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Austin Powers
Teen Book - Generation Multiplex
An informative study that looks at "The Image of Youth in Contemporary American Cinema" by Timothy Shary. Click the text link below for more details:
Pretty in Pink : The Golden Age of Teenage Movies by Jonathan Bernstein
Teenage Confidential : An Illustrated History of The American Teen
Film Posters of the 80s : The Essential Movies of The Decade
Film Posters of the '70s : The Essential Movies of The Decade
Totally Awesome 80s : A Lexicon of the Music, Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Stars, and Trends of That Decadent Decade by Matthew Rettenmund
Postcards from the '80s: 80 Lists to Remember by Stephanie Bennett
The Totally Awesome 80s Pop Music Trivia Book by Michael-Dante Craig
The Totally Awesome 80s TV Trivia Book by Michael-Dante Craig
Who Can It Be Now? : The Lyrics Game That Takes You Back to the '80s One Line at a Time by Peter Thomas Fornatale, Frank R. Scatoni
Say Anything : The Movie Quote Game That Takes You Back to the '80s One Line at a Time by Frank R. Scatoni, Peter Thomas Fornatale
A Look At Life In The Eighties by Adrian Gilbert
1980s By Nigel Gross
Virgin Encyclopedia of Eighties Music by Colin Larkin
Brat Pack : Confidential by Andrew Pulver, Steven Paul Davies
Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon by Craig Fass, Mike Ginelli, Brian Turtle
Clueless: Southern Fried Makeover based on the hit TV series by Carla Jablonski
The Round-Up : A Pictorial History of Western Movie and Television Stars Through the Years by Donald R. Key
B-Western Boot Hill: A final tribute to the cowboys and cowgirls who rode the Saturday matinee movie range by Bobby Copeland
I Am Jackie Chan : My Life in Action by Lung Cheng, Jeff Yang, Jackie Chan, Long Cheng
The Essential Jackie Chan Sourcebook by Jeff Rovin, Kathy Tracy
Jackie Chan by Curtis F. Wong, John R. Little
Jackie Chan : Inside the Dragon by Clyde, III Gentry
Leonard Maltin's 2002 Movie and Video Guide
Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2002
The New York Times Guide to the Best 1000 Movies Ever Made by Vincent Canby, Janet Maslin, Peter M. Nichols
The A List: The National Society of Film Critics' 100 Essential Films by Jay Carr
The 100 Best Films to Rent You'Ve Never Heard of : Neglected Classics, Hits from By-Gone Eras, and Hidden Treasures by David N. Meyer
365 Four-Star Videos You (Probably) Haven't Seen by Leslie Hamilton
Please Don't Call Me Tarzan: The Life Story of Herman Brix/Bruce Bennett by Mike Chapman
Johnny Weissmuller : Twice the Hero by David Fury, Hank Brown
60 Greatest Science Fiction Shows Selected By Ray Bradbury
The 50 Funniest Movies of All Time : A Critic's Ranking by Kathryn Bernheimer
Film Posters of the 50's : The Essential Movies of the Decade
Film Posters of the 60s : The Essential Movies of the Decade
Attack of the 'B' Movie Posters by Bruce Hershenson
Cartoon Movie Posters by Bruce Hershenson
Mighty Movies : Movie Poster Art from Hollywood's Greatest Adventure Epics and Spectaculars by Lawrence Bassoff
With Fire and Sword: The definitive reference guide to "peplum" or sword & sandal films by Patrick Lucanio
Swingin' Chicks of the 60's by Chris Strodder
Fantasy Femmes of 60's Cinema: Interviews With 20 Actresses from Biker, Beach, and Elvis Movies by Tom Lisanti
The Ultimate Elvis Quiz Book : What Do You Know About the King of Rock & Roll? by W. Kent Moore, David Logan Scott
Christmas With Elvis by Jim Curtin, Renata Ginter Features over 600 photographs
They Don't Wanna Wait : The Stars of Dawson's Creek by Kathe Tibbs, Biff L. Peterson
Joshua Jackson by Elina Furman
Scene Katie Holmes by Nina Zier
Alicia Silverstone (Real-Life Reader Biography) by Phelan Powell, Rose Mary Powell
Dawson's Creek : Too Hot to Handle by C. J. Anders
James Bond: The Secret World of 007 by Alastair Dougall, Roger Stewart
The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin
Cult Movies : The Classics, the Sleepers, the Weird, and the Wonderful by Danny Peary
VideoHound's Cult Flicks & Trash Pics by Carol Schwartz, Jim Olenski
Comedy on Tape : A Guide to over 800 Movies That Made America Laugh by Ted Sennett
Keep Watching the Skies!: American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties by Bill Warren
Amazon.com 100 Hot Books
Austin Powers : How to be an International Man of Mystery Book
Austin Powers : Big Sticker Book
Shagadelically Speaking : The Words and World of Austin Powers Book.
Generation Multiplex: The Image of Youth in Contemporary American Cinema
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