TITLE: Black Knight
DIRECTOR: Gil Junger  
STARRING :  Martin Lawrence, Marsha Thomason, Tom Wilkinson, Vincent Regan, Daryl Mitchell, Michael Countryman,  Kevin Conway, Jeannette Weegar,Erik Jensen, Dikran Tulaine, Helen Carey.
* He's about to get medieval on you
* An Adventure To The Past.
* It's only a flesh wound!
* A Rip-Roaring Comedy!
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Black Knight: Cinema Synopsis
Fast-talking con man Jamal Walker has big-time plans--but for now he's stuck in a menial job at a medieval theme park. After slipping into the park's fetid ''moat,'' Jamal finds himself in 14th century England--a world of knights in shining armor, a wicked king and damsels in distress. The Middle Ages will never be the same after Jamal uses his 21st Century street smarts and attitude to help a down-and-out knight and a beautiful woman defeat an evil king.

Black Knight: Tony's Comments
"Black Knight" is an amusing update on Mark Twain's "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court", a tale that has been remade a number of times over the years, including a Disney version titled "Unidentified Flying Oddball" (1979).  This time round Martin Lawrence is the fish out of water oddball who gets transported back to medieval England. "Black Knight" is a one-man show with the success of the film resting on the shoulders of talented comedian Martin Lawrence. "Black Knight" is slapstick entertainment with plenty of laughs, and action sequences to keep most viewers entertained. It even has a great teaser finale that leaves itself open for a possible sequel that maybe set in the "Gladiator" days of ancient Rome.  
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Black Knight
Black Knight
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Black Knight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Black Knight [DVD](2001) DVD
Medieval-themed amusement park employee Martin Lawrence gets a taste of the real thing when, after a fall in a moat, he's sent back to 14th-century England. Now it's up to the fish-out-of-water Lawrence to learn how to ride a horse, teach the nobles how to get down, and lead a revolt against a cruel king in this time-travel comedy. Tom Wilkinson, Marsha Thomason, Kevin Conway also star. 95 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English 5.1 Digital stereo, French Dolby Surround stereo, French Dolby Surround stereo; audio commentary; outtakes; featurette.

Black Knight(2001) VHS

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