, throws down his mask & raises his hands to the delight of the cheering European crowd. When Dellesandro & his crew turn up at the mansion he is mistaken for a world famous chef & has to serve Skase his dinner. Dellesandro also gets mixed up in an invigorating dance routine. The real life Christopher Skase died in Majorca in August 2001 after the film was completed. The events depicted in this film took place in 1995. "Let's Get Skase" might not have worldwide appeal (due to its subject matter) but Australian audiences especially, should get a kick out of it.

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Let's Get Skase