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"SpaceHunter Adventures In The Forbidden Zone" is the complete title of this science-fiction fantasy about a futuristic bounty hunter whose mission is to rescue 3 women from the villainous Overdog, played with relish by Michael Ironside.

Peter Strauss stars as the "SpaceHunter" & co-starring as his sidekick is 80's teen queen Molly Ringwald. The two leads combine well together & make the most of the material presented to them. Ringwald plays Niki, a dirty uncivilised orphan & the only earthling left on the planet from a medical expedition that went wrong. Strauss has his hands full trying to tame her & one of the most memorable scenes is when Strauss has to forceably make her bathe in a pond.

The setting for the film is a barren toxic wasteland where mutant inhabitants run wild. The SpaceHunter travels around in a space-age junk mobile on wheels, fighting off any creatures that stand in his way.

SpaceHunter was originally released in 3-D & was a disappointment at the box office. It is however, well worth watching, particularly if you are a fan of Molly Ringwald, as this is one of her early on screen roles. Fans of Science Fiction should also get a kick out of this film, as it has plenty of action & imaginative moments.
DIRECTOR :  Lamont Johnson
STARRING :  Peter Strauss, Molly Ringwald, Ernie Hudson, Michael Ironside
Film Details :
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Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone(1983) VHS
Interstellar rebels Wolff and Nikki set out on a spectacular mission to rescue three women stranded on a planet no one has warned them about...because no one has ever returned. Peter Strauss, Molly Ringwald. Not in 3-D. 90 min.

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Peter Strauss & Molly Ringwald
Peter Strauss & Molly Ringwald
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