The OSCARS 2001
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2001 Academy Awards
Date: 25th March
Host: Steve Martin
Location: Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USA

Best Picture Winner: Gladiator - Douglas Wick; David H. Franzoni; Branko Lustig
Other Nominees:
Erin Brockovich
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Best Actor in a Leading Role Winner: Gladiator - Russell Crowe
Other Nominees:
Before Night Falls - Javier Bardem
Cast Away - Tom Hanks
Pollock - Ed Harris
Quills - Geoffrey Rush

Best Actress in a Leading Role Winner: Erin Brockovich - Julia Roberts
Other Nominees:
Chocolat - Juliette Binoche
The Contender - Joan Allen
Requiem for a Dream - Ellen Burstyn
You Can Count on Me  - Laura Linney

Best Actor in a Supporting Role Winner: Traffic - Benicio Del Toro
Other Nominees:
The Contender - Jeff Bridges
Erin Brockovich - Albert Finney
Gladiator - Joaquin Phoenix
Shadow of the Vampire - Willem Dafoe

Best Actress in a Supporting Role Winner: Pollock - Marcia Gay Harden
Other Nominees:
Almost Famous - Kate Hudson
Almost Famous - Frances McDormand
Billy Elliot - Julie Walters
Chocolat - Judi Dench

Best Director Winner: Traffic (2000) - Steven Soderbergh
Other Nominees:
Billy Elliot - Stephen Daldry
Erin Brockovich - Steven Soderbergh
Gladiator - Ridley Scott
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon  - Ang Lee
And The Oscar Goes To ...
Julia Roberts Best Actress Winner for Erin Brockovich.
Benicio Del Toro (Traffic) and Marcia Gay Hardin (Pollock) celebrate their Best Supporting Actor Oscars.
Russell Crowe shows off his Best Actor Oscar for the Roman Epic "Gladiator" .
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Julia Roberts
Benicio Del Toro & Marcia Gay Hardin
Russell Crowe