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"Masters of The Universe" is Cannon's live-action version of the popular TV cartoon series. Fresh from his successful stint as Rocky's deadly Russian opponent Ivan Drago, Dolph Lundgren appears in his first starring role as the muscular, blonde-headed, sword-swinging, strongman, The Mighty He-Man.

The story centres around the conflict between the hero warrior He-Man (Dolph Lundgren) & the villainous Skeletor (Frank Langella in a face mask) as they battle for control of the universe. Look out for Billy Barty (Willow) as a little red-haired alien creature.

In this big screen version, He-man & his sidekicks are transported to earth (modern-day LA) to find the cosmic key, the source of unlimited power. They have 24 hours to find the key before the power hungry Skeletor gets his hands on it & uses it for his own selfish purposes. In the process He-man teams up with a couple of young teenagers, one of them being Courteney Cox of "Friends"  fame. At the end of the day our noble hero, He-man, succeeds in his quest & our LA teenagers are also enlightened by the experience, learning a lesson or two about life & relationships.

Although the film may not have received critical acclaim or financial success, when it was first released in cinemas in my home town, I can recall joining a long queue in an attempt to see it, only to be knocked back & told that the session was a full-house. I had to return the next day to see it & once again had to join an extremely long queue that spilled out onto the footpath outside the cinema.

"Masters of The Universe" is an action adventure fantasy, jam-packed full of sword-play & Star Wars type special effects. It should please young teens looking for a wild imaginative ride.  
TITLE :  Masters of The Universe
DIRECTOR :  Gary Goddard
STARRING :  Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, Courteney Cox, James Tolkan, Billy Barty
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Masters Of The Universe(1987) VHS
The testosterone-filled titans of the toy shelves make the jump to the big screen in this live-action fantasy spectacle. Dolph Lundgren is the brawny He-Man, and Frank Langella is bone-pated bad guy Skeletor. Their battle for the power reaches from Eternia to Earth, and only one will survive. With Courteney Cox, Meg Foster, Billy Barty. 107 min.

Masters Of The Universe (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1987) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

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Masters of The Universe
Courteney Cox
Frank Langella as Skeletor
Dolph Lundgren as He-Man
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