Black Actors Who Have Won Oscars
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The 2002 Academy Awards
was a breakthrough year for Black Actors
Denzel Washington (Training Day) & Halle Berry (Monster's Ball) celebrate their Best Actor & Best Actress wins.
Sidney Poitier received the Honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievement at the 2002 Academy Awards
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Black Actors Who Have Won Oscars

1939 - Hattie McDaniel Best Suppporting Actress for "Gone With The Wind"

1963 - Sidney Poitier Best Actor for "Lilies In The Field"

1982 - Louis Gossett Jr. Best Supporting Actor for "An Officer And A Gentleman"

1989 - Denzel Washington Best Supporting Actor for "Glory"

1990 - Whoppi Goldberg Best Supporting Actress for "Ghost"

1996 - Cuba Gooding Jr. Best Supporting Actor for "Jerry Maguire"

2002 - Denzel Washington Best Actor for "Training Day"

2002 - Halle Berry Best Actress for "Monster's Ball"

2002 - Sidney Poitier received the Honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievement
At the 2002 Academy Awards Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won Oscars for Best Actress and Best Actor in a landmark win for black stars. Halle Berry won the prestigious award for her role in the thriller "Monster's Ball". In the 74 year history of the Awards ceremony Halle Berry's Oscar marked the first time a black woman has won for "Best Actress in a Leading Role". Halle Berry, who beat Dame Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Renee Zellwegger and Sissy Spacek was sobbing throughout her speech, and said: "This moment is so much bigger than me. This is for every nameless, faceless woman of colour for whom the door has been opened".

Denzel Washington, who won his Best Actor award for Training Day on the same night as Sidney Poitier won his honorary Oscar, joked as he said: "Forty years I've been chasing Sidney and what do they do - they go and give it to him in the same night." This was not the first time Denzel Washington received an Oscar, the star was also awarded an Oscar in 1990 for best supporting actor in the film "Glory". Among the other nominees for Best Actor was Will Smith for “Ali.” It marked the first time two black actors competed against each other in the "Best Actor" category.
2002 may have been a great year for black actors receiving Academy Awards but it was not the first time that the gold statuette was won by black actors.  On recieving his honarary Oscar Sidney Poitier stated “I accept this award in memory of all the African-American actors and actresses who went before me in the difficult years, on whose shoulders I was privileged to stand to see where I might go,". The following is a complete list of all the black actors who have won the prestigious award.
Cuba Gooding Jr celebrates with his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor ("Jerry Maguire" 1996)
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Halle Berry and Denzel Washington
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