FULL NAME: Walden Robert Cassotto
DATE OF BIRTH : 14th May 1936
PLACE OF BIRTH : The Bronx, New York, USA
DATE OF DEATH : 20th December 1973
PLACE OF DEATH : Los Angeles, California, USA.
CAUSE OF DEATH : Died after open-heart surgery
SPOUSE : Sandra Dee  (1960 - 1967)  
CHILDREN : 1 son, Dodd.
Bobby Darin
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* 1973 - Happy Mother's Day, Love George (aka Run, Stranger, Run)
* 1973 - The Bobby Darin Show (TV Series)
* 1968 - 1973 Dean Martin Presents (TV)
* 1969 - The Happy Ending
* 1967 - Stranger in the House (aka Cop-Out)
* 1967 - Gunfight in Abilene
* 1965 - That Funny Feeling
* 1963 - Music Shop (TV)
* Bobby Darin grew up in a tough neighbourhood, the slums of New York's Bronx.

* As a child, Bobby Darin suffered with severe rheumatic fever, which scarred his heart for life. Heart problems later in life would eventually lead to his death.

* Bobby Darin's family encouraged his interest in music. He would often spend time writing songs & taking his music to different record companies. He also spent many hours learning to play musical instruments. He taught himself to play the piano, guitar & drums.

* It is rumored that Bobby's surname "Darin" was inspired by a faulty neon sign at a Chinese Restaurant. The sign featured the word "Mandarin" & the first three letters in the word were not working properly & thus "Darin" was born.

* In 1958 Bobby Darin performed the song "Splish, Splash" on "Dick Clark's American Bandstand". The song was a smash hit & went on to sell over 1 million copies. Not bad for a song that took him only 12 minutes to write.

* In 1959 Bobby Darin won 2 Grammy Awards. He was voted Best New Artist & his song "Mack the Knife" won best record.

* "Mack the Knife" was the number 1 song for 9 weeks & stayed in the top 10 all year.

* In 1961, Bobby Darin appeared in his first feature film "Come September", for which he wrote the title song. It was during the making of this film in Rome, that he met & later married, co-star Sandra Dee.

*  In 1962 Bobby & Sandra had a son named Dodd.

* 1964 was a high point in Bobby Darin's career when he was nominated for the "Best Supporting Actor" Oscar for his performance in the movie "Captain Newman, M.D.".  

* In 1967 Bobby Darin & Sandra Dee divorced. After this, Bobby's career began to decline.

* In 1968, Bobby Darin helped Robert Kennedy with his presidential campaign. When Kennedy was assasinated in June 1968. Bobby became reclusive & lived in a mobile home on the "Big Sur". His career continued to slide.

* In 1971 Bobby Darin had heart surgery & his health was never the same again. Despite ill health he continued to do nightclub acts.

* Sadly in 1973 Bobby Darin passed away at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, following open heart surgery.
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Bobby Darin Actor Profile
Teen Stars Of The 1950's & 1960's
The Boy From The Bronx
Who Went "Splish Splash"
* 1963 - Captain Newman, M.D.
* 1962 - If a Man Answers
* 1962 - Pressure Point
* 1962 - Hell Is for Heroes
* 1962 - State Fair
* 1961 - Too Late Blues
* 1961 - Come September
* 1960 - Pepe (Cameo)

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The Flip Wilson Show, Vol. 1 VHS
Includes the debut episode with guests David Frost and the Muppets, along with Bill Cosby and Gina Lollobrigida, and more. 45 min.

Bobby Darin: The Darin Invasion VHS
The late, great singer Bobby Darin pulls out all the stops in this exciting, tune-filled special. Linda Ronstadt and George Burns add songs and wit to this classic 1970s show. 60 min.

The Flip Wilson Show, Vol. 2 VHS
Featured guests include Don Rickles, Ray Charles, Redd Foxx, Bobby Darin, Tim Conway, and more. 45 min.

Flashbacks: Easy Lovin' VHS
Includes The Carpenters ("Superstar"), Bobby Darin ("If I Were a Carpenter"), Sonny and Cher ("I Got You, Babe"), Kenny Rogers and The First Edition ("Cherish"), more.

Bobby Darin Collection VHS
More vintage TV appearances by the chart-topping pop star, including clips from "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "The Judy Garland Show," are featured in this collection. Darin performs "Mack the Knife," "Dream Lover," "That's How It Goes" and others, including "You Make Me Feel So Young" with Connie Francis, "Sing Sing Sing" with Garland and Bob Newhart (!), and more. 77 min.

Bobby Darin In London VHS
Live from the Palladium, it's Bobby belting out his best-loved tunes in front of an enthusiastic British crowd. Along with such songs as "Don't Rain on My Parade," "Quarter to Nine," "Mack the Knife" and "If I Were a Carpenter," Darin also entertains the audience with imitations of Gable, Lancaster and Martin and Lewis! 50 min.

The Big Beat/Studio Party(1957) VHS
Dig the hits from 1957 on Alan Freed's ``The Big Beat,'' with fill-in host Bobby Darin, and Teddy Randoza, then bop with Herb Sheldon and decathlete Bob Mathias on "Studio Party." The titles and credits for both shows are missing, but hey, that's Rock and Roll! 50 min.

Come September(1961) VHS
Colorful romantic comedy stars Rock Hudson as an American businessman who arrives early for his annual September stay at his Italian villa and is shocked to find that the caretaker has been renting it out to vacationers, among them sexy Gina Lollobrigida. With Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin, Walter Slezak; look for a young Joel Grey. 114 min.

Hell Is For Heroes(1962) VHS
An exhausted, outnumbered American infantry squad is charged with defending a frontline against the Germans in this top-notch WWII drama from director Don Siegel. Steve McQueen, Fess Parker, James Coburn, Bobby Darin, Nick Adams and Bob Newhart lead the company into battle. 90 min.

Pressure Point(1962) VHS
Riveting drama stars Sidney Poitier as a WWII government psychiatrist whose new patient (Bobby Darin) has been put in jail because of his neurotic behavior and his pro-Nazi sympathies. Through several intense flashbacks and analysis sessions, Poitier unearths the deep-rooted reasons for Darin's emotional troubles. Peter Falk co-stars. 87 min.

Captain Newman, M.D.(1963) VHS
Gregory Peck stars in this acclaimed comedy-drama as a WWII military psychiatrist administering needed help to the battle fatigued. Stellar support from Tony Curtis, Angie Dickinson, Robert Duvall, Eddie Albert, Bobby Darin, and Larry Storch. 126 min.

Cop-Out(1967) VHS
Based on a novel by Georges Simenon, this unusual mix of courtroom thriller and "generation gap" drama stars James Mason as a lawyer whose career and marriage were derailed by alcoholism. When estranged daughter Geraldine Chaplin's boyfriend is accused of murder, Mason explores their "mod" world into order to save him. Bobby Darin, Ian Ogilvy also star. AKA: "Stranger in the House." 95 min.

The Happy Ending(1969) VHS
Suburban housewife Jean Simmons, tired of her stale 16-year marriage to John Forsythe, takes off on an odyssey of hedonistic discovery that includes drugs, alcohol and a Bahamas tryst with gigolo Robert (Bobby) Darin. Dramatic look at contemporary life also stars Lloyd Bridges, Dick Shawn, Nanette Fabray. 113 min.

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